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    Social stereotypes create a common cultural space in which society exists, and initially they carry a positive charge, creating a platform and setting the boundaries of a given society. But sooner or later Society evolves this framework, a new level, and stereotypes are changing a positive sign to negative, getting in the way of progressive development. One of the most common objects of stereotyping is the distribution of male and female roles in society. Should a woman be just a wife and mother, or she has the right, from the perspective of others and to life outside of this vicious circle, the ability to implement a other areas? Can a modern man to reach the bar set by society, or he fruitless attempts to reach her throughout life, tormented by the inferiority complex and unrealized? "Gender stereotypes in contemporary Russian society "- the name of the project, which is conducted by specialists of the Institute for Economic and Social Research, with financial support from the Canadian Agency for International Development in the fourth round of the competition project "Overcoming gender stereotypes in the public consciousness." The first wave of research took place in October 2005. Interviewers Foundation Institute of Economic and Social Research surveyed 1,200 residents of Volgograd. The maximum possible statistical error in the data range from 2.8%. One of those studies were gender stereotypes in family relations. The family is the basic unit society and the perception of the relationship between man and woman in the family extends to other public institutions.


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