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    For nearly a year of Yegor Altufevo is powered by the company "platypus." The fact that there is a campaign called "Days of the Soviet trade." Platypus continues to please us excursions into the past and give an opportunity to recall real Soviet prices! Traditional Soviet goods in the traditional Soviet prices and the traditional Soviet conditions! How can you eat at the expense of the company? Our editors received a letter, where every detail is painted. Hello, my name is Egor. I would like to share with you a little trick. Platypus on shares may cast only one product on one card, so I registered the card at his wife over for a couple of friends, and his sister. As a result, I have five cards.

    Upon receipt of the goods, passports, one framed on the card, do not ask, but so many do. Action in the platypus is about 6 times a month, ie 30 items per month, I have a mere penny. Of course, I have to buy products, as well as all of you, but I buy a lot less than you, so as 360 items a year gives me a "platypus." Many may laugh at me, but everyone is spinning as you can. I get 360 items a year, the average price of a commodity 45 rubles, is 16200 rubles a year, if only I had 7 cards? or 10?.

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    What do I need to heal? What do I need to do to make way for the opportunity? Considers the following practice: experience the cause and outsource it experiencing your experience. The stagnation of energy comes from the brake of expressing your true feelings. A clean interior space defines your ability to smoothly respond to each scene outside. Since your interior panorama is clear, the picture and responses on your exterior will be visible and simple. See output options that will work at this point in your life.

    Faced with this situation, what I want accomplish in this area? What do I need to do to make it happen? What are the options I have? Who do I need to be to achieve it? What type of support do I need to take action? Choose the viable options are occasions that viable solutions are the most challenging accept, are a springboard for something more big. Objectivity in a decisional system is important, subjectivity in the personal process is vital, to be subjective, it is important to visit your feelings, and your feelings, when you consciously not handling them, are bearers of truth and most revealing answer. Creates a Plan of work SIMPLE and surround yourself with people honest and committed to that win. My mother often said not everything that glitters is gold. In this same way not everyone can responsibly guide through coaching or any other branch of personal support. Choose well your company defines success in your life and your relationships. Please clear the results that you want to have and the ways of being that you need to achieve it and finds a mentor (a) that have manifested in his life the results today you’re looking for.

    Success is visibility, honesty and clarity in your goals. So keep everything simple and try not to complicate with useless dramas what could be a way of very light for it.Remember these words of Enterprise Foundation: Less is More (less is more) Keep it Simple (keep it Simple) Just Do It! (Solo hazlo!) These phrases were not only ideas in intense moments of business crisis, but they were created in a moment of faith! Requests support Ten clear the type of support you require and defines the elements and people who can support you in the process of action and achievement. If you value your time, your space and your life; You will be certainly receptive (a) to messages that carry your name. Takes action the sadness is a deep feeling that you experience in a moment spontaneous. The largest percent of the times, sadness or pain is a result of a judgment. It eliminates the trial and pain will disappear. Take action from a different platform from which created the problem. You not distracted in stories, rather than in your vision and make it happen.

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    But what do if family members that you want to give a gift, inveterate couch potatoes? Do not despair, and they can pick up something which, being extracted from under the Christmas tree (or out of the sack of Santa Claus), did cause no less than joy and pleasure. Who said that in order to relax extreme, it is necessary to get somewhere in the mountains (the taiga to the desert, on a raft in the middle of the ocean, the jungle, under the water a little deeper, higher into the sky – right underline)? You donated collections extreme simulators will not leave the apartment, to experience the wide variety of adventures, during which time the adrenaline rush will be no less than it would in real conditions. However, in the comfort of your home you can rest more peacefully, but no less fun. Develop the eye, to strengthen the hand and bring a gift nerves would allow all members of the family given you a set for a game of darts. This fascination Now in a new engulfed both adults and children of both sexes – and the girls often outperform boys in accuracy. Will only need to look after a suitable design of the game: the target can now be framed not only in traditional style, but in western style, the times of Robin Hood, but for the little ones painted with fruits and sweets. By the way, for kids can be bought as a safe darts, where instead of darts – balls, stick to rough surface of the target.


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