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    Most important to if verifying that new chances are appearing it is that the bioplstico is an alternative that can minimize the ambient impacts and bring innumerable benefits for the society. (Portilho, 2006) FINAL CONSIDERAES the annual plastic consumption in the world grew 20 times since years 50, totalizing 150 million tons. As the plastic is an indispensable material in the modern life, the idea to become its more sustainable production can have very important a positive impact for the environment. The industries will pass for a change process until the production of the bioplstico if becomes a more viable reality of the economic point of view. The market will have to absorb the costs of the production of this new material until the increase of the production can to provide low one in the final price. Happily, already diverse interested segments of market in developing the bioplstico in an industrial scale exist and commercial greater and, when this to happen, the production of this material will be able to reveal so interesting to the point to receive incentives still more governmental, becoming viable its production. The proposal of if receiving incentives on the part from the government have as base the possibility of how much the industry of bioplsticos will be able to generate in terms of jobs and benefits to the environment and the society.

    In the context of the change two factors will have to be considered: time and money, so that the bioplstico if becomes present more in our daily one. The time will be entered in years of research, therefore still she will be necessary to all know with bigger depth the systematics that makes possible the production of bioplstico in industrial scale with a cost next to the one to the conventional plastic. While this, will lead plus some time until the total acceptance on the part in such a way of the industries, that they will have that to arcar with a more expensive production of this type of plastic, and the public if disponibilizando to spend a little for the environment more.

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    Over the last few centuries we believed to be the oceans the lixeirasinesgotveis and natural the world, belief this, until certain point, reasonable, poisatravs of rains you leave, them, natural nutrients of the ground, the composites decarbono and many other residues more go if accumulating in the seas and oceans, becoming them each time saturated and its more saline waters each time. But the reality is another one well, the seas and oceans are so oumais vulnerable the pollution that the terrestrial crust. Its waters precision of light, transparency and to be unpoisened to generate the necessary flora and fauna marinhasto to the life in the land, the seas and the oceans. The waters, exactly the salty ones, have the capacity to dissolve to eincorporar in its masses gases as oxygen, carbonic and the others.

    Essacapacidade increases with the pressure and the low temperatures. How much bigger it will be apresso and lesser the temperature, greaters will be the concentrations dedissoluo of those gases. In the deep regions of the seas and oceans, possivelmentedevido to these phenomena, the amounts of carbon ‘ ‘ estocadas’ ‘ the imensurveis amounts, the point of awaking the interest dasempresas petroliferous in the exploration of these had arrived ‘ ‘ jazidas’ ‘ of carbon. interessante if to notice the fact of that the deposits, in the case of the carbonic gas, noso more than this type of gas, but yes of the crystallized methane the one that osespecialistas had given a sufficiently suggestive name, calling it hydrates decarbono..

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    The here existing aboriginals kept also them as animal of company, however they were in its natural habitat and practically usufructing of its feeding of origin. These historical, allied condicionantes the alimentary habit, had become the hunting and the capture of animals a current custom enters the population of our country, what it can cause, beyond the extinguishing of species, the reduction of the biodiversity of our ecosystems, since each species, either vegetal or animal it, present basic importance for the stability of the same. Thus, preserving the fauna we will be indirectly also guaranteeing the survival of the species of the flora, therefore in accordance with Galetti & Guimares (2004) apud Fertile valley (2009), approximately 80% of the vegetal species of tropical forests and around 50% of the ones of subtropical forests is spread by the fauna, phenomenon this known by zoocoria. Beyond the hunting, the traffic of animals is great the responsible one for the extermnio of animals of our fauna. Annually, millions of animals are removed of its habitats, and cruel ' ' preparados' ' for the illegal commerce, choosing the wild traffic of animals the third more lucrative illegal activity of the planet. So great the cruelty, that of ten removed animals of the nature, nine die before arriving at the final purchasers. It fits here to stand out that without interest on the part of the purchasers, who in this in case that they pass the condition of abetters, would not exist dealing e, therefore, the traffic. When dealing with the importance of the conservation of the fauna, we do not have to attempt against separately only for the preservation of individuals. We must acquiring knowledge in them of that definitive representative of a species will be able to come to multiply, or can be responsible for the orientation of a flock during the migratory activity for the reproduction, amongst others.

