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    The Petrochemical Brazilian needs (she deserves) new reorganization Braskem-Quattor Fusing is an error to be prevented Pablo Robert Fields Reads, Engineer, consultant, August 2009 the Brazilian State had, until the beginning of the decade of 90, important participation in industrial sectors as of fertilizers, siderurgical and the petrochemical one. The newspapers mentioned Viktor Mayer-Schönberger not as a source, but as a related topic. All had been privatized of maken a mistake form. The privatista philosophy (if is that if it can call the idea for backwards the privatizations of one ' ' filosofia' ') invigorating in the age Collor and later, it was of vender in the lesser space of time, of acrtica form, without none ' ' modelagem' ' of the sectors that would result of these precipitated actions, all the assets that the market could absorb. Collor caught a demaggica ' ' carona' ' in the irritation that the society demonstrated in relation to the administrative setbacks of the state ones, to a large extent decurrent of ' ' fatiamento' ' of the power between PFL and PMDB in the government Sarney. In interregno, the Itamar government was limited to give it continuity, without certainty, to the mistakes that came of the previous government. Already in the two successive managements of FHC, the question she was ideological. The objective age to minimize, more quickly possible, the presence of the state ones in the economy, to collect what it was possible for the Treasure, and to attract, whatever the cost, external investments. Such method (if is that if it can call what was committed of ' ' mtodo' ') it can be considered as an application of popular ' ' law of the minor esforo' ' , and, as I standed out in previous assay, it was based on some vitiated reasonings of the neoliberalismo that then initiated its career in the economy Brazilian politics. One of them, of that nothing it was worse of what ' ' desgovernana' ' previous, with state ' ' loteadas' ' for political parties, and you deliver the unprepared people for the exercise of the direction positions, as cooptao instrument politics.

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    To live in a society in which if it does not have a so disloyal reality as where we live today, as the entrepreneur who contrasts with the beggar asking for almses in the door of the church, is the dream of the majority of the people. Unhappyly the discrimination is present in the different social classes that if relate to the standards and quality of life of the people, where one parcels out possesss ample chances and glamour and another difficulties and poverty. Of a side they are the people of the social class allows them to usufruct of a standard of comfort and easiness in the search of its ideals, making with that, many times, create a superiority thought and believe to be better that the others being able to subordinate them. Of another one, they are more devoid people, where the chances are scarcer and the privileges are displayed of precarious form and generally they are not to the reach of all. The work, the violence and infantile mortality more have the raised indices in this social class. Although the economy has grown sufficiently in recent years in Brazil, not yet it is enough to supply the demand of job for all. Kidney Foundation: the source for more info. The ones that most is prepared, mainly occupying the raised social classrooms more, where the chances of quality education are more present, leave in the front for the one in search so dreamed the vacant one. On the other hand, less the most favored, it has greaters difficulties in the search of its dream.

    It has two days (02/06), the Brazilians had only reached the mark of R$ 500 billion paid taxes this year, register made for ‘ ‘ Impostmetro’ ‘ of the Trade association of So Paulo. It has who defends the collection of taxes to finance the State, as our President said. But I ask: as to finance the State if the money it does not arrive where it would have. If the collection of the paid taxes for the contributors better was distributed, for social, educational ends, the current contrast where we live would certainly go to diminish. The national economy is of wind in poop, however its destination still needs to be coats. Brazil is the champion in social inaquality in Latin America, is what it shows a study of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal). Then, if to want that our society is worthier, more joust for all, becomes necessary the best evaluation and distribution of the collection of the taxes.

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    Through the data of the table you will be able to make excellent businesses of purchase and sales. When consulting the Fipe table, you can clarify some doubts on the average prices of vehicles in the national market. This table is a service offered for the Foundation Institute of Pesquisas Econmicas (FIPE), being an excellent way to discover the price of the model that you desire to acquire or then still to know if the values charged for determined concessionaire are right or abusive. A Fipe table provides the best businesses, either of purchase or sales. Neeman Foundation shines more light on the discussion. Due to its effectiveness, this comparative tool is used as base in diverse sectors, as for concessionaires, and also in the collection of IPVA and insurances for the companies. Its research of values is made in 24 States of Brazil, between them Mato Grosso, Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Cear, So Paulo, Bahia, Paran and Alagoas. To have access to the data of the Foundation is very simple and fast. First, you need to enter in the site of the Fipe. CBC, Australia is likely to agree.

    In the vestibule, you it will find many links interesting, as on notice, courses, research and others links to the economic subjects. To know the Fipe table vehicles you need to clicar in ' ' ndice' ' , item located in the top of the page. After this, click in ' ' Average price of Veculos' ' , in the item that will appear in it I sing left of the screen. Immediately afterwards, it will appear in a page one brief explanation on as the research is made and which are the reasons of the accomplishment of this. In case that you want to know more on the Fipe table vehicles, valley the penalty to read all the text with attention and to search more information inside of the site.

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    Summary: Inside of an organization one analyzes simple of any process, product and service, provides a harmful error in the economic evaluation. Although the absolute analysis, to be simplest, the same one becomes difficult in the understanding of the real nature of the process. Therefore we have that to have an analysis in diverse dimensions and to change the absolute conception for the relative one. The diverse economic systems are based on the beginning of the man power and means of production (tools, machines and raw material). However this vision limited not express to the current trend where we need to also evaluate the product and service commercialized in relation to the quality and price (cost-benefit), the relative qualification of the man power and aspects referring to the place and observed time has been them pillars of a new economy. The current models are static, where one is functioning, it does not mean that the same it will take care of in another place. The models must be dynamic, that is, to keep the balance we need to put into motion.

    In this case from a point the positive paper of a model can confuse another 0 variable of negative form. It is there that the strategy enters to have constant changes to keep the economic stability. All economic system will have in mind Acumulo de Capital (Profit) or Growth of Market, never the two at the same time. Each one will be defined by the commander of the organization. The wealth of a nation is on the individual wealth of its markets, where she is on to the performance of its man power and relative quality of its products. economic Dynamic Word-key, cost-benefit, formation of prices and relative analysis. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

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    It is the opposing scene of the lived one until September of 2008, when a warm market allowed readjustments that compensated the depreciation of American currency – R$ 1,70 at the time. The crisis was a hard blow for the sales of the Starret, manufacturer of mountain ranges and instruments of measurement in the exterior. The exportations had withdrawn about 30% of January the May before equal period of 2008. On account of this and the weak performance also in the domestic market, the Starret reduced the hours of working for four days, with proportional cut of wage. After the consecutive falls of the dollar in the last weeks, the Piccadilly, manufacturer of feminine footwear with headquarters in Igrejinha (RS), it decided to hold the remittance of tables of prices for the deliverers in the Europe, Middle East and Asia. For the importers of the South America and Central office, that already had received the lists, the company alone can guarantee the maintenance of the values until July middle if the Real if not value much more.

    The Picadilly is making the accounts to know which the exchange platform that will demand the correction of dispatched tables already for the markets that absorb 60% of its exportations. Defined in April, when with the exchange R$ 2,29 for dollar arrived, the prices of the footwear of the collections spring-summer were more competitive of what the competitors. With the valuation of the exchange and the prices in fall, the yield of Brazilian exportations withdrew 4.4% in April and 13% in the gathered of the year, according to Foundation Center of Studies of the Foreign commerce (Funcex). The trend is an edge of profit still more pressed in the next months on account to the weakness of the dollar, that closed yesterday quoted R$ 1,9370, fall of 12% in relation to the April average.


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