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    But sparingly – do not necessarily mean boring, enough to show a little imagination, and the wedding car to become a magical means of transportation. To hire license plates which read – "The Wedding" as well as case labels in a room that can transform even the most nondescript car. If you are not convinced, visit Boy Scouts of America. Fashionable. Recently, more and more often meet the wedding procession, decorated with tulle – a piece of white translucent fabric stretched over the hood. Nieman Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This piece of cloth provides unlimited possibilities for creativity: easily attach it to a butterfly, flowers, multi-colored ribbons, the bride and groom figurines. The lower edge of the tulle you can not clean, and sew the bottom of the frill, to remind the bride's veil, or pull off the corners with colorful ribbons. Expensive (and indescribably beautiful.) New trend – decorate with fresh flowers wedding procession – come to us from Europe, where all the recently obsessed with naturalness.

    Of course, fresh flowers create a special holiday atmosphere: a subtle scent, delicate petals – a trip to the registrar in literally like a road to paradise. But it is not only time consuming but also very expensive, because their own fresh flowers to attach to a car is almost impossible, and if they can somehow miraculously, there is no guarantee that the fragile beauty will last until the end of the ceremony and did not wither. Excellent alternative to live flowers can serve as a composition of artificial flowers on the roof, onto the hood and grille to the car. They are deprived of all flaws inherent in living color, and are cheaper, never fade and will retain a beautiful view to the end of the celebration. Keep them simple enough, without resorting to the services of a specialist. Butterflies, ribbons, flowers or wedding airbrush – the choice in this case is not so important, and it does not matter how much you spend on decorating a tuple, because the main feature of a good marriage – a sense of celebration and joyful atmosphere. Shop Wedding goods and jewelry

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    Holiday, whatever it may be, a wedding or a birthday is a very important event to which you want to approach seriously and with great responsibility. If you wish, what would your event successful, you need to start their training a week before the celebration. If you schedule a small family feast, so to speak, in close family circle, then you should stock up on a good supply of food, and if you are planning a grand celebration then just a meal you can not do. You will need to plan everything down to the smallest detail, and then run the whole evening with trays for the guests. You, however, want it? If not, then you in this difficult task will – leading to holiday. Find it you can in any agency, but in this article, I want you to explain it – 'who he is and what it eats' leading to the wedding, or in other words, the toastmaster. It is not something PCRM would like to discuss.

    In fact, his duties of leading to anything just a holiday not differ. Only that he have to travel a bit more work than simply the organizer of the celebration. You may ask why, but because the wedding – there are no small burden on the poor is simply a colossal tamada. He needs to keep track of all of the guests, with no end bundled them for that would be such an important event went according to plan, and catch a banquet hall around for photos or video. While leading a holiday too unsweetened live, because their motto is 'be fun', although I doubt that they are really so much fun … Leading the holidays are the organizer and the show – menami celebration at the same time. Their task is not time to get bored present, or some of them leading. Need time to follow all the events taking place on time and do not forget to give the main hero of the festivities, and because of which all, in principle, have gathered in this evening.

    Because deep in the world of entertainment people can sometimes forget its true purpose in this place. Also do not forget to hold a variety of contests, games and, of course, disco. Without this, all is not be able to do any one holiday, and this is also the responsibility of leading, or in any way. And besides, what kind of fun, even if no specific site from which you can well have a laugh. A dance where the girls still will display their chic outfits, no matter how the dance floor. And besides, as it may be, but young people also need somewhere to come off, so to say in full. And, of course – just one more duty to lead a control over the observance of all the traditions necessary for this celebration. 'm An alien type and its do not be shy – so says a popular proverb. And in truth, remember the old days, for some it is like traveling back in time for other as some adventure, and for third just a game. Also, the organizer must be time to take care of the salute, and removal of the cake (if it's a wedding or a birthday), and you only pay on a timely okazuemyh services. Well, the same Summing up, I would say that the services of leading the holidays were tested over the years and almost always people who were satisfied with their work. Find these organizers you can on any website, or through an advertising newspaper. I wish you Good luck!

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    It is best suited for this purpose is a good professional live band that has a diverse repertoire that will satisfy the tastes of different audiences. I note that now you are on just such a group, "Morse Code" specialized for the different celebrations and holidays, and does so in a professional manner. So please! Tamada. Well, what a wedding without Toastmasters! In this grand event is to manage the skillful hand. And it should be a professional. On this subject there is a good anecdote.

    Ad in the newspaper: Want to have your wedding was the most memorable event? Enjoy guttural stutter toaster! So advice – talk to toastmaster personally, look at him, in his speech, manners and dress. Photo and video services. So much effort spent on training, and of course, such a day should be commemorated. Take care of this in advance, the survey should be of excellent quality. Over the years, it will be pleasant to recall in detail that day. Important stuff. Cake. trol of Your Diabetes.

    Wedding cakes are baked pastry, many but not all take on delivery. If you have no one to instruct the responsible task of delivering culinary masterpiece, look for a shop, which has the desired service. At BSA you will find additional information. Wedding rings. Simple smooth rim of the ring denotes a smooth family life, harmonious and peaceful. But if you are indifferent to the characters, then can choose any ring to taste, with stones or filigree. Transportation. Decide on the wedding convoy route, calculate the number of guests and seats before placing in a shipping company. Invitation cards. Take care of this in advance, the sooner the better. People must have time for that would reconcile their work and plans and come to your party. Witnesses agree, too, as soon as possible. Wedding bouquet. Bouquet should be in harmony with the general appearance of the bride. If the dress is gorgeous and romantic, strong bouquet will be out of place, and vice versa. Beauty salon. In the beauty salon sign up in advance and be sure to talk to master about hairstyles. You may have to buy some hair accessories such as flowers or studs. The day before the wedding, make sure everything is ready: ironed a dress, whether in order accessories, whether all Participants celebrations, dressed or what duties will remember about them. Eliminating past problems of concern, tune in to begin a holiday. Throw away the head of all worries. The evening before the wedding Spend a quiet atmosphere, walk, chat with friends, take a relaxing bath, sleep enough. All this will help you look great and be in good spirits. And even if something goes wrong, as you have in mind – not pay attention. On this day, you should be happy!

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    That's really who never thinks anything that can be lovingly described as "jars and bottles of" superfluous. All can please a lady's birthday, March 8 or the New Year. It is important to properly compose a gift. To do this, choose a firm specializing in the most natural cosmetics (we also want to present a quality). After that, remember what flavors preferred recipient of (and if you do not know, then choose your favorite scent of her win-fruit). AND begin to choose the products! And here is immediately obvious how to extend the range of such funds. In addition to traditional foams and bath salts, there were exploding in the water beads and hearts, enveloping the body of a pleasant aroma. Gels shower, shower cream, yogurt …

    Yogurt? No, not edible, but for the body. Handmade soaps with tiny sprigs of natural herbs in cubes! Thus, the main thing – to stop. Select multiple products for a shower, bath skin care after a shower and go pack gift. By the way, here is another surprise waiting: such sets can be packaged not only in a nice box and gift wrap paper, but also add to the charming wicker basket, decorate with ribbons and beads and sealed in cellophane for easy transport. Well, you still think that this girl can find a set of trite gift for a holiday? These gift baskets for West is considered one of the most popular and sought after gifts. They are composed of products or devices for skin care, and there are individual or family.


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