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    Freelance translations are a possibility attractive and in full bloom, with advantages both for the client and a translation provider. For those translators who do not possess a university degree in the field, including those with exceptional linguistic skills, it is necessary at the beginning to organize to provide samples and references, in what refers to the internet market. A good idea in this regard is to propose as a volunteer or intern at agencies that require translation services, such as Red Cross, translators without borders, assistance programmes to refugees or public health clinics who need interpreters or translators. q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery can contribute to your knowledge. Another possibility is to start working for agencies that train beginners for low remuneration. In addition to language skills, it is important to have training in the area of writing and drafting, since it requires precision not only in the translation of words, but also in the grammatical construction. It will be also necessary to develop the knowledge of specific topics within the native language of the translator, to be able to specialize in the translation of specific documentation required by the client. An important aspect for those who begin as freelance translators, is to carry out a permanent publicity campaign to promote contact with potential clients and ensure that working current is not interrupted. It is recommended afliarse recognized associations, in order to add credentials to the portfolio of work. Through associations such as for example the American Translators Association, may receive assistance to establish itself as a professional, and also come in contact with other translators and learn from them.


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