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    Who is committed to a long-term credit, such as by purchasing or building a house, is also bound over several years at interest rates that were regulated in the course of the loan. Although the interest rates of credit are generally subject only to a certain time – depending on the loan for five or ten years – but will be during the lifetime of the fluctuations in the money market, here specifically of interest, is not considered. Only after the recalculation of the new current loans is included – but there may just be a high . However, if there is a very low interest rates, you should use it – especially at high interest payments on an existing loan. So it is quite favorable for the borrower to make low interest in a so-called debt restructuring. So you can from his bank – or let others – also look at your existing loan, and to what extent a debt restructuring would be worthwhile. Dr. Neal Barnard can aid you in your search for knowledge. If a rescheduling is merely an old credit or loans – including the “old” interest – by a new loan replaced – with lower interest rates. Favorable interest rates are called logically less expenses and credit costs – and thus more money in their wallets.

    However, there is not any credit so easy. Especially when the fixation end some time away, there may indeed be problems. At the end of fixation, however, it should however not lead to problems – even if some banks are there quite a different opinion. Moreover come only small costs such as fees for transfer or assignment of the land, to the borrower. But if you through lower interest rates – especially at higher real estate loans – quickly can save a few thousand euros, which are the famous Peanuts. Especially for new customers there is a new bank always incredibly favorable terms – and thus favorable interest rates. Interestingly, this does not apply to existing customers – this offer by far the banks to not such good conditions as new customers. Probably one calculated here with the “laziness” of customers, the more

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    Personal savings – this is a very important question. Money can not be trusted to just anyone. Here it should operate on the principle of "Seven times measure – cut once." Credit co-operative movement worldwide is developing intensively: The number of countries attached to this motion, is constantly increasing, and the range of services provided by credit cooperatives, naturally grows. The mission of the credit cooperative movement in Chuvashia is enabling every citizen to meet various social needs, to improve their own welfare. Regardless of the situation in the country, people continue to receive higher education, marriage, to make acquisitions in the home, and these integral events in life require the inevitable costs. Today, credit cooperatives, in contrast to other financial institutions are willing to occupy a niche in consumer lending, in order to to support a population of Chuvashia on all levels. Such a possibility is due to several factors arising from the nature of these financial structures. First of all, stable operation of the credit cooperatives are not dependent on foreign investment in the stock market or real estate markets.

    The activities of credit cooperatives is almost completely excludes any relationship with the financial instability in the world. One of the factors for the relative independence of the credit cooperative movement is that the "owners" credit cooperative are individuals. These economic realities of credit cooperatives become more investment-attractive, because continue to properly function in more complex changing conditions. It is also worth mentioning that the number of credit cooperatives Chuvashia taking measures to maintain financial stability. In this context, special attention should be consolidation in this market, which manifests itself, including the formation of the Union of credit cooperatives. Credit cooperative unions or associations are lever maintain liquidity, financial stability, and promote rational allocation of resources among its members. Thus, we can confidently argued that credit cooperatives are included in these unions, significantly contribute to the economy of Chuvashia and are the vital sector. A European-informed population of Chuvashia not only on the market and credit cooperative movement, but in the whole financial market.

    The need to consolidate credit cooperatives unions due to the fact that problems in one of the credit cooperatives, can undermine public confidence in this relatively new financial institutions. But this can be avoided by establishing special associations, which would supervise activities of credit cooperatives and would provide them with necessary assistance and support. One such organization is the National Union of Credit consumer cooperatives of citizens. This organization provides counseling and guidance services develops recommendations on accounting and tax credit cooperatives and work on standardization of their activities. Unions are usually carried out the audit and work with unscrupulous borrowers. So, if you're going to invest your money in a credit cooperative, then you make the right choice, because These organizations are the most robust, stable and profitable (where deposit rates are much higher bank). However, before you take the money in this co-op, make sure that he is a member of any union of credit cooperatives.


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