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    In Europe, such organizations include the Institute of Insurers (Germany, Cologne), carrying out tests on standards EURO VdS, Test Centre in Braunschweig (Germany), carrying out tests on standards VdMA. Among the Russian certification centers such certification body armor products and materials and radiation protection (OSIMZ) VNIIPO Interior Ministry and SIC "Protecting" the Interior Ministry (Tested according to GOST R 50862 – 2005). What to guide the choice of safe? Need to know the answers to these questions: * What and how much to be stored in a vault? * What is the most potentially threatening content safe? * Approved a safe for resistance to burglary or fire? * Is there a certificate and mention on the inside of the door is safe? * What is the volume and weight of the safe? * What type of lock installed on the vault? * Where will located a safe? * Is there a warranty and service? Each buyer must be safe to imagine the volume and quantity to be stored in a safe subjects to understand the significance of documents and values take into account the degree of security of premises, which will be installed at the safe, including the presence of security or lack thereof. It is also necessary to properly assess the most likely danger (fire or burglary). Additional information is available at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. By statistics, nine out of ten cases the contents of safe deposit boxes under threat of destruction due to the impact factors of fire and only one – as a result of unauthorized access, ie theft. Perhaps the consumer there are specific requests, such as the owner of convenience store or restaurant would be interested in a night Deposit Box, Hunter – safe storage of weapons, and the developer of individual homes – built-safe or stash. Would also have to determine the most appropriate type of locks: a key or code. To assess the actual quality of the safe is very important to make sure that the alleged qualitative parameters indeed confirmed certification plate, which is located inside the safe door. On these plates should be specified: country of manufacture, the name of the organization that conducted the certification, the standard by which certified concrete safe, can be given additional information. All models of safes should be provided test certificates according to the standards of the producing country, while certificates of compliance GOST R 50862-2005, corrective claimed supplier performance in accordance with standard Russian methods of testing. The absence of certificates of conformity GOST R 50862-2005 may indicate that the degree of fire or class resistance to cracking does not correspond to the documentation.

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    November 7, 2008 Analysts Management Company Arsa revised its outlook on U.S. dollar exchange rate. According to analysts Ars October 31, 2008, the annual forecast of the dollar exchange rate stood at 26.9 rubles per dollar. In connection with the election of Barack Obama, has increased the likelihood of policy alignment of fiscal and monetary expansion to overcome the crisis. Change in the probability of monetary scenario to overcome the crisis liquidity have forced analysts to revise forecasts the dollar exchange rate. According to an updated assessment, the annual forecast of the dollar was 26.4 rubles to the dollar. It should be noted that the economic policy of only paper may look like a coherent and leads to a certain result, but in reality, it happens very rarely. Monetary expansion affects the economy slow, and measures of monetary expansion in soon will stimulate the falling dollar.

    At the same time, fiscal policy (the implementation of public procurement or tax reductions), acts quickly, though it has a significant bureaucratic delays before implementation. Fiscal policy will strengthen the dollar. In summary, we should say that because of the inconsistency of policy in the coming year remains the possibility of sharp jumps in the dollar – as depreciation and strengthening. Therefore, the forecast level of 26.4 rubles to the dollar – it is rather the average temperature in the hospital, and to avoid losses peg to the dollar is better not to do.

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    Sometimes it seems there is no problems at all – he took all the required documents for registration of non-residential property and submitted to the appropriate authorities. However, registration of non-residential property includes a large collection the number of documents, and their number varies according to the particular object. Here there are many moments, they determine the collection of documentation. Must come from the fact whether an object is a separate structure or is part of another building. The greater the amount of information about the object will be built, the quicker and easier it is registered. Accelerated registration of real estate can happen if all of the data obtained about the legislative history of the structure.

    That is being investigated at this stage such nuances as the legality of the appearance of property rights from the owner, as well as the proper fulfillment of the procedural aspects of its acquisition. Naturally, there are option to do their own design, or ask for help in a specialized firm. It should be noted that the design will require a remarkable personal strength and knowledge in the field of housing and economic legislation. In other words, without legal training and experience to do everything correctly, almost unreal. Another thing is the company that has long engaged in registration.

    Working with professionals, people automatically shifts to the performer the whole procedure, as well as unforeseen problems that sometimes appear in the process. But such difficulties can be very many: the lack of legal documents of the object structure is in the mortgage, construction of the project was conducted in violation of the rules applicable law, etc. And if you need urgent registration of real estate, do not use the services of professionals in the area generally irresponsible. After all, legally educated professionals to bypass bureaucratic obstacles will be much easier. In order to give us the right to actions that are related to the registration of an object, you must do Power of Attorney, in her client trust the organization to commit to the Executive on behalf of the action.


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