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    Once a British poet and writer Oscar Wilde wrote: "There is no beautiful women. There are ugly and well painted. To read more click here: BC Ministry of Health. " Well agree with that? Sometimes famous people are wrong! And though. s. Oscar also lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Then he had did not know how far will human development. And what will be discussed now, was unknown to ourselves a year ago! Skin Rejuvenation of 10 years in just a few applications of cosmetic products. Is not a miracle? Who could imagine that you can pull out wrinkles without surgical intervention, is absolutely painless and over very short period of time? A man and a fortiori could not dream of such a gift.

    Well, who else will take care of them as not cosmetic company DeSheli? Yes, we are talking about it! What, you've never heard of such a brand? Do not worry, soon you will be standing on the threshold of one of your closest friends and harping about a miracle. You'll see! Manage to make out of screaming mumbling word DeSheli, and you will immediately become clear what the bombshell she tries to share with you. Of course, I will try now to tell at least a few positive aspects of cosmetics line, but all the advantages described in a few paragraphs is impossible. If you – a connoisseur of beauty and anything you know it, you will immediately understand the level of production of this brand, if I say that it is made in Israel.

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    The line of foot care and hand hands – the most defenseless body. From morning till night they are exposed to external shocks of water, cleaning products, solar radiation, etc. Hand skin "tell" about the present age of owner … Feet are constantly exposed to high physical activity, maintaining the weight of the body. The main problems associated with the soles of the feet: sweating, humidity and high temperatures in summer, shoes and socks, not allowing the skin to breathe during the winter. Also, alkaline soaps, reinforcing this effect. A prerequisite for good care of your feet are clean and dry feet can breathe.

    Therefore, we recommend that you regularly wash their feet and carefully dry, including between the toes. After each foot bath to remove calluses with pumice. Striga toenails straight, as the rounded nails tend to grow. Regular foot care – it is not only disease prevention, in terms of subtle energy channels of reflexology foot associated with all organs of the body, including to the brain. On this view based methods of reflexology – acupressure energy centers of the feet. When tired feet – tired of the whole body. In contrast, healthy, beautiful feet, without exaggeration, be called the basis of health and vitality of the entire body. Company Suisse Narin has developed a special line of products that provides comprehensive care for your hands and feet.

    By stimulating circulation, removing fatigue, giving freshness and giving relief to cosmetics line prevent dryness, irritation, roughening of the skin, regulates perspiration, soften calluses, cracks heal, nourish the skin retain its youthfulness and elasticity. Beautiful hands and beautiful feet and hands and healthy healthy feet – all this is important for everyone. Pay feet as much care and attention, how much and hands. The line of foot care and hand Justrich Cosmetics: Antibacterial gel for rukBalzam nogKrem Hand RomashkoyKrem for nogSol for vannSprey foot foot

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    Nail extensions – a technology that is becoming more and more popular every day. This is not surprising, because it nails, to create a unique image of each girl in a couple of hours. So also worth noting that the artificial coating applied to natural nails and protects them from environmental hazards. To date, there are many different designs and artificial nails here only some of them: jacket, fan-jacket, jacket millennium, acrylic sculpture, decorative painting (acrylic paint, gel pens, etc.), rhinestones, fimo, self-adhesive, waterfall design, etc. If you had to go the procedure of nail, then most likely you know about the two most popular technologies nails: acrylic nails and gel nails. Typically, these technologies are used separately, ie or gel or acrylic. WHO is likely to agree. However, for the waterfall Nails need to use both technologies simultaneously.

    Combining the strengths of the gel and acrylic gives a stunning effect and allows the creation of the present three-dimensional designs. The name "waterfall" this technology was due to the appearance of such a design, when the picture (or any other design) looks like a trickle of water, or under a waterfall. To run the waterfall Nails you only need a highly skilled craftsman who must not only have experience of working with acrylic and gel, but the experience of combining these 2 technologies. Therefore, it is worth very careful in choosing wizard to complete this design. So how do you look like artificial nails with nail design waterfall? To your attention have a look at photos of artificial nails.

    Where you'll find photos of the various designs, including the waterfall and nail design. In conclusion, I would like to talk a bit about the practical advantages of the waterfall design. With the implementation of this design is not used alkaline and acidic primers (Special degreasers for natural nails), but it will certainly have a positive impact on the state and the health of your natural nails. Another advantage of the waterfall design is what you have at least undergo the process of correction of artificial nails, since regrowth natural nail plate, the boundary between natural and artificial nails are almost invisible.


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