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    How to build your own online business? These questions are newcomers Infobusiness. Granted, there are many ways of monetization. Many ways. But as a rule sell the information, brings considerable profit. This method earnings call Info-business, ideally. Often, not all online businesses are making this method earning great results.

    Some kibersanty earn thousands of dollars every month. Other content paltry incomes. The secret to success and failure of some others? Let us examine the most efficient methods and effective tools of the most successful kibersantov. 1. Personal blog.

    Personal blog – this is a good tool for business development. Successful kibersanty gather information on the blog a larger audience. Publication on the blog should be free and quality. They give visitors the necessary and relevant information. Personal blog generates trust between visitors and the author's positioning as a professional. Authoritative blogs on a little advertising content or does not exist, this fact provides the reader with an understanding that the admin blog focuses on non-advertising content is and addressing readers, but not commercial advertising, which often deters visitors and creates resentment. 2. One-page site. Promo site – it is necessary and very Infobusiness effective tool. Each kibersant to succeed, must have avtorskiminfoproduktom. This product may be audio or vidokurs, e-book software. One-page site with a form of subscription to the newsletter helps to collect email addresses of readers who are interested in the information provided in the newsletter. The reader will be signed by the author's mailing list received important to him the information that can solve its current problems, and buys the product information when the author writes reader offer.


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