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    Hard to believe, but need specialists to once become a brand name. Hard to believe, but need specialists to once become a brand name. Once it had started with the West Rail channel, which should be one of the first private television channel in Germany. The former press Chief stopped short at this name, didn’t sound it more after East Germany, railway and Canal work but after a modern station that wanted to rough up the television landscape. And before it knew Bernd M. Samland, it became the name Finder and created his first name: VOX. Further details can be found at Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an internet resource.

    This makes Samland for almost twenty years. Over 1,100 names of his consultancy for naming marketing end marks have become brands in the country and abroad. It is a business of full of problems. Because it sounds so creative, needs to work legally, phonetically, and often in many languages. And this simply not always works, as in the following examples: for cannibals? The American company Gerber introduced their baby food in several African countries. Stuck on the glasses, how in the United States also, a label with a baby picture. What however did not know Gerber: broad strata of the population can not read, it is in many African countries need to reflect that on the labels, which is in glass jars and canned in there.

    Inspires confidence in all French-speaking countries, the Egyptian airline “Misair” suffered a hard landing: the company name means in French “misery”. That sucks the company to introduce Electrolux of tried one of their vacuum cleaner in the United States. The slogan should be roughly: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. The translation was but “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”, which means as much as “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. Single car launch of the Mitsubishi “Pajero” in Spain ended in a fiasco. In Spanish, “Pajero” loosely translated means: “Masturbation”. Racism? The Japanese whisky black Nikka was not a big seller in the United States. The similarity with black nigger was simply too great. That is one more hurdle on the way of the name brand Memory capacity and articulation. About 60,000 brands can be found in an average Kaufhof: how to establish a brand for this amount in the minds of consumers? A catchy name there ever is a good place to start. Also you should always consider when choosing, that people can speak well of him as possible in all walks of life. The Flensburger brewery catch the cat wanted to name a beer, this was admittedly creative. But totally disabled if the guest in the bar wanted to order a third beer.


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