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    The passbook is and remains one of the oldest and gerngesehenden investments. The passbook is no alternative more than investment. As it is common today. But is that true? And what’s the alternative as a financial investment to the passbook and why? A savings account offers the possibility of money safely and with more or less high interest rates, to bring. You could access it at any time and it was double covered by insurance at the Bank. What should be wrong with this concept. An argument of opponents of savings is that the interest rates on these are very low. Thus, the value of money, which is parked on the passbook, may actually decrease.

    This is due to inflation, a term describing the process, that prices of consumer goods and services. If you got fuel another liter some years ago for one euro twenty, so you have to pay today a euro seventy petrol for the same liter. You get less gasoline than in the past so for one euro, or the other way around, the euro has lost value. If you money somewhere to Park, so the Argument of opponents of savings, you should get at least as many interest that, not that decreases the value of money. A good investment is that the value of savings remains at least the same or even increases one that generated so many interest rates. The savings thus eliminated as a good investment.

    According to focus money, get 0.99% interest on a savings account in the cut. The day money is traded as an alternative to the popular savings account. This works in principle like a savings account, but higher interest rates can be generated. Should be even twice as much on average as the interest that is paid on a savings account. But how can pay a twice as high interest rate from a bank on a large and similar product? This opportunity offered by the Bank in return for a more flexible interest rate of money. Usually, the interest rate on the day the Euribor money account is coupled. The EURIBOR is, determined by the European Central Bank base interest rate that applies to intra banking. Da This can increase, but include also the interest rate for a day money account can vary greatly. The actual annual interest rate is so not firmly set and also not guaranteed. At what level is it commutes a, so open. This is the big difference from the savings account. The investor has to be able to access the same rights to his money. He is the most flexible. As opposed to the money of the day, there is a fixed rate of interest on the savings on the savings account, however. This is a disadvantage for the Bank, calculated on the central interest rate Euribor. The higher interest rates in the money of the day means more flexibility for the Bank. Thus, so a good innovation and therefore also a cheap alternative to the passbook is the day money principle for both sides, the Bank and the investor. The interest on the money that usually exceed the inflation rate. Current interest rates for federal funds, however, are below 1.5% and are therefore not so far from those for savings.

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    INSTALLATION If never you have installed a complement of Firefox, follows these instructions: It sees the menu Tools/Complements, abre a window with 5 icons in the separate superior, we first pressed on Obtener complements ; in the following window in his part right superior there is a text in blue that puts: To examine all the complements. In this new window there is a picture of searches, there we put Video DownloadHelper and we initiated search, will be first in the list of found, now is only necessary to beat to add to Firefox so that it settles. After reinitiating Firefox, already we will be able to see the icon of Download Helper in the bar of tools of navegador.MODO OF USOCuando you want bajarte one of the videos that abound in Internet, you must do the following thing: – dale to play so that it begins the reproduction soon we went to the icon of Download Helper and punctured on the small triangle that there is to the right of this, then it will show to the title of the video and a series to us of action that we can do with. – elije Descargar and will abrir a window so that you choose where you want to keep it and that is all easy one truth. In this example empeamos the option To unload but you can choose To unload and to turn, to send to the reason, etc. OBSERVATIONS: – State of the unloading: When we lowered a video would have abriese a window that shows the state to us of the unloading. But this will depend on how we have formed Firefox. In case one is not you must go a: Tools/ Options, and in the main eyelash you must activate the square Mostrar the unloading window when a file unloads .

    – It can happen: It can happen that we are seeing a video and that when deciding to lower we see it that Download Helper shows to us more of a video to unload; this is normal, since in the same page can execute some small video although we do not see it, or continues considering the videos of some page that we finished leaving. In these cases we must guide us by the title of the video or if it is not more remedy to rough estimate, that is to say, to lower to us more than one and to eliminate not wished. – More than one simultaneously: We do not have to hope to that it finishes unloading a video, to unload the following one, since the program can unload several videos simultaneously. – Also audio: The program is not limited to unload videos, if not that also can unload audio podcasts . – I do not see the video: It can happen that you are seeing a video and that you decide that you want to unload it, but, it does not appear in the list of unballastable videos; no you worry, the solution is the following one: it backs down in the navigator, it returns to enter the page that contains the video and dale to play, now certainly appears in the list of videos to unload.


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