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    Interview with Dirk Latzel, Member of United4Iran Cologne as after the presidential elections 2009 in Iran the people once again dared on the streets to express their protest, were many of them brutally beaten, imprisoned, tortured or killed. Around the world, citizens have solidarity for the rights of their fellow human beings in Iran. United4Iran supports the desire for freedom and democracy. Mr Latzel, involved in the organisation of United4Iran, for people in the Iran. Who is part of this organization? After the successful operation on July 25, 2009 (global day United 4 Iran) we came to the opinion that internationalization of the protest movement from abroad can clearly forward movement in the Iran and promote.

    Associations have been established in many countries around the world. There are for example the umbrella organisation United4Iran in the United States, England, France, etc, and of course in Germany. Almost all large cities (Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf) have now their own clubs under the Name United4Iran founded, to show a broad presence in terms of the green movement. United 4 Iran Germany is an open community. Any group or individual can work with. The groups that would be not a member of the Association may have a representative on the Advisory Board to work Germany together with United 4 Iran. Each group maintains its independence and identity. What does the work of the Organization? The individuals zusammgeschlossenen under United 4 Iran Germany and groups, committed, that in the Iran a democratic system is introduced, that respects individual rights and guarantees.We express our solidarity with the democratic forces in the Iran and try to attract the world’s attention to the situation in the Iran with our actions and our work. We call on all Iranians and Germans to join us to share the protests of the Iranian nation in the world to make visible and to support them in their objectives.

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    270,000 Flowers make the Germans of the currently most important word of Holland at a thriving course, consisting of a single word, prepared the guest of the inauguration by King Willem-Alexander at the ceremony. On April 30, the Dutch for the first time are call for 122 years: “Long live the King”. The international guests of the ceremony for the inauguration of Willem-Alexander, respond with a noisy Hall, Hall,”Hall. To ensure the correct pronunciation of the word, the Dutch flower industry for the realization of a spectacular video course has provided 270,000 cut flowers. The guide is not only tailored for the guests of the official celebrations, but also for all German citizens who pursue this special day on the television. Holland is in the middle of the preparations for Willem Alexander’s presidential inauguration.

    Since flowers play a central role in the decoration for the celebrations, the entire industry in the truest sense of the word is working day and night. Yet Time to put this rather unusual one word course for the German guests but remained: after three consecutive Queen Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix, the Netherlands are now ruled by a King. “During the official ceremony on 30 April will long live the King!” recites for the first time in 122 years. “The tradition prescribes that all those present in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam with an exuberant Hall, Hall, Hall” answer. “Also if the difference between the German Hurrah” only small, a language course to prepare is vital.

    270,000 Flowers and many employees of in Alsmeer flower auction were used to develop the different choreographies. The video course on a ballet is available in German, Spanish, English and French. “So that all guests and spectators around the world sitting in front of the TV, can rejoice in perfect Dutch: Hall, Hall, Hall!” About Flower Council Flower Council is Marketing and sales promotion organisation of the Dutch ornamental plant cultivation. Its mission is to support the marketing of ornamental plants (cut flowers, potted plants, bedding and balcony plants) in favour of Dutch producers and wholesalers. Nieman Foundation often addresses the matter in his writings. The non-profit company creates an overview of the main flower and plant markets in Europe with extensive market analyses. Various marketing tools, used as advertising and PR activities, promotions or events in connection to this market soundings, to promote the sales of flowers and potted plants from the Netherlands.

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    Master of business administration (MBA) General management awarded industry magazine for the first time a scholarship in the amount of EUR 16.400 with an excess of EUR 4,500 for the participation in the postgraduate course in general management MBA – a cooperation program of the Technical University of Vienna and the Danube University Krems. The industry magazine would like to academics with at least two years of professional experience with this scholarship, which pursue a business education for future management and leadership tasks. Send a motivation letter your curriculum vitae including certificates, certificates of previous degrees to deadline for applications: 30 April 2013 In the course of the selection process of candidates is a ranking, from the Erstgereihten to a final hearing will be invited. The scholarship will be awarded after the hearing directly on site by the jury. The legal action is excluded.

