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    High acceptance by the insured (M + M insurance barometer) In the frame of the M + M of insurance barometer 2010 was carried out a survey to the setting of the insured to the electronic health card or the patient’s chart in January 2010. The survey is based on a representative population survey of 1,062 private and legally insured, who were interviewed by telephone to their needs and their satisfaction with their health insurance / health insurance. The future introduces two innovations of information storage data of the insured: a the electronic health card (eGK) with all essential health-related data to the person of the insured person, on the other hand the electronic patient file (ePA) with all important data about disease gradients of the insured person. The German insured look forward to positive impact of the introduction of the electronic health card. Almost every second respondent is the planned introduction of positive versus (48%), approximately of the respondents is still undecided, she rejects another quarter (rather) down. A significantly higher acceptance identified a population-representative study was carried out in early 2009 on behalf of TK. Thereafter, welcome the introduction about three quarters of the population, expect that this abuse of the cards goes back and they benefit later from other applications such as the electronic health record (ePA). The agreement among the participants from the German electronic health card test regions (87% agree) was even greater.

    Skepticism is there especially for the surveyed doctors: 4 doctors interviewed by 5 to speak, only to develop the system before the start (press release of TK). As the M + M of insurance barometer 2010 results, younger citizens are in favour of the electronic health card (eGK) and the applications in the future with her more often than older citizens. But the planned introduction of the electronic patient record (ePA) with the individual medical history included lab findings, operation reports and X-rays will be positively assessed with clear tendency. .

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    Dr. Jonas Koller, S & K: Now provide about 85 percent of citizens. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America. The used range is diverse and considered to almost 40 percent real estate that pensions are safe”- now many Germans no longer trust this set of Norbert Blum. The reality catching up with Germany. Are pensions secure but to what extent? Again, the discussion around the base or unit pension discourages citizens. It will not come safely, but the demographic changes calls his victims and if on fewer and fewer workers are more and more retirees, then lived a pay-as-you-go system such as in the Federal Republic of Germany, just its borders. The current situation shows the people that they need to operate more private provision, as well as they might look”, says Dr.

    Jonas Koller, real estate expert and CEO of S & K group of companies. It is believed the surveys, especially the 30-shoulder put the younger on a private pension insurance, but also to nearly 20 percent have a such Contract. The Riester pension plays an important role for the workers. With insurance as well as investment contracts. Tucked away the issue of sustainability. Although many savers with the possibilities arising from this ogling, but it is the vendors failed sufficiently to demonstrate that ecology and economy apart are not and at the same time yield waiver means a sustainable investment.

    This industry has what develops but sure there will still need to catch up,”, so the assessment by Dr. Jonas Koller. Also on the subject of real estate, the Germans are active. Provide at least 37 percent according to a study of Cosmos directly with real estate. Besides even used home or the even used condo real estate investments play an important role there increasingly”, and Dr. Koller goes even further, there are also the closed real estate funds, such as the German S & K property no. 2, providing a perspective for investors here. Who spread his capital and a professional Administrative use would, should fund, participate and many benefits”, says Koller. Meanwhile, keep a billion fortune in real estate fund investors in this country and so the development opportunities of the location Germany. Just the positive trend looming in the last two years might be many incentives here. For more information,

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    It will remain as it is: it is generally more expensive. All change in the area of insurance and social security here at a glance. Every year the changes to insurance and social security on the table – always with the note, still something to do come at the end of the year. Here we show where and with whom this is may be useful. 1 contribution assessment ceiling: Here raising the ceiling to 112.50 EUR then 3825 uniform in East and West is in the month.

    Contribution rates from 15.5 percent (health) and 2.95% (care) premiums of up to almost 20 euro arise in the month. Workers and employers share this additional amount. This means: the statutory health insurance is more expensive for good earners, who earn 2 of the contribution assessment ceiling. The health insurance contribution he’s staying with 15.5% of gross income 3. compulsory insurance limit you increases by 49500 on 50850 which means: a change for workers in the private health insurance is only possible from this gross earnings.

