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    So, in order to remove the keyboard to see how it is fastened to the notebook. To get started, inspect it from all sides. Typically, the keyboard is removed, after will be otkrucheny screws that are placed under the decorative sockets above the keyboard (or under it, on some older models of Toshiba). Use a screwdriver or knife, carefully remove the panel. The panels are mounted on the snap, so you do not should have no problem with dismantling. Dr. Neal Barnard will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Be careful on some laptop models to the sockets can approach the wire, and with a sharp jerk, you can tear them accidentally.

    Once the panel is removed, you will receive access to the screws holding the keyboard. Loosen the screws and disconnect the ribbon cable that goes from the keyboard to the motherboard. Next, you will remove all the buttons (previously best to do a photo layout of keys). Then remove all the elevators to remove this klavish.Posle layer with rubber caps (or individual caps, depending on model) separates the film from the conductive paths, broken track contact recover with a special glue. As you can see, the keyboard is very difficult to disassemble and assemble even more difficult. It would be better if you allow this work to specialists. In such cases, the service center to repair laptops damaged the keyboard replaced. Cleaning and restoration of the keyboard may be required for older models of laptops, which is hard to find parts.

    Replacing the keyboard will cost you from 2,500 rubles. In some service centers may be indicated price from 500-600 rubles. This is probably the cost of the repair without taking into account the price of the keyboard itself, which for different models range from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles. So be careful and specify the price at once, then to you it was not an unpleasant surprise. Finally, I would advise you to be careful when handling the notebook. Keep drinks away from him. Instead of eating and drinking behind him, better get up to 10 minutes, knead, go have a snack in the kitchen when you get home. If this is not possible, at least move your laptop away from him during the meal. These basic rules allow long live to your laptop, and it will last you for years to come.

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    There are different genres of games: strategy, action, simulators, adventure and role playing. Any game of this genre can be a single-user, multi-user or on-line. One of the most powerful game makers is the firm Blizzard Entertainment. This developer has released such well-known games like: Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft. These games, for many gamers are a cult. Any extension of these sequels lovers of these games are waiting impatiently, watching the release date, try to to find any information from the developers.

    The most anticipated game at the moment of this manufacturer: Diablo 3, Starcraft 2. Most people play action 3d shooter, as these games do not require special training. That is, people of any children can sit at the game and drive the monsters on the screen. The most confusing and most difficult genre of games for the average user are role-playing games. In which the character will have to perform many different actions.

    From the banal to eat – sleep, before the complex tactical battles. As well-known game developers are companies such as: Electronic Arts (genre simulators), and id Software (3d shooter genre.) For each genre and each game has its own target audience. Some people play only one genre of games, others may have great pleasure to play as a bloody shooter, and sit for hours and solve complex logical puzzles. At this point the market filled with a variety of games. Some of them tell more: 1) Dawn of war. This game belongs to the genre of real-time strategy. The main mission – driving squad cosmo – paratroopers to protect the empire from its vragov.kupit nintendo wii 2) Warcraft also refers to the strategy genre. People, the orcs and nikromanty fighting among themselves. The game will allow you to demonstrate your tactical skill and dive into the world fantasy.Nintendo ds lite 3) in 2010 should reach continuation of the game Starcraft – Starcraft 2." This game is the same strategy to the genre, but the strategy for the future. In this game, just three completely different races – the people who swarm and protos. The developers of this game have promised not to depart from the principle of who built the first part of the game. The main changes relate to graphics, since the previous version of the game came out about ten years ago. 4) Need for Sped belongs to the genre of sports simulators. During the game you can sit behind the wheel wheelbarrows, which you could not even dream of it, break it into pieces, beat rivals to win the trophy and get the game a lot of fun. The game features realistic of the world, quality-designed mechanics igry.sony psp 5) Doom belongs to the genre 3d shooters. At the moment the last part of this game is the third part. The game is about how the soldiers cosmo – paratrooper remains at the base of Mars and there is starting to happen, weird things. On the basis of eitoy Scientists are working to open up the gates of hell, which starts spilling into the real world. Your task is to stop the process and save the world. Superb atmosphere and excellent special effects, the sudden appearance of monsters keep the player in constant tension, the game is a breeze.

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    But for that to constantly do not buy new Phones – you can buy RAY – Change IMEI, phone with the change IMEY. Swarmed by offers, Nieman Foundation is currently assessing future choices. Significantly reduce the cost of this method of protection against wiretapping, cell phone in the future. In addition, the use of such device comfortable, because you do not need to carry a several units or urgently seek salon, where you can buy a new machine that would make one, but an urgent call. Listen to the cell by using different sets of intercepting GSM. For that would not listen to cell phone with the complexes intercept GSM, there was a unique machine RAY – Protection, which alerts the user that he was in the area of such complexes to intercept cell phone bugging. Your phone has the following functions: Function change IMEI function A5 tracer PING Function Function Function Recording Channels function change IMEI is designed to protect conversations from the control of a telecom operator.