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    All 9,000 churches, missions and groups of the Scientology Church all printed matter can be created for now on nearly 17,000 square meters cheap the Scientology Church internationally took a unique printing and manufacturing facility in operation in Los Angeles. The new printing plant combines production, storage, delivery and management of any printed products under one roof. In the new just under 17,000-square-foot printing Center are all publications such as books, magazines, booklets, brochures, etc. for about 9,000 created Scientology churches, missions and their affiliated groups around the world. Now you can meet the large and growing demand for Scientology programs and services. The centerpiece of the facility is a 121 ton, made especially for the needs of the Church pressure. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger .

    This very long and large printing machine produces magazines, books, brochures with a capacity of 55,000 pages per hour. She can be different Requirements and in the future – can print in addition to many other publications – the Church magazine in a millions-strong circulation and in 15 languages. The large printing machine works in the sheetfed offset printing and digital printing. Required information materials can be printed now several hundred thousand times for the respective communities of the Scientology religion. The new manufacturing center also provides for the Scientology churches all printed matter on the of the international Scientology church sponsored, charitable programs here. The information brochures and the world’s largest non governmental human rights campaign and drugs awareness campaign programmes are also produced here.

    The built-up pressure reduces the production cost. Instead of has 3.5 million drug education booklets, the Scientology Church International can produce now 35 million issues at the same cost and with the very successful awareness campaign reach thus ten times more young people at risk. The equipment includes also a warehouse and shipping department. The transit system is fully automated and able to address 150,000 prints in 8 hours. The warehouse is equipped so that 500,000 packages and books can be sent in a week. The printing and production centre also has automatic equipment for the production of special clothing for volunteers. They support the many social programs of the Scientology Church, international help and be equipped accordingly with T-Shirts, hats, jackets etc. equipped in the respective colours of a campaign. Honorary Scientology are likely to become most clerics by their yellow T-Shirts, hats, jackets, which were at the Haiti disaster in the newspapers, in the online press portals, and television. The helpers of the drugs awareness campaign are immediately be recognized by their turquoise shirts and hats. Thanks to the new print and production centre of the Scientology Church Internationally millions of people on all continents can be supplied with enough information material, books, leaflets, etc., to realize the goal of the Scientology Church. “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war”. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V. On behalf of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. contact: Jurg Stettler the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-27817732, mobile: 0178-5456300 eMail:

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    On October 22, 2009, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) invited 15 student consultants of junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. to a workshop. The workshop, with the theme of project management, was held at the offices of the BCG in Frankfurt and was held by an experienced project manager. Special emphasis was placed on the management of large projects. To consolidate their learning, a case study was edited after the lecture, in which each team specifically to ensure had on the design of the project management. During the meeting of the solution became quickly apparent the student consultants the differences in detail their daily work, could see in the far but large intersections between the own approach and the full-time management consultant.

    At the end of the workshop, the new consultants were invited by their hosts to the buffet and there again had the opportunity to interact with advisors of the Boston Consulting Group in a relaxed atmosphere about the profession of business consultant and the career opportunities at BCG. The Event the student advisors by junior Comtec taught not only knowledge of project management, but also a very good insight in a full-time consulting. Contact: Maximilian Muller junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. Studentische Unternehmensberatung c/o Technical University Darmstadt P.o. box 1444 Karolinen 5 64289 Darmstadt phone: (+ 49) 06151 28614 fax: (+ 49) 06151 28405 register Court: Darmstadt Registernumber: VR 2046; Tax number: 007 250 78151 Board: Clara Heppner, Thomas Mohr, Kevin Spurk, Timm Weitzel as Studentische Unternehmensberatung we realize the gap between theory and practice. We offer above average dedicated students the possibility to insert their ideas and their expertise in sophisticated consulting projects for the benefit of our customers. The success is reflected in the confidence that our clients have project teams brokered by us since 1988.