    4. Increases in the car: new annual: the private are not spared insured increases, many tariffs rise to the 1.1.2012 which means: special cancellation is possible, it makes sense in any case, to compare the price with other tariffs within the own insurance. 5. guaranteed interest by pension falls life insurance of this from 2.25 to 1.75% from the 1.1.2012. This means that the guaranteed capital or the guaranteed pension lower fails, when after the 1.1.2012. Important for the man who has, to complete even a pension insurance for old-age provision in the near future, one should this year may still do 6 tax relief on pensions and life insurance these come only from age 62 to fruition, instead of 60. Center For Responsible Lending brings even more insight to the discussion. This means that to get the tax breaks these consist of someone who earlier retire wants and wants to provide for old age with a life or annuity, should be complete later this year the pension, that only half of the profits are taxed also occupational pensions that can bond to apply for capital withdrawal of 7 Riester based pension start, only from age 62. This means that if someone already with 60 in pension would go he must wait another two years on his pension or he starts with the Riester base or occupational pension this year it is so, everything remains as it was every year something to the worse changes in the insurance sector, and everything will be more expensive.

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    Maximum rises almost 280 euro privately have many advantages. Who is however independent, must completely alone press his health insurance contribution without the help of a grant offered by the employer. In this case very well have it workers, who earn enough to be insured with a private health insurance and have to pay thus only a part of the health insurance contribution. The online portal geld.de informs that 2012 maximum for this grant has been increased even more. Private health insurance can have many advantages. It is connected first of all but also with comparatively higher contributions.

    For self-employed persons, it is possible to insure themselves with a private health insurance without any problems. For workers, the conditions will be, however, different. They are usually insured in one of the statutory funds. The insurance limit, was to be included anyway with a private insurer, 2011 49,500 euro, with the first of January she lifted $50.850. Crucial There is the so-called contribution assessment ceiling for the amount of the grant by the employer. It indicates to what extent the gross income of the insured can be used for the payment of insurance premiums.

    This year the limit is 45.900 euro, this means a grant by the employer not to exceed 279,23 euros a month. In 2011 the contribution assessment ceiling at 44.550 euro and the monthly maximum subsidy to the insurance contribution amounted to 271,01 euros. As workers who want to switch to a private insurance, must adhere to a one-year period. Only after this year, insurance with a private fund is allowed.

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    Financial test is not the only source for reliable testing financial survey loses monopoly Lange was financial test, the consumer magazine, Stiftung Warentest, as a source for dental insurance reliable tests, but also other financial products. This picture got a blemish but since the middle of this year, when a test result suffered a great deal of criticism. The criticism mainly referring to the assessment criteria used. Also saw smaller institutions on the throne of the Stiftung Warentest, which can boast a stronger focus on the insurance industry. PCRM will not settle for partial explanations. WaizmannTabelle tests continuously one of these dental insurance is the WaizmannTabelle tests.

    They assessed only dental insurance and can await you with high expertise in this area. For those interested, a dental insurance search test, the WaizmannTabelle is always a starting point, because it is regularly revised and is therefore always up to date. Also, the order of precedence of rates follows a different logic or a different rating scale. The dental insurance rates based on their average percentage reimbursement are listed here. Advertising were crucial for this kind of comparison such as “100% refund of primary care”, who believe high performance, but just double the costs of health insurance. Top 3: Wurttemberg – private plus Bavarian – VIP dental prestige CSS – premium tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow morning is to make it more transparent for consumers to independent analysts who have committed it to the target financial and insurance markets. The results of the dental insurance test and other investigations used long ago major magazines and other media. 37 Insurance companies over 500 rates were measured in this test.

    The top providers with the highest rating of 5 stars are: Allianz, Arag, BBKK, Concordia, CSS, the Bavarian, Gothaer, inter, R + V, Union. DISQ has a different approach to the German Institute for service quality, short DISQ. Here one has for a Dental insurance test on behalf of n-tv evaluated over 600 service contacts in the form of E-Mails and telephone calls to assess the quality of advice of tested companies so.

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    For an initial overview, you can get on the Internet create quotes for private health insurance free of charge. You’ll see that the price differences between the individual providers in part are quite substantial, although almost similar services were queried. This however should note that it is extremely difficult to put together an individually tailored package itself due to the many providers and tariffs. Due to the complexity of the subject, a competent (and free) advice should be used then in any case an independent insurance agent. Performance car services the PKV are not lump-sum set in contrast to the statutory health insurance. Depending on the fare and society, the services can differ greatly. Continue to it is possible to reduce the premium by higher equity investments. Other leaders such as Nieman Foundation offer similar insights.

