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    History of how men's watches have become a favorite subject of jewelry and contemporary manifestations of taste. Portable clocks were available in the 1500's, but their accuracy was very poor, the errors were in the order of things, watches were no more than novelty for the rich. Pocket watches became popular in the late 1600's, a big step forward in accuracy occurs in 1657. Dominated by the Swiss watchmaking. By the beginning of the 1800's Swiss watchmakers available most European hours.

    Design, materials and advanced production methods for decades. Mass production but only really began in America in the mid 1850's, starting with Waltham. U.S. Wins Watch War Developments in the U.S. continued, so that by the end of 1800's America took the crown of Switzerland as the world's largest supplier of hours in the mass market. Wrist watches for men.

    Prior to that, the men had only a pocket watch. However, in 1911, Louis Cartier, and a master watchmaker Edmund Jaeger began the production of watches for sale watches have the name Santos. It was to meet aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont that he could in able to keep both hands on the wheel, without the distraction of a pocket watch. It is necessary that would keep his hands free, but to be able to check the time for the soldiers during the First World War also produced a wristwatch. Nothing so elegant as Cartier watches, pocket watches have become a watch on his wrist with a strap. However, changes have begun and new designs have appeared, so that by 1930 it was already prestigious to wear watches, outpacing pocket watch. The next major step forward in the world of watches has been changing the power supply from the spring through which generate energy. The first clock, which used the electric power made by Hamilton Watch Compan. Early in the watches using an electromagnet. Quartz in the 60's. Further progress in electric clocks followed by the appearance of quartz movement in 1960.

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    And a hat with wide brim can not even get comfortable in the seat. Have to sit on stand still, straighten your back on the ticker and do not move your head – so as not to catch anything fields shlyapy. trip is a continuous torture, and fatigue accumulates very quickly – it is impossible to relax, have only failed to move the seat as a restraint right there will carry a hat, and she, of course, will fall most unfortunate way, closing the review. But okay, leave aside the hat with a brim. Take a winter fur hat. Warmly, cozy, soft, comfortable, a review does not cover from head did not fall.

    All is well. Except for one thing – she closes her ears! Trifle? Driving a car is not carried out his ears, the traffic situation is estimated by eye, and closed at the sight ears are not affected – so? Nearly so. That way at 80 percent – so much information gets a driver with the help of sight. But the remaining 20% of the information – at the expense of hearing. Engine knock can not see, you need to hear exactly the same you can not see a signal from another car, the whistle of brake pads and so on. Man are his ears, and they need to use, especially in extreme situations. A driving – it's sheer desire to avoid the the most extreme situations, and experienced, skilled driver – someone who appreciates the road environment as the right way to foresee the actions of other road users to keep wide-open eyes and ears, and this allows him to bring the car from point A to point B without incident, moreover, it looks like a routine, quiet process.


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