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    Are located in the horizontal rows of eight (8) jurisdictions where such powers are broken. Namely, international organizations (eg United Nations), Mercosur (or structure that replaces it), national jurisdiction, jurisdiction of national universities; jurisdiction regions provincial jurisdiction, inter-municipal jurisdictions, and local jurisdictions. From the intersection of the functions and jurisdictions courts arise forty units – functional, which in turn are multiplied by the number of provinces, municipalities, universities, regions and inter-agencies. Not to mention the complexities of national and public authorities made the complexities of each unit, particularly within the national executive. If we assume that the leadership of each of these functional units – courts are brought by people from political vocation, which by its status as a permanent practice the struggle for dominance, the reader can get a vague idea of situations marked by uncertainty, the vagueness and lack of control.

    Although the latter may be hard to take. Do not forget that the citizens participate directly or indirectly from the choice of the main protagonists of the authorities. This involvement is what gives legitimacy to the constellation outlined briefly. This antagonistic constellation is dynamic and the data or constant, which in our opinion, need to be made in proposing courses of action or to exercise devolved. It is our opinion that this constellation of government attitudes expressed simultaneously concentrating and devolved, under the impression that the decentralized, are imposed on the concentrator, although it is acknowledged that the latter partially neutralize the potential of the former. Views in a retrospective analysis and planar, even in the midst of the struggle for supremacy that reached virulence including the breaking of rules established, particularly since the installation of the National Government in 1862, after the Battle of Pavon , the authorities were generating political and public works, which in any way trying to decentralize, particularly on behalf of federalism.


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