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    The now established brand Alice DSL was still unknown a few years ago. When we, the good-looking Alice smiled about three years ago by a number of advertising posters, the few people knew that it was part of an advertisement for a DSL product. Meanwhile, it has created awareness in this Alice DSL through television spots and a better DSL penetration in Germany, but at a hundred percent. Over the years, the availability of currently around 60 cities was expanded. The realization of DSL connections and tariffs Hansenet done by the parent, who brought Alice DSL as a brand to life.

    Hansenet itself belongs to a group of Italian telecommunications company Telecom Italia Alice on their lines now many customers are connected to the Internet. The Italians have recently acquired the German AOL division. Even AOL customers may also soon become so Alice admirers. The home town of Alice, is undoubtedly the Hansenet headquarters in Hamburg, where it was among the first cities in Germany Alice DSL has offered. Meanwhile, we are relying on DSL packages. DSL access, flat rate, telephone and flat for the German fixed network, in each case included in package price. Even a T-DSL-based tariff, the blonde beauty still has the program, but only for DSL2000.

    Apropos Blonde – Alice is the only model in Germany, a blonde grace. Different countries, different customs and different ideas of beautiful women. In Italy or France for example, Alice looks red or brunette hair of the billboards. The "German" Alice is the remainder from Italy, called Vanessa Hessler and was the start of the campaign only 17 years old Alice. Meanwhile, international designers such as Armani have discovered the model.

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    Finnish manufacturer Nokia unveiled its new fans Nokia 6290 model, made in the form-factor "clamshell", which has already appeared on sale. Historically, all the phones from Nokia, made in a form-factor, were something exclusive and extraordinary in its way. In the case of 6290 the company also did not change their traditions: the novelty is not like other models in this series either by design or by functionality. The smartphone is very different from analogues of other manufacturers, which are executed in the spirit of recent trends: thin, sleek, lightweight, and stylish. Nokia 6290 does not stand out exquisite design, it can hardly be called a thin, light and compact. But design is not important aspect in this model, Nokia has developed its own strategy to gain fans: do not style, and extraordinary functionality.

    At first glance, the model is slightly reminiscent of phones Samsung. The front panel of the smartphone is made of the glossy plastic, which are almost invisible fingerprints. The back panel is made of plastic, which is characterized as a "soft touch". The peculiarity of the material is that it is very comfortable to hold and provides a secure position in the hand phone, it fits in your palm nicely and does not slide. Around the external screen, keyboard and the main screen of silver paste made of plastic.

    The device is created on the meringue on the S60 platform last (third) edition Feature Pack 1. This has affected the loading time – it is significantly reduced. In addition to standard features inherent in smart phones, we note the updated version of Internet Browser Nokia Web Browser, as well as support Standards of Windows, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Zip. Nokia 6290 smartphone will be a great asset to those who have a fundamental factor when buying a phone is not its appearance and its functionality and performance.


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