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    Billomat extends its functionality to the beginning of the year and binds the letter shop PixelLetter a. Letters and faxes can be sent from now on Billomat. Printing, folding, enveloping, franking and sending of invoices and offers takes on PixelLetter. In addition, electronically created invoices with a qualified digital signature by E-Mail can be sent. Freelancer, entrepreneur, craftsmen, artists, consultants, journalists etc. can send invoices and offers comfortably from a PC with web-based solutions from Billomat. These features used to, the customer must log on only at PixelLetter (www.pixelletter.de).

    Through these new features we are provide an enormous benefit our customers, since the often time-intensive work of printing, Kuvertierens up to the trip to the post office, says Simon Stucher, Managing Director of Billomat. Availability: The service from PixelLetter is now integrated in Billomat. The service of PixelLetter the user is calculated directly from PixelLetter. The prices for the use of Billomat start at zero euros. Users in a fee-based plan can change only in intensive use. About Billomat:, Which specializes in Herdorf, based company, Billomat Ltd., on Web applications. Customers can create your invoices and quotes online and manage. (A valuable related resource: PCRM). In addition, customer and product data can be managed comfortably. Company contact: Billomat Ltd. Holltertszug 26 D-57562 Herdorf phone: 0700-BILLOMAT (0700-24556628) fax: 0700-BILLOMAT (0700-24556628) Web: email: contact person: Thomas Weigel, Simon Stucher

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    To account for the additional costs for the use of these mobile services. Also avoids the incalculable long duration of SMS and MMS. The MMS is typical restrictions in relation to the size of the transmitted images. Modern camera phones are now equipped with powerful cameras. The service Mobile auge.de sets standards for the transmission of high-resolution images in real time through the consistent application of Internet technology. In addition, another fundamental advantage is reached: it offered more and more camera phones with built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

    With these devices, it is possible to waive completely the use of cellular data network and completely to save the transmission costs. Since no mobile radio standards are used such as SMS and MMS, a Wi-Fi can communicate enabled mobile phone via Wi-Fi and Internet with the application server. All images be transferred immediately after their creation to the application server. Not will be stored in the phone. So no big memory in the phone is required on the one hand (also cheap phones without a memory card can be used), on the other hand, so a high sabotage security is created. Upon entry, the burglar can destroy the phone, if he discovered it. A few seconds after recording an image to the server is transferred, that he does not have more access.

    To use a cell phone for the service, the user must install a software (for free) on it. As some requirements on the mobile phone, not every camera phone can be used. However, there are a range of tested devices. These include simple older phones (Siemens), that very inexpensive can be procured as used equipment over the Internet, as well as current Smartphones (Nokia) with high-quality cameras and Wi-Fi receivers. The service is currently free of charge mobile auge.de. A small monthly fee (approx. 2 is later 3 euro/month) planned. On the basis of the experience gained with the now-present service, Ingenieurburo Franke and Halberg plans a further development for the transmission of sound and video. The integration of alarm functions is also planned. Currently, the use of mobile radio transmission on the T-mobile network is limited. An extension to other German mobile networks is also planned. Contact: Engineering Office for innovative Internet applications Franke and Halberg-email:


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