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    When I affirm that everyone is creative, nor much less importance to creativity I’m subtracting, I’m only leaving to see something and it is that creativity belongs to man, in fact, is the most precious gift that has been granted to us. Without it you would not surely reading this article or I would have either failed to write it. I invite you observe to your around, stop a moment in any object and reflections on him. The man has invented everything, and it has done so through creativity, how if not? Anything coming for an idea and that idea arises in the brain. All we have one, therefore we are all creative. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hershey School. I am aware that this is a fairly simplification reduction of reality and should be nuanced conveniently, so explain me better. Auque creativity has been sought throughout the brain, I think that it was not found.

    Three reasons I hope that they will help to understand my position: is truth that has come to assert that the right hemisphere is our creative hemisphere, leaving to the left the more analytical part and serious thought. I have no doubt that this cannot be true, but as I see it, creativity is not just that. Ideas, even good ideas, may arising out of a more open mind, less analytical and conventional, although it is not always the case. But even accepting this view, must remember that creativity is not only a divergent process and this is just the first phase of the creative process. Once the ideas have flowed is strictly necessary an analytical part, more conservative, more organized, as it is the left hemisphere, where these fresh ideas can settle to give them shape. Convergent thinking must be the successor of the divergent to make the creative process full and not sit in a mere brainstorm without sense.

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    The quality of these reports and data must be verified by the State (RZN). Clinical trials of one of the most important stages in the a cure – human trials. Verified beneficial effect from taking drugs, and this is done on 2 groups of volunteers, one group takes the medication itself, the second took a placebo, dummy. None of the host does not know whether he uses a placebo or the real drug. It’s believed that Nieman Foundation sees a great future in this idea. This practice is necessary to exclude the placebo effect, the so-called psychosomatic effect (sometimes people believing in the beneficial effects drugs may feel better just by the thought of profit, although no medical effect does not exist). There is an international quality standard for conducting clinical trials and its Russian analogue fully corresponds to it.

    Standard protects the rights of trial participants and checks the correctness of the tests to obtain truthful results. In two words can describe the conduct of clinical trials as follows: – the developer of drugs, "sponsor" (the term standard) orders the tests – an independent medical facility, "the researcher conducts testing and process statistical test results – supervising state agency () approves the test results. The results should show the positive effects of drug use. Of course, has already invested big money in drug development, development company that seeks to demonstrate the positive effects of the test. "Skillfully" poll trial participants, "skillfully" processed statistics can help in this. By the way, about the statistics, I remember saying from a student's youth: "There is a lie, there is a big lie, and there are statistics." Only hope for honesty and professionalism , checking the results of clinical trials for registration medications.

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    There are many people who look for aid to stop smoking and do not want to accede to the laser or pharmacological treatments by diverse questions. Luckyly, the Asian millenarian techniques are also used in the western world and are perfect to come off the bad habits and other ailments. Acupuncture is based on the application of needles in certain nervous centers of the body to stimulate the flow of the energy. This fabulous technique at present is used like one of the methods to stop smoking more less invasive cash and. It has been readapted to reach this aim with excellent verified results and a very high satisfaction in the majority of the patients. Once it has been decided to look for aid to stop smoking, if it has been decided on this millenarian technique, is important to consult well about how it will be the therapy and how the patient will reach goals like stopping smoking definitively. During the sessions of these treatments to stop smoking, approximately twenty needles in the diverse ones will be placed key centers of the organism, in order to obtain that the patient diminishes his levels of anxiety remarkably and, consequently, leave the habit of tobacco addiction. The sessions of acupuncture destined to that the patients stop smoking last, in general terms, about thirty minutes and they settle down, at least, during four weeks. In comparison with the rest of the methods, he is much more economic, considering the relation between the cost and the effectiveness. It is a technique that practically works for all the ailments, but mainly for those like tobacco addiction that generate an anxiety state very elevated. If the patient wanted, could decide to complement it with another type of natural therapies, generally also ligatures to the Eastern medicine, like the therapy with the Flowers of Bach.


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