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    A brief history of La Quiniela, 1 2 the first ticket was composed of seven matches and in the bet had to guess not only the results but also the goals that are set.This thing towards much more complicated. The price was two pesetas. 38.530 Tickets were purchased. The first Predictor originated the first two winners of 1st category that gained 9.603 pesetas. Total revenue 45 percent allocated to awards. Gain insight and clarity with Boy Scouts of America. Years later creates the system we know today of the 1 X 2 and increases the number of matches until the 14 parties in the ticket system and that has survived to our days with minor variations.

    The ticket was duplicated, one to deposit in the mailbox and another as a receipt and slip the bettor, in addition, in such ticket contained the name and signature of the bettor. Time has changed to that of the 14 Parties that made up the ticket, 8 were first Division since the League was formed only by 16 teams. Predictor and its prizes each week is assigned 55% of the proceeds to awards. That percentage to 15 plenary, award major, receives a 10%. The next Award, 14 hits, rightful 12%, always to be shared between all the winners category 1. The following tickets with 13, 12 and 11 hits eight percent assigned to each one and finally, winners of 10, receiving a 9%. In the event the plenary 15 or 1st category has no winners, its fund accumulates plenary 15 of the day determined by LAE 1. For those interested the highest award presented at La Quiniela a winner of fifteen hits took place six years ago: a total of 9 million euros. The social part when in 1946 the Government begins regulating sports betting creates the Board of Trustees of charitable and mutual bets. As explained above the fundraising granted awards 45%, to charity another 45% and a 10% to administrative expenses and management of pools. If you want to buy online Predictor, you can visit the website of Ventura24.


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