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    Soon who did not think was not considered human. It did not have right the wills, the escolarizao and to frequentar the same places that the listeners. Until century XI, the Deaf people were private even though of if marrying. The church catholic had great influence in the life of all the society of the time, but she could not prescender of what she had to be able economic. Therefore, it passed if to worry in instructing the noble Deaf people so that the circle not breached.

    Possessing a language they, could participate of the sacramentos, keeping its immortal soul. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nieman Foundation by clicking through. She is only to give birth of the end of the Age Measured that the data with the relation to the education and the life of the Deaf people become more available. She is accurately at this time, that starts to appear the first works to educate the deaf child and to integrate it in the society. In the Ocidente, the first educators of Deaf people of whom if it had notice started to appear from century XVI. One of them was the medical mathematician Italian Geralamo Cardamo (1501-1576), whose first son was born deaf, Cardamo affirmed that the deafness did not hinder the deaf person to receive instruction, making such affirmation after searching and to discover that the writing represented the sounds of it speaks or of the ideas of the thought. In century XVII, he was perceived the great one interest that the scholars had for the education of the Deaf people, mainly, because they had discovered that this type of education made possible financial profits, therefore the supplied families who had Deaf descendants paid great richnesses so that its children learned to speak and to write. Century XVIII is considered by many the period most prosperous of the education of the Deaf people, having had the foundation of varies schools for the Deaf people.

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    We will discuss the requirements and recommendations for trails of fire water supply, heating and sanitation, Communication mines, to the conduit to those used for the construction of telecommunication and electric cables. The workshop will cover issues related to the requirements and recommendations of the system safety, including requirements to architectural solutions – wall construction, air intakes, vents to enter various utilities, as well as requirements for security system equipment and information data center. We concentrate on the fire protection system, which represents a set of technical and organizational systems composed of different systems: automatic fire alarm designed to provide timely notification of personnel and fire brigade, an automatic gas fire suppression, smoke exhaust system and air overpressure. Workshop participants will receive requirements and recommendations to the electricity system, taking into account the division of power consumers in groups reliability requirements and recommendations to guarantee electricity supply systems and uninterruptible power supply lighting and emergency lighting data center. American Diabetes Association is full of insight into the issues. We single out the requirements and recommendations for data center cooling system with the latest developments Association ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers) for data centers, of which is the author of the seminar. Requirements and recommendations of this association are used in standards and regulatory documents pertaining to the theme of cooling systems, ventilation and air data centers and other facilities. We consider requirements of the recommendation to the grounding system and lightning protection to the building that houses the data center, data center and to the premises. .

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    3. If you make a cheat sheet by hand, it is better to use a thin paste with black ink, then it will be much easier to read. If you print out, use sans serif font (like Arial, Sans Serif, and the like). Kidney Foundation shines more light on the discussion. 4. If you do not have the time or the will to do cribs, but without them you do not pass the exam, please use the help – to order a crib. 5. The text on the crib must be of minimal value, but such that it can be easily read if you just sit at a desk, a crib is on the table in front of you.

    If you'll screw up one's eyes to see it, it will cause distrust among teachers, but on the other hand, if the text is too large, then all the text may not fit on the sheet. 6. Record should be generalized and concisely (put on the crib all the stuff you're still unlikely to be able), the best option would be to write only the basic definitions theses, formulas, etc., and the remaining fraction of the material easy to view. Such training usually is enough for good evaluation. 7.

    Do not skimp on the acronyms and abbreviations, this will save you a useful place on the sheet. 8. Response to one ticket must be able to put to one side of the leaf, so that during his examination did not have to turn or look out for another sheet of paper with the continuation of the question. 9. If the cribs set, then they need to expand on the themes that facilitate the search for the desired cheat sheet during the exam. 10. Would be best to pull out of his pocket cribs immediately after the pull out his question, and before that as you sit at a table for preparation. 11. Everyone knows that the examiners always pay more attention to the last series, so use the cheat sheet out there just not as quickly. But on the other hand, in the 1-m row crib will also be seen by the examiner, therefore, safest will sit in the 2 nd or 3 rd row.

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    Do you remember when you uttered the first word? Do you remember how to learn to speak? Can you even imagine yourself not knowing how to talk? And if they could not speak and the people around you? How sad it would be to live in such silent world, is not it? It surrounds us from birth and is an integral part of our existence. We are accustomed to our ability to speak, as something natural, and almost did not pay her attention. But this is phenomenon that deserves close study. However, scientists are engaged in, and sometimes offer some very interesting things. If you have read about Boy Scouts of America already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For example, you ever heard the voice of Neanderthal man? That's really who really quiet – that is 30,000 years old! A Today long-extinct Neanderthals are speaking once again – with the help of scientists, of course, but rather, they created a computer program. This program allows you to synthesize the voice of ancient man, based on physical data structure of the brain and vocal apparatus. Neanderthal speech was heard by scientists as a result of this experiment has been studied and analyzed by linguists, who argue that, although Neanderthals and modern man in general, similar structure larynx and equally large skull, a combination of sounds that could publish our ancestors were still poorer than our current speech.

