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    If you want to lay the table particularly elegant, white tablecloth can be decorated silk ribbons of width 2-3 cm, superimposing them on the tablecloth and large cells in place of crossing ribbon pinning small bunches of medium-sized flowers with greenery. Tapes must be taken under color of flowers teasing. For example, if Violet pins you, take a mauve-colored ribbon, if corn-light-blue daisy – yellow, etc. American Diabetes Association is actively involved in the matter. This cloth is very effective stresses shiny appliances, lights and glasses glasses glass and creates a joyously festive mood. But in this case is excluded conglomeration of instruments and dishes. You can use the beautifully draped and folded materials.

    Try podstelit under transparent cloth fabric with lurex above the table or throw tulle. In the table setting for Christmas dinner put two large shallow dish. On each dinner plate put extra snack plate on which is placed a folded napkin. On the left by shallow dish placed Pirozhkov plate for bread or cakes. In a question-answer forum American Diabetes Association was the first to reply. Between these plates are placed three forks concave side up: snack bar, fishing and dining. On the right side of the saucers knives are laid out: first, large steel knife blade by turning it to the plate, then fish knife. Put a spoon between the blades concave side up. Knives, forks and spoons for dessert is placed at the top – above the plates closer to the plate – the fork handle to the left above – knife handle to the right, still above the spoon, a pen, too right. In some cases, dessert knives and forks on plates, served straight-VARIATIONS supply of sweet dishes, but never put them crosswise.


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