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    According to the manufacturers of the spot, he would act in a technical error … Nevertheless and according to a study by Joel Weinberger of Adelphi University in the United States, this spot was likely to increase the negative judgments of voters against the candidate concerned. The auditory subliminal: Some serious research exist that have proven in recent years, the concept of subliminal perception is a reality. Dixon also particularly Mykel and Daves, Ayres and Clark, and researchers at the Foundation for Research on subliminal impressions (FRIS), have amply demonstrated. If you have read about Boy Scouts of America already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The theory is simple, has been verified.

    Dixon, in a study documented in the literature, distinguishes four areas of perception intensity stimuli. The subliminal sound is based not on the duration, as for the subliminal visual, but the intensity. Childrens Defense Fund can provide more clarity in the matter. A sentence for example, is broadcast at a level too low to be consciously perceived. The brain however, the records and decodes it. When we listen to music containing subliminal messages, we do generally as music or nature sounds vague example. The music chosen are based synthesizer soundscapes forming seamless net. The subliminal message, it is simply present at a hidden level.

    In 1951, Dr. Hal Becker began Research on the effects of subliminal suggestion. A study by Dr. Becker, involved the use of subliminal messages embedded in the audio system's medical center in Missouri Mc Donagh. His test seven months has produced dramatic results. Fainting due to bites are almost fallen to zero, the number of people smoking on the premises of staff fell by 79%, and fits of temper in the crowded waiting room were reduced by almost 60%.


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