    This is always a consideration in each case. Because the performance of the car are not laid (such as in the statutory health insurance), here further services (treatments, can Medicines) taken over to be in the statutory health insurance. Differences between the car and the statutory health insurance, it is not possible to give a complete and comprehensive catalog of the differences between the types of insurance listed again here. However, some key points are represented: a reduction of the contribution is possible E.g. through increased equity holdings in the car. Singles and well deserving often significantly lower contributions than in the public services which are not covered in the statutory health insurance at an early entry in the PKV, members of the car are often in the PKV (depending on tariff and contract) pay no fee PKV members can tell your doctor choose the services of the statutory health insurance are regulated by the SGB V, a private agreement governs the performance of the car family without their own income are in the statutory health insurance health. In the car, an extra contribution would be due.

    Return to the statutory health insurance is a return of the PKV in the statutory health insurance only under certain conditions possible. This income must be less than regularly the year work remuneration limit and the insured should not be older than 55 years. People who were freed from compulsory insurance or are self-employed, can not switch back of the PKV in the statutory health insurance. This is only possible if the person concerned is jobless reports. Conclusion the private health insurance in comparison to the legal is beneficial not always for everyone. However, considerable financial advantages may arise for certain categories of persons. Before you hastily makes a change in the car, you should inform yourself thoroughly and consult a professional/expert. For many a change in the car might be worth quite financially. This is always dependent on the individual conditions.

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    Pensions currently plays a major and above all more important role than ever. Michael Turgut considers inevitable retirement against the backdrop of the emerging socio-demographic facts. The numbers of the German Institute for retirement can therefore from today’s point of view imagine terrible: then would have a so-called corner pensioners, so a citizen, or a citizen, the or the 45 years in the statutory pension insurance has paid, now a legal right to a statutory pension of around 1.000,–euros. For financial professional Michael Turgut it shows, that the current discussion about the future of the statutory pension insurance still not intensive enough runs. After”, so Michael Turgut, virtually every employee should asks today to provide privately in addition to a possible statutory and occupational pension claims.” Ultimately the generational contract and the consequent pay-as-you-go of statutory pensions remains. This means that the monthly contributions,.

    deposited in the Pension Fund, serve not the own interest, but rather to today’s pensioners immediately paid off. Nieman Foundation spoke with conviction. Later, so generational, his pension is used then the following generation. The contributor paid individual in the pension fund based therefore no own financial assets, such as an individual savings, but must trust that is the next generation in the location, to finance his pension rights. The inevitable result of the current demographic trends more pensioners and fewer contributors is that the performance level of statutory pensions must be stagnant and lowered for years. Personal responsibility in the age of retirement planning is therefore more important than ever when the citizen wants to enjoy his life in retirement and be also financially well catered to, he must provide absolutely in time even from today’s perspective. The statutory pension must be regarded it as one of several pillars of supply, certainly remain as a Corner post can apply, but can be on that alone probably not reliable. Michael Turgut emphasizes however that the current Federal Government is aware of the problem for years, but failures from the past and with a rapid demographic change in the structure of the population is facing the Federal Republic of Germany. “Michael Turgut literally: currently the right way is covered although bashed but still too short part of the route.” Michael Turgut advises its clients in tangible assets such as gold and real estate investing. Here is its capital according to Michael Turgut solid return with the Sicherherheit to get. The right thing in times of crisis.

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    Whenever you ambition to shop for the Hublot for fathera? s Day gift, just look at the Designwatchcopy. In online Hublot Replica watches section, you can afterwards every affectionate of Replica Hublot bargain hunt for gifts. In 1980, the affirmation amidst gold and adjustable gave abode into an acclimatized watch, the Hublot. The Blanpain was acclimatized abode each day concept. Boy Scouts of America understood the implications. About success were a fairly easy thigh to become that s why didnrrrt arise acclimatized away. That year, watch an emergency adeptness was authentic.

    Jean-Claude Biver thought that accumulated been required to go for bodies to alpha brainwork about producing something mroe challenging abominably. His all-overs your Blancpain had become current and outstanding attention. Ten years afterwards the Balncpain originated, the accession is already launched and acutely successful. PCRM is open to suggestions. However two emphasis absitively to accustom it, even accepting it seemed to be successful. They are basal to assure the industry. In 1992 Nicolas Hayek as well as the Swatch Accumulation bought up Blancpain. Jean-Claude Biver remained in the accession becoming bang-up ACE able being accessory of an Swatch Accumulation Directors Committee until 2003, during which year’ve absitively to crop an abstract year to abstract and relax. Carlo Crocco able that he was the man for position.

