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    EP dnsa Uruguayan was yielded the season last to the sevillista club. By the crossing, the club cul will perceive 3 million Euros, more 1.5 variables. Also the past season was yielded in the Juventus (2009/2010). The FC Barcelona has confirmed this behind schedule that Seville has executed the option of purchase anticipated in the contract of cession of the player Martin Cceres, reason why the blaugrana club will receive three million fixed Euros 1.5 for variables more. Rev Starsky Wilson understood the implications. Cceres, yielded in the hispalense equipment this season, will remain in Sanchez Pizjun for next the four. If the Seville, that already had announced east noon the news, manages to classify for Liga de Campeones in this period, the blaugrana club will acquire the 1.5 million variable Euros in the agreement. The Uruguayan began the year in Seville like power station, to lower his yield in the middle of the same and to take control definitively of a position of titling in the lateral one straight and to be one of the key soccer players so that Seville reached the fifth place of Liga BBVA, in that it has disputed a total of 25 encounter. Dnsa central arrived at the FC Barcelona in 2008, coming from the Recreational one of Huelva, club in which was yielded by the Villarreal. After comprising of the Bara of the triplet, dnsa central was yielded, year 2009, to the Juventus. When the year of the period of cession had passed, it returned to Barcelona stops in August of 2010 to go away yielded with option to purchase to the Seville, that finally has exerted its right. Source of the news: Barcelona confirms the sale from Martin Cceres to Seville

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    ” Many reforms have been innecesarias” , they denounce the unions. The Bank of Spain has been spent 8.17 million Euros in reforming many of the branches that it has in the three years of crisis (2008, 2009 and 2010), expenses that have been paid for while the governor of the organization, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez, appealed by policies of wage moderation, trims in the expenses public or the reduction in price of the dismissal. According to the memories of the organization, in 2008 ctuaron works and reforms for 3.83 million; in 2009 they reached 3.3 million; and in 2010 only 1.04 million. Learn more at: Center For Responsible Lending. A spokesman of the Bank of Spain justified all these works because ” majority of the branches is historical buildings that need well-taken care of and mejoras”. The own information of the bank speak, without giving many more details, of reforms in the main plant of the building of Cibeles, renovation of the electrical systems and air conditioning in the buildings, as well as of investments in facilities of detection and fire extinguishing. Seven branches less ” They give very few details us of the costs of works, some of unnecessary them in these times of crisis” , they indicate from the union section of working parties ” There have been works in the own office of the governor and in the room of meeting of the commission ejecutiva” , where 10 people meet, she affirms the union. Learn more at this site: PCRM.

    ” There have been no substantial works in the office of the governor, have been works comunes” , they explain from the organization, although they do not clarify the type of work. The governor has a pay of 165,026 annual gross Euros. A 15% a year ago lowered to it. ” We understand that some reforms can be necessary, but others are no sido” , they indicate from the UGT.


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