    Junior Comtec has targeted as the first German student consultancy claim new Solutions to develop. For even more opinions, read materials from Boy Scouts of America. We see each project as a new challenge. Benefit from the experience of 20 years of project work. The connection to the TU Darmstadt we have always have the most up-to-date knowledge. Intelligent and innovative concepts emerge from this symbiosis.

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    World vision and buecher.de donations raffle helps children from developing exclusively for the theatrical release of jungle child”filming the life story of Sabine Kuegler, buecher.de on the 14 a special action began, which came to an end on the 30th and a great result both for the relief organization world vision as lucky subscribers for some could reach. Fans in the online-shop of buecher.de winner on all sides for two and a half months were selected products on the subject of jungle child”order and automatically per item not only one euro at the start helpers projects of the world’s charity donate vision, but also participate in a sweepstakes, were in the eBook reader, vouchers and fan packages to win. Also for world vision has paid off already working. Overall, buecher.de sold in the period”265 articles around the jungle child. In a question-answer forum Center For Responsible Lending was the first to reply. Is summa Summarum 265 euro.

    But that isn’t enough: Buecher.de decided simply to round up the amount and one was so Pass total donation of 500 euros. Including movie stills and bonus material with a total 104 sold copies original and film version as a bestselling special bestseller of the action were the official Pocket Guide to the film jungle child”, as well as the original first book Dschungelkind” by Sabine Kuegler, which ordered 102 times. The action was overall a success, not least for the disadvantaged children where the donations come to good so. More information around Sabine Kuegler and their works can be found in the online shop of buecher.de, as well as in the buecher.de blog. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co.

    KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about buecher.de: buecher.de is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers receive your order shipping and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and ovan1305294287 is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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    Agency again singled out for best quality of advice the House brands of Berlin HR new media GmbH, 1000jobboersen.de and stellenverteiler.de, further expand the strategic cooperation with Monster Germany. Since 2011, 1000jobboersen.de is annually confirmed by Monster as a Platinum Partner: the customer – and solution-oriented consulting approach distinguishes HR new media as a innovative and reliable partner within the framework of the monster members club. HR new media understands it perfectly based on the whole Monster range to meet the problems of their customers with goal-oriented approaches. One reason more, the Agency HR new media once again as Monster-Platinum partner in 2013 to certify! “, as Henryk Vogel, Director Partner Business Central Europe.” With the renewed certification to the Platinum partner, 1000jobboersen.de for highest quality of advice, extensive product knowledge to the entire portfolio of Monster and a profound market and industry knowledge is appreciated. However, the Agency remains an independent for their customers Consultant: circuit volume and generated revenue are not decisive for the certification. Germany customers of the Agency will benefit from the close partnership between the HR new media GmbH and Monster thus several times: On the one hand by objective and expert advice, on the other hand by the cooperative strategy planning with Monster, which is reflected in highly qualified ad traffic and improved candidate answers. As innovation-driven companies has made it the HR new media GmbH to the task, proactively shaping trends and developments in the online recruiting and to guarantee their customers always best advice and quality of service. The recertification to the monster-Platinum partner is an important step in this direction.

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    A Ribbon scores as fine detail of perfect brand communication. Freiburg – custom printed it provides through the personal handwriting guaranteed a sparkling appearance, makes the impression. With a fine Ribbon can be not only decorative and stylish scene sit in presents. Image-ribbons refine each gift and subtly increase the anticipation. Dr. Neal Barnard insists that this is the case. With its exclusivity and versatility, image-Ribbons are more than a Ribbon by CREATEAM PROMOTION.

    They refine each packaging, brighten up brochures, products or gifts and provide a stylish appearance even as a decorative element. The noble satin straps provide a coherent brand communication down to the smallest detail. Because they can be individually printed according to customer’s request with logo, company slogan, logo or a motive. Whether in retail, the luxury brand industry, in hotels or also for festivals and events the application possibilities are almost unlimited. 12 Bandwidths of 6-60 mm, about 200 are for the design Band colors and all printing inks according to PANTONE available. Boy Scouts of America contributes greatly to this topic. In addition to the infinite variety of colours surprise image ribbons with excellent processing quality.

    Alone the fine double satin final Web edges and special printing