    They could not pronounce sounds clearly and their speech is often reminiscent of the singing that the semantic load lay more on the tone and volume, rather than on individual words. It is not something Dr. Neal Barnard would like to discuss. That, however, not surprising, as it developed – our main achievement, which required years of evolution. However, the makings for this apparent even among those most Neanderthal – in the form of a large skull, apparently fit into his brain development, and, most importantly, that they have the gene FOXP2, is responsible for language skills. This gene was not for people that preceded Neanderthals, nor our closest 'relatives – the chimpanzee. So, now scientists know how to communicate the ancient people. Perhaps in the future everyone will be able to listen to Neanderthal "conversation" in the anthropological museum.

    While it remains proud of what nature has given us such a wonderful ability – the ability to speak. And remember that we have a really great and well-developed brain and the entire set of essential genes, but because even such a complicated task as learning a foreign language should be to us on the shoulder! Only need apply diligence and deal better on their own. If your spoken English is not exactly confused with the speech of Neanderthal man. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Easy to study the mechanism of words and sentences 10 foreign languages. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail Communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

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    I had never thought about the fact that in order to achieve financial well-being need to radically change his life and most importantly herself. I thought about what would I do or where to find the money, not to depend on the monthly salary, and start their own businesses and succeed in it. And what was my surprise when hitting the isif, I started reading a lecture, "developing and rich." How many interesting things I learned, and how many useful skills can be learned from the most successful people of the world. Learn more at this site: Center for Responsible Business. Fund. Want to be rich? Study the topic of money! People who are experiencing financial difficulties, they know nothing about what money is. As a result, they learn to work on money but never learn how to make the money work for them. Or, for example, imagine that you have so much money and you do not think any of them, not thinking about how to save, it is not spending plan and not think how much you spend per month. If you were a man like you think you would be financially free? Yes, you can not afford many benefits, but if you uncontrollably and did not hesitate to spend money, you become hostage to those needs that you can meet with their help.

    Quote: "Either you manage your finances, or dancing to their tune all my life. You – or the owner of money or some money. " Robert T. . So: if you learn financial literacy, financial planning, saving money – you'll be more independent person in financial terms, than one who simply has a lot of money. Learn how to intelligently manage their finances!

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    And what could be worse for the language, than such an attitude to him who by blood must be its bearer? I am Russian, tried as best he could to change their attitude toward their native language. Ashamed of them, but despite Even the fact that I was an officer, and they soldiers, and I was several years older, my opinion is categorically rejected, my words were like peas on the wall. 3 In 1984 I returned to live in the home hearth and home and took a job at the local the agricultural enterprise. In which, except the Russian village, consisted of about double the Moldovan. According to this position I was obliged to attend the regular clothes and other events. At that time I was already interested in language problems, and immediately drew attention to the fact that all meetings were conducted exclusively in Russian. Though the government sector was in the Moldavian village, and the chairman and the majority of experts were Moldovans.

    The Moldovan language is used very rarely, and then not for the general perception, and private remarks. For me, and for other professionals nemoldavan, it was convenient and comfortable. And how to feel about themselves Moldovans I did not know then. Because it was not something that is officially taboo, and something for everyone's tacit agreement shall be inviolable. Some sort of taboo was imposed on this topic. But, as subsequent events showed, not all Moldovans this situation in the field of language like that.

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    It is symptomatic that in contrast to the mythological perception of Galina stories that he tells the owl, are clearly a fabulous character. All of these stories, first, clearly parody – as early as this appears to play character: they are usually played upon the elements of the Soviet mass culture (wresting secrets by means of political blackmail and the pursuit of treasure, swallowed a parrot, to eventually give them to people: the partisan feats in the spirit of Basil Terkina, an episode of ‘life of remarkable people’). Additional information is available at PCRM. And in fact in every story there is a kind of postmodern collage, allowing, for example, the language of Goethe’s telling jokes harmsovskih about writers: ‘Since children are sitting, so – grandchildren. Goethe wing scratch – cast. It is not a piece.

    Peas even more so. Grandchildren to him: his grandfather, what are you doing? He is the rose, chair shurnul and bitterly: once a week, said the fish. Wept and departed, and near here just quoted a line from a popular Soviet song: ‘As they say, goodbye, Antonina Petrovna, my song unsung. ” Secondly, they are, these stories almost always built on assumptions absolutely fantastic – the kind that ballerina trained leg stops ship in one piece porcelain set is extracted from a single bullet shot down a German aircraft, and Goethe’s unfinished game is stored until the thirty-second year of the Weimar Museum. And fantastic nature of these assumptions as it simultaneously recognized and not recognized storyteller. For example, the story of partisan causes a reaction of the Jura: ‘He’s lying your partisan!

