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    July 24, Saturday, at the Church of Scientology building in Almaty, which is located at ul. Makatayev, d. 126, was a festive event dedicated to the XXII anniversary of launching of the ship 'Freewinds'. One of Scientology Churches located on the cruise ship 'Freewinds', where provided unique spiritual advice, not offered in any other Scientology church in the world. On a holiday dedicated to this event, brought together about 80 people. The audience gave a graduate of one of the best music colleges of the city, who played some great tunes on the flute.

    The event was shown the film, from which guests learned about the pace of the ongoing expansion of Scientology around the world and the opening of new large churches on all continents of the planet, which now occur almost a week. Today, such open for 17 new churches, 9 of them in the past year, the total area of 55 thousand square meters, and 60 more are preparing to open. A total of Scientology churches in the world are already more than 1.1 million square meters of space. No religion in the world has expanded with as fast as Scientology. Since the release of material by L.

    Ron Hubbard in 2005, the number of published books and lectures on Dianetics and Scientology to date, more than 90 million copies. More than 4 million pages his works were translated into different languages. Today the world is read an average of 4 books of L. Ron Hubbard on Dianetics and Scientology, every minute, and listened to his lectures almost 1 million times. Church of Scientology spends active social activities. Corps volunteer Scientology clergy, with more than 200 000 people, has more than 15.5 million hours of assistance to victims of disasters all over the world. Campaigns Church of Scientology on Human Rights, on drugs and "The Way to Happiness' are supported in many countries at the national level, including ministers, prime ministers and presidents. 8 UN agencies also support these campaign, as well as 14 army, including the National Guard. Every day hundreds of TV channels broadcast around the world created with the support of the Church public service announcements, illuminating about human rights, moral values and about the dangers of drugs. Overall, worldwide humanitarian programs reached more than 1.7 billion people. The first Church of Scientology was incorporated in Los Angeles in 1954 and now successfully Scientology develops and spreads around the world, accounting for more than 12 million followers.

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    Questionnaires can get background information for further planning and rational organization of harvesting wild products: removal of the radius of the plantations, the personal consumption of the population, the degree of forest land use to rural and urban populations, the availability of surplus products, the channels for their implementation, as well as other information. In analyzing the development of procurement plans take into account: the land fund in section of land and land area by area, the resources of individual products (operating margin, the potential annual volume of blanks according to academic and other institutions carrying out the work) as well an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning pillows, planned and actual procurement of selected products by region, sales volumes of wild fruits, berries and mushrooms in cities and villages to farm markets, the collection and use of wild fruits, berries, mushrooms, people's personal needs; harvests products trading and procurement systems, the population served by consumer co-operatives in areas with the release of the number of students, pensioners, the state of logistics procurement, including the number and priemozagotovitelnyh gribovarochnyh items equipment for primary processing of raw materials, number of suppliers who harvest wild fruits, berries and mushrooms. Need cleaning pads. However, in practice, mainly in developing plans, guided by the achieved level of preparations for the last period and the planned pace of change. This practice justify procurement plans wild often leads to significant deviations from the actual volumes targets, reducing the harvest of selected products in some areas and not always enhances the development of resources in a difficult position of planning harvesting of wild products. In most potrebsoyuzov procurement plans with drug-technical plants are brought to lower levels in almost all the approved nomenclature. As a result, difficult to perform tasks, violated terms of the collection. The level of procurement wild products related to the implementation of measures to stimulate an increase in the collection. These include the increase in purchase prices, selling collectors items of high demand, the introduction of devices and mechanisms for logging and primary processing of raw materials, the use of vehicles off-road, the approach of adoptive Ppunktov to massive commercial value..

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    Serious relationship – it is really serious. In early meetings, you give gifts only to her, and after a while is to choose something for her family. That "something" probably will determine what will be your further communication. So try to find gifts that will make this communication more enjoyable. Love for his parents – the foundation of all virtues (Cicero, Roman philosopher) gift – this thing is not only material. And for First, let's think about the gift as a symbol of the date on which you pick it.

    The second question that should answer before you buy some things, to whom you give a gift? Eighth of March the answer, of course, obvious. But at other times a present can be addressed as both parents, and each individually. Or you can do to present something "to the table", "home" … And this is to talk about in detail. If you give a gift both parents and it is the first time, the appropriate gourmet gifts – baskets, kits, candy. When you first visit, which often includes dinner together, we can bring dessert. Beautiful and delicious cake box of expensive chocolates, beautifully arranged pastries – all this will be most welcome, even if your mom after a cooked meal before dessert, the girls turn and not get it. At the first joint celebration is already possible to bring alcohol, previously coped, what will be at the table and what values the head of the family. If you already have quite a long time chatting with all members of the family the girl often visited them at a party and you know especially at home, can be presented in as a gift something to decorate the interior or complement.


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