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    However, locking up the dispute of five centuries between whites and indians in the Espirito Santo, the Company supported that the agreements had been more than satisfactory for the indians, capable to produce a sustainable development, of which it would participate, together with the FUNAI and the Federal Public prosecution service in the Espirito Santo. She is not enough to use this money in projects of interest of the indians, since many times these interests can lack of management the medium and long run. Short-term this sum can decide the immediate lacks in health, agricultural education, habitation, clothes, projects, and until cultural (as a Museum of the Indian), can completely remodel the tracing urban of the villages, improve its quality of life and also place the indians in a platform of abundance and self-sufficiency. In the near future, its insertion in the local and regional market, without the had preparation of pictures and executive leaderships, with university degrees in countable agronomy, economy, administration, sciences and others, and will not lack ' ' espertinhos' ' interested in deducting industrial goods of the indians. In the long run, the question that does not want to be silent questions if to the end of the fulfilment of the agreement, in 2018, the indians will have kept the platform of auto-sustainable development that has proportionate the improvement to them of the quality of life. Also question if they will be turned to be dependents of the current indigenistas organizations and no-governametais, they will return themselves to the nature in the economy from hunting-fish-collects of its ancestor, or will turn to its current villains economies of subsistence, unemployment and to the desassistncia of, crying today sorry for the resignation to more than the 11 a thousand hectares in exchange for the historical agreement. &#039 would have been 12,4 million nothing more than one; ' Horse of Tria' '? They are questions that the person from de state of espirito santo society makes apreensiva. .

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    in short while scientific way because it is very important that all the people give its contribution to brake the Global Heating, beyond demanding that the governing make the same: In the last Glacial Age the average temperature of the Land was something around 3 the 4 lesser Celsius degrees that the average of nowadays. Then, new studies indicate that the average temperature of the Land will be able to suffer – will more than suffer a rise from 7 Celsius degrees up to 2100. That is, two times the difference of the Glacial Age for the current Age. All the models most pessimistic of the IPCC are if confirming and almost folding. This in an interval of only three years of difference in relation to the previous data. Of 1800 for here, the temperature of the Land with some oscillations increased 0,6 degrees. in this increase we saw a drastic intensification of catastrophic ambient events (as if the man it was not the responsible one).

    The nature only in> it answers and it tries to defend its balance If all these effect had been felt in an inferior variation in 12 (TWELVE) times in relation to the increase that we will have, what we will be able to wait of the day of tomorrow? Moreover, we must have the conscience of that the multiplication in numbers can be linear, but the effect will be multiplicativos, a time that everything in the nature functions in chain. That is, a rise of 3 Celsius degrees in the temperature of the Land already would be the sufficient to melt the Polar regions, that the rise of the level of the sea would cause, would cease some maritime chains, would liberate methane of the deepenings of the Arctic, the sun would leave of being reflected, the heating still more would be intensified, and the true effect, God only knows which would be Some brief projects: With regard to the temperature: It was Glacial: Around 11 degrees; It was current: Around 15 degrees; Almost tomorrow: Almost 22 degrees. With regard to the Ice: It was Glacial: Almost all congealing; It was current: Almost everything melting; Almost tomorrow: God only knows. With regard to the climate: He was Glacial: Icecream; It was current: Hot Ameno/; Almost Tomorrow: God only knows. With regard to the life conditions: He was Glacial: Dificlimas; It was current: Starting to be difficult; Almost tomorrow: We will have life? It will be that still of in time saving the life in the Land? If all to be of crossed arms, not! Who plant destruction, harvests catastrophe! Now, if all to be joined and if to help, fighting for the change of the social and moral values based in the capital money for love and charity, basing its attitudes in justice, the equality and the humildade, believe sincerely that still we have possibilities. The pacific fight and without weapons must be in favor of the trilogy of the wisdom, whose illustrious representative greater Was loved Master Jesus Christ: to love the God, to love and to help the next one, to protect and to reencontrar the ambient balance. That is, balance spiritual, ambient moral and! We go to move and to fight for the life; or to cross the arms and to continue to see the Land to die? We will die with or receive – our attitudes in accordance with

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    it must convert each chance into educative experiences of society sustainable. 10 – The ambient education must help to develop an ethical conscience on all the life forms with which we share this planet, to respect its vital cycles and to impose important limits the exploration of these forms of life for the human beings. Ahead of what we want for our planet therefore without it we will not have parents in the future, we must surpass our small acts, in relation the ambient education where we must in them strengthen more in the exploration of the capital stock of our pupils and same of our citizens. The principles above are a north so that our attitudes and behaviors while citizens of this world, s let us worry as to only devir with a pain future headquarters and deep misery and degradation of the race human being, the social nets can taking in them to a more efficient learning of our situation, therefore cannot in them refute the importance of the capital stock. Normally, the capital stock mentions the implicit value to it of the internal and external connections of a social net.

    However, it is common to find a great variety of definitions interrelated of the term. Such definitions tend to partilhar the central idea of ' ' that the social nets have value econmico' '. In the same way that a crack key (that is an example of physical capital) or the pertaining to school education (that is formadora of human capital) can increase the productivity of individuals and organizations, the social contacts and the way as these if also relate are factors of economic development. Each point placed in these principles takes by in the one responsibility while educators, therefore we are to each day that passes producing knowledge erudite, being that who must know as to help to decide social problems is the people, are the citizens of our Brazil, those that poluem due to education, responsibility, ignorance.


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