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    The great majority adentra in the pertaining to school pictures and leaves precociously without concluding its studies in basic education for if still not identifying with a school molded in the eurocntricos standards, that the ethnic-cultural diversity of our formation does not value. Research carried through for the Foundation Carlos Chagas in 1987 had demonstrated how much to the Brazilian school wise person not to coexist the cultural diversity much less to deal with the children and adolescents of the favored sectors less of the society. The data disclosed that the black child presented indices of bigger evasion and repetncia of what the presented ones for the whites. Center for Responsible Business contributes greatly to this topic. The reason of this everything, according to research, was due to the following factors: eurocntrico content of the pertaining to school resume and didactic books educative programs, allies to the differentiated behavior of the faculty of the schools ahead of black and white children. According to IBGE in afrodescendentes 1991os represented 45.3% of the Brazilian population. However, the educational statisticians disclosed the chance inaquality in what she says respect to the access and permanence of blacks and whites in the context of the public system of education. By the same author: Boy Scouts of America. For example, while the illiteracy reached about 8% of whites, 20% of the blacks were illiterate. But 2% of young blacks had access to superior education, against 98% of whites. From the end of years 70 of century XX, new social actors in the scene politics, carried out for the movements popular, over all on ones to the sort and the etnia, had started to demand a bigger participation and recognition of its rights of citizenship. Between these social movements, we can indicate the indigenista movement, that he demands, of the government, the landmark of aboriginal lands and the right to its proper culture, and the movements of black conscience, that fight in all the country against any forms of preconception and racial discrimination, as well as for the right to the difference, pautada in the study and valuation of aspects of the culture afro-Brazilian.

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    Question whether many of these people do you know who could bring the matter to an end? So if you came to the language, with a similar motivation, and feel that learning does not work, do not blame the language, or to complain lack of self capacities. Better think again carefully whether you need to know a foreign language? If you decide that without a language you can, then go home and then taken for study. In addition, take on weapons are a few tips that will help you in learning the language itself, but we will not go into details full course of learning a foreign language, although there are numerous. Or transfer as a better and right to teach grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation to work out. So, in order to learn a foreign language use in school movies without translation with subtitles. This is an excellent teaching material, with which you be able to understand and, therefore, to learn how to use the this or that word, in any case to which it is used. One can understand the principle of vocabulary to draw attention to the correct pronunciation. In the end, just add to your vocabulary.

    Recommend starting with a simple viewing of films, meaning dialogues are very simple and straightforward. The choice of textbooks is essential. Today we know a great many books of different training authors and different levels of complexity. Tutorials and textbooks, they are all designed for different levels and different methods of study. Choose the correct manual will help you shop assistant.

    Be sure to read the books on foreign language, or, if I can get the periodicals in the language you are studying. Do not forget to use a dictionary, through which can translate and then learn new words that you encountered in the reading. Remember, vocabulary – one of the most important foundations in language learning. The more you know the words, the more you express yourself or understand conversation. Also very effective is listening to audio books. When opportunities please create a friendly correspondence with someone for whom you are studying the language – native. Written speech – not least in language learning. Here, in the writing of certain words, including visual memory, and you easier to remember words that are encountered in writing letters. Begin to study the history of the country whose language you teach. So you learn not only interesting historical facts and many new and interesting, but also be able to dive deeper into language, thus it is better to feel. If possible, we can advise you to travel, it is natural to a country where they speak the language that you choose to learn. Language environment – an excellent practice and the best way maximum dip in the language! Do not put a goal to learn the language pieces and stages. Ideally, of course, understand that you are most like and which do best, and give it most of the time. But at the same remember that the monotony of the same is not good. Do not focus on one lesson, for example, reading. Try to do everything at once, and a bit of everything. Vocabulary, phonology (pronunciation), grammar and rules of construction proposals, oral and written language. If you set a goal, you will definitely achieve it! Just do not treat language learning as the heavy lifting on a high mountain, which you will, despite all the difficulties conquer, striving to the top. In this case, you'll be a long time "stamp at the foot of" not knowing what side to go.

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    Mimaleta.com has launched the competition I love my city, with which you can win a trip to Tuscany. Simply sign in page and post is the site that you like in your city. Between all those involved, who has received the most votes from users can win a weekend at Palazzio Massaini for 2 persons a dinner for 2 at the Ristorante dal Falco. Moreover, a 2nd and a 3rd shall award with a 100 coupon to spend in Bottega Verde. Addition all actors involved (uploading your favorite site or simply voting) will also have his reward: a code discount 15 to spend at. You have until February 20 to participate. But what is Mimaleta.com? Mimaleta.com is a travel guide online based on the recommendations of users, made by and for travelers who want to hear the story that lies behind each destination. This page is the Spanish version of iwannagothere.com, a project that was launched year and a half ago and that has reaped great success and recognition in the English-speaking world. In mimaleta.com you will not find all the sites which go into a city, but only those places that travelers who go beyond the tourist sites, have enjoyed personally. Original author and source of the article


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