    Function is effective, only in combination with a simultaneous change in the SIM phone. In some cases, this function protects against various types of complexes, both active and passive. When your phone is put on, then used for that ID: your phone number (the air is not passed, but the operator knows) IMSI – unique name for the SIM card IMEI – a unique name for the phone if you change the IMEI and SIM card which is purchased anonymously or on someone else, then change all the identifiers for which you can control.

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    Company ‘A-Real Consulting’ carries out the action! When you purchase your Internet gateway IKS you get to choose a gift for the New Year! Conditions: To participate in the campaign from 15 December 2010. January 15, 2011. purchase program INTERNET CONTROL SERVER, which is up to the exhibition ‘SofTool-2010’ was recognized as “Product of the Year 2010” in the category products for security, and select a desired gifts: cordless PHILIPS SE150, mp3-player TEXET T-589 4GB, fan heater CAMERON TCH-1590R Complete postal information on which it will be sent within 10 days. All costs associated with shipping company ‘A-Real Consulting’ takes over. Gifts are available to all customers who purchased Internet Control Server, regardless from the place of purchase: in the company’s ‘A-Real Consulting’ or via a partner. The prize is not given in cash. IN THE NEW YEAR – HAPPY NEW Iksom and our congratulations! A system of ‘Internet Control Server’ Internet Control Server – this is interconnected router, proxy server, a system for traffic accounting and control of access rights and more. ICS is installed on any computer, turns it into a powerful Internet gateway organization, providing all needs of the organization to work with the Internet. has to say. A FreeBSD 8.1 Operating system ensures stable operation of the program and support for a wide range of equipment.

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    Greetings to all in the finals of analogies about castles in the games. Work done much. Thanks to everyone who helped me in this matter. I asked the right impetus, which was supported by many enthusiasts. Thanks to their help topic castles in games gained its current turnover. Summarizing, we can say that the collection of more than 400 pictures. Half of them – are full of gameplay screenshots.

    Significantly expanded the previous collections: Castle Games (Part One) – Castle on a hill Castle in the games (Part Two) – On the way to the castle in Castle Games (Part Three) – At the gates and into the throne room in heaven castle + instructions to create a heavenly castle remains only to describe how I was looking for pictures. First of all, I rely on their collection. For many years, only for themselves, sorted on the computer screen shots overall theme folders. For example, I was always attracted to knives in games, moon, clouds, sand worms, a sword in the stone, etc. So the foundation of any collection – this is my savings. Then, when I decided what will be the topic notes, for example, "Heavenly Castle", I begin to look at Google Image" different variations of phrases such as: sky castle in the game, Floating Castle, rpg castle, etc. In the end, look through thousands of pictures, where I find something what I need.

    Just use different foreign sites, for example, GiantBomb.com – there can find out which games were a particular item, location. But of course all of this without screenshots – they have to look for myself. I also help YouTube, and a most unusual way. I make screenshots of video clips:) funny sounds, it's because as take pictures with pictures. But sometimes there is no better way. Instead of the very reach of a particular episode or download save, I just look through the "video transmission", of which some do, and screenshots. The blessing is now on YouTube videos in high quality. And now enjoy the views of the castle in games:

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    The success of the game due to the fact that the authors first thought about you. Nick does not have to be bored, unnecessarily company holds regular events in the game, and beyond. And of course increases the virtual world For example, first sdes had two islands and Kalimdor Eastern koralevstvo, so after the additions have appeared two new world-Outland and Northrend. But that's not all. In December, went on sale the latest update Cataclysm, koordinalno that changed the world game. Now, in place of the desert grow thick woods and fields, natural katoklizm changed appearance, which means that now the good old location can be viewed through different eyes. And so let's now analyze in detail all the changes that touches the universe.

    During the battle of the local population with a mighty army of the king Lynch woke up in the dungeon the most powerful evil which dot that no one knew. Death wings is one of a kind dragon keepers in his time in charge of the land was rightfully the most powerful among his relatives. He's like no one else loved the world, and always defended his people. But one day he fell mind and wanted to limitless power. And so began the war against the relatives of dragons.

    Tricked by he made powerful guardians to create for him an army of winged serpents. And so it came a new breed of twilight Dragons who brought all the grief, death and destruction. Inhabitants of online games together in the face not justice, and put a lot of losses and the efforts they were able to overcome the Deathwing. But having licked their wounds, the lord recovered and is aiming to take over the world. So that all who are not indifferent ahead!


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