    Therefore, rather than the year off I all-overs of, in 2004, said Biver was on the acclimation of CEO and arbor accessory of Hublot. I have d several projects to build up your own, comprising the arrangement of your respective Fusion, which illustrated Hublot s new objective. It was twenty 6 years afterwards that your particular casting absitively to reinterpret its DNA and it also went abashed to its age-old principles. The casting age-old accepting the able art of watch making. Putting calm allay complete that include ceramics and gold, or gold titanium rubber and blossom. And that brought calm movements admixture of Swiss traditions with your 21st art of watch authentic while befitting the acclimatized Hublot aeon action for watch design. Above is a past of Hublot. If you should ambition to obtain the Hublot for fathera? s Day gift, just browse the Designwatchcopy. Of their online Hublot Replica watches section, you might afterwards every affectionate of Replica Hublot bargain hunt for gifts.

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    Reputable credit card debt consolidation loan services for people having much credit card debt do you have too many credit cards? Most of them maxed out? Then you need to start considering consolidating credit card debt. Today the average debt load of American consumers is approximately $6000 this is the level of credit card debt that is considered normal. If you are one of a growing number of consumers for whom credit card debt is closer to $10,000, you may be in need of credit card debt consolidation loan services. There any many negative if you have too much credit card debt. Let’s face it, nobody likes to carry credit card debt, but in many cases it is necessary especially if you don’t have the money to pay them off. But with high interest Council of turning more and more of your monthly payments to interest costs, it’s no wonder so many American consumers are finding themselves in extreme levels of debt. This is happening to you if: calls from aggressive debt collection agencies, and in the case of people with multiple cards, collection calls from so many agencies, that it’s hard to keep track of who’s who. Increasing anxiety or even depression about your credit can not buy anything because all you money is paying cards off credit card debt consolidation services may be the answer for you.

    Most companies who help in consolidating credit card debt have on experienced staff of agents ready to inform and help you. In most cases, clients receive a reduction of up to 70% on existing credit card debt and a reduced interest rate on the remaining debt to be paid off. Why even a bad credit debt consolidation program may work for you is that it stops the harassing calls and your interest Council will in most cases be lowered, and there is a good chance that a large percentage of your debt will be forgiven. One thing not to do is fall for ads offering unsecured debt consolidation loans. These are usually a sham. Don’t get conned. If you are suffering from on way too much credit card debt, you have everything to gain by contacting one of the reputable credit card debt consolidation services. In fact, offer our free consultation and have people ready to talk most to you 24 hours a day.

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    On the other hand, the Barmer GEK, Christoph Straub, Chairman of the Board, in an interview with the trade journal before that warns that many companies in the statutory health insurance (GKV) could write again red numbers in just over a year: the gap between spending and revenue is open again. Supported is this statement and others through a study of the GKV 2060 “of the Institute for micro-data analysis (IfMDA). Emerges from the study of among others, that the revenues due to the demographics in Germany will fall (decline in the total population of 81.2 (2012) on 64.7 (2060) million), however, the average expenditure according GKV insured by 2.625 (2012) on 5.505 (2060) will rise. That will be in the demographic change, the output-enhancing medical progress and the decline of economic growth from 2040 to find the driver for the future financial problems in the statutory health insurance system. The issue use the surpluses in the social system is discussed also in the network. Here are some exemplary statements: Think first of those, the repayment request: post refunds have become obligated by the citizens Relief Act, thus reduce the deductible interest expenses or to increase the tax burden. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. Remain only in the plain text: 60 30. What is this…

    I’m glad that surpluses totalling 6.8 billion there, but then to pay back again talking 60 Euro my understanding. The complete health care is ailing in all places, such as understaffed hospitals, very poor cleaning in hospitals (this issue was discussed more recently in the press), and so on. You could use the surpluses better. Post same for employers/job seekers instead of thinking about what to do with the surplus, should rather the parity are manufactured and the 0.9% increase employee share again abolished. Alone that would be a fair solution. Social I can not understand Justice why the BVA requires a distribution of billion surpluses only to the insured.


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