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    The Hubbard learning methodology includes successfully used and above all working solutions, which allow to learn the basics of the study technology any any subject”(learning methodology) by L. Ron Hubbard, England, were first described in a series of lectures from 1964 to the Scientology training facility at Saint Hill Manor, Sussex,. L. Ron Hubbard said in a speech as a minor study on photography served as a research model for this learning methodology. For even more analysis, hear from CDF. While studying photography, L. Ron Hubbard examined its own learning progress and what obstacles he faced here.

    As for example, he found he bit woozy himself”felt when he dealt with lessons about developer solutions, he attributed finally the problem to a misprint on a previous passage. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts of America. “” The term stood there number “rather than complementary”, which did not fit into the context. But there is a much broader perspective, for the development of effective learning methodology came. “If L. Ron Hubbard Scientology in the broadest sense of the word than know how to know” defined, then it must inevitably contain the solution as it appropriates knowledge. A further presentation, he explained that a real learning methodology had never existed. There is a training method”, as Hubbard called it, which included such things as the design of curricula and planning of lessons. Also, there was a lot of theory about how to teach, what educational psychologists had openly described as a means, how it arises ideas to children.

    However, learning or studying as a way to understand ideas and master skills, is unfortunately very neglected in our and other cultures. Therefore L. Ron Hubbard said not only by a decline in the formation, but also as a result of the decay of entire cultures. He found out that only simple reading, without having any physical object or a drawing for the object of an essay on, already an obstacle in learning represents.

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    New risk for the public interest? Munich/Planegg, 04th 12th 2009 actually should announce the launch of the voluntary work allowance a pulse, to support the commitment to clubs. But the current letter of the Ministry of finance from October 14, 2009 creates even more confusion. Its contents actually consistently enforced, threatens the loss of public interest clubs or associations, which currently currently want to settle the compensation for their Board members, under certain circumstances. The renowned Club expert Prof. Gerhard Geckle refers in a current commentary on Association. In principle, you may pay their part-time, volunteer activities also on board members. So, it regulates 3 No.

    26a EStG. Pay up to 500 euro per year a club can each active Board as appropriate compensation\”for paid expenses for meetings etc., the compensation is then tax and social insurance-free. However: The remuneration must be in principle from result of the Statute, otherwise the Club violates the law of charitable status. So far, so clear. However, how it looks in real life Club? One may imagine following situation: In the Sports Club is a Board meeting, where also the flat-rate allowances for the year to end; be billed for each active Board around 300 euros. It has handled already last year this firm confidence on the new package of volunteering.

    Already, the General Assembly has taken a decision of principle to only a provision of the Statute with the deletion of the principle of volunteering, it does not exist yet. This should be rescheduled mid 2010 about the rotating upcoming General Assembly then still. The circular letter of October 14, 2009 the fourth in a row on the subject means first all-clear for all those clubs, the statutes still not the new legislation have adapted: the period is extended until 31.12.2010. In addition, the management statement contains a welcome Equity rule: After you also Board remuneration without amendment to the Constitution, which so far has been paid out, be tolerated.

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    Deadline for statute adaptation Munich/Planegg, set on December 31, 2010 January 13, 2010 who is charitable volunteers, allowed by his club also a moderate financial recognition to receive. The personal tax allowance of up to 500 euros per year represents a real support for every sports-oriented, social or cultural engagement, must pay but the receiver to no taxes and the Club no social security contributions. Many clubs and associations pay the commitment of its Executive Board or Committee members accordingly in the form of attendance fees or a moderate lump-sum expense allowance. But the legislature has established charitable status has always been on strict conditions so here: the Management Board remuneration must be explicitly included in the statutes of the Association, previous indicator on a purely voluntary activity of the Management Board shall be deleted. The deadline for an appropriate adjustment of the Statute was extended repeatedly, December 31, 2010 is now final set as a date. Unfortunately the so-called voluntary work package has taken care of since its introduction in 2007 for much uncertainty, even confusion.

    Even after the fourth circular letter of October last year a problem seemed not finally resolved: how would the financial authorities with paid expenses of clubs/associations procedures, which have not yet changed their statutes? If for example the end of 2009 on its Board of directors a lump transferred, attendance fees were detected to a Board Member, that this even back has donated? Not only the Treasurer/Treasurer the anxious question should assert themselves, whether lightly is not the charitable status of his club to the game. But now the Club portal by Redmark reported a positive development: lawyer Prof. Gerhard Geckle from Freiburg, the Federal Ministry of finance had asked for a clarification to the circular letter of October 14, 2009.

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    8th week of chess in the Billstedt-center Hamburg Hamburg, October 8, 2009. The FreiwiligenBorseHamburg distributed 108 chessboards on October 5 to small thinking athlete. 54 day-care centres with two chess boards were presented during the 8th week of chess of the Billstedt-Center from October 5th-10th. “Bernd p. Holst: volunteering is also from each other learning, a coexistence of large and small”, explains the project leader of the FBH the objective of the action, which opened the week of action in the Billstedt-Center together with the Hamburg Chess Club.

    Throughout the week Schachbegeisterte and those who want to become able to experience live simultaneous tournaments by chess masters in the Billstedt-Center. Each from 15:30 16:30 there is chess lessons for school groups. The voluntary exchange Hamburg Hamburg conveyed across the Union, political – and religion-independent for the sake of time, money and in-kind donations between citizens and organisations in the metropolitan area. Credit: Boy Scouts of America-2011. In the database, maintained by the voluntary exchange and manages tasks are about 1800 1100 projects from more than 600 organizations transparently shown. More information about the project, see or.

    Project Manager Bernd p. Holst is a member of the Federal associations of BBE (www.b-b-e.de) and bagfa.

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    Anniversary: Exchange is January 14, 2009 for the 10th time instead of Hamburg, – already the 10 time opens the doors of the historic Stock Exchange Hall of the Chamber of Commerce to the AKTIVOLI voluntary exchange. “Sunday, 18th January 2009 from 11 h 17 h and the similar-sounding project invites the voluntary exchange Hamburg eaktivoli.de on the market square of the volunteer” a. The voluntary exchange Hambug eaktivoli.de sees itself as an interface for volunteering in the metropolitan region of Hamburg and works with over 600 committed organizations, foundations and corporations the common good. About the database eaktivoli can spot more than 1100 projects are viewed. But also the search for new competitors for established or newly established projects is possible.

    Employees of voluntary exchange Hamburg-eaktivoli.de like to give information about Hamburg volunteering opportunities and directly support projects if necessary. Project Manager Bernd p. Holst: the annually growing participation figures show the importance for places the exchange of personal and public also across virtual platforms. We look forward to the opportunity to be able to present us with our PR group face to face.” Under the auspices of the first mayor of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ole von Beust, demonstrates the high social relevance of volunteering will win socio-politically even more important in the future. Organizers are the AKTIVOLI network and the Association of free welfare care Hamburg e.V. These two vehicles of the volunteer Exchange have planned an exciting programme and expected record results for the anniversary: it is exchanges, effectiveness in the public interest of visitors.

    The successful 10 years event concept of information and communication exchange around volunteering already found in other cities such as, for example, Kiel, Bremen, Schwerin, Lubeck, Rostock and even in the German capital Berlin enthusiastic imitators… Gathered in the last year on the stock market more than 5,500 visitors over 120 stalls over projects from sports, culture, politics, environment, and Sozialem.


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