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    C. Prof. Omelio Cerero Rodriguez (President of the subsidiary provincial of the SCMVCD in Villa Clara), Dr. MsC Santiago Perez Hernandez (Vice-President of the branch provincial of the SCMVCD in Villa Clara), Dr Andres Flores (Director of veterinary. org).

    Source: Official website of the SCMVCD, Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases. MVD. sld. CU /. MVD. sld. Learn more at: Center For Responsible Lending. CU/4tallerintermvd. htm Dr.

    Enrique a.. Silveira Prado (Chairman of the Committee scientific Villa Clara) Jaime Parejo Garcia, firefighter in Seville (Spain), scientific researcher on learning and behavior of the search dog, is also considered expert and instructor of recognized prestige at international level in the specialty of canine rescue in disasters, awarded, for example, with the first prize to the investigation by the Real Sociedad Canina de Spain 1998 or certificate of distinction of the Sasakawa Award by the United Nations in 2005, his transcendent work is recognized worldwide for research and international teaching, as well as the scientific advance of the chest method, for victims in disaster reduction, being in both cases the first Spanish which are granted as relevant awards. To date has been involved in numerous claims that they entailed the burial of people (earthquakes, landslides, explosions, structural failure) in Colombia, Turkey, Taiwan, El Salvador, Spain… directing search operations both outside and inside spaces confined in collapsed structures. He has trained, assessed and certified officially, to date, numerous policemen, firemen, military… with or without dogs, from a total of 17 countries with certain seismic risk. Source:. rescatecanino. . rescatecanino. org Blogs related citizen earthquake Chile 2010: campaign to thank help Medical Attention for the Dissident in Villa Clara Photos From Cuba myworldofbaseball Blog Archive Cuban West Profile Villa Blog informatico society Cuban veterinary medicine for education and public health say milk suppliers are not dairy Conference: with international papers ripped the La table of link still not defined if he attends meeting with Dominguez summon to the agrarians declined prices of soybean stand new complaint against responsible for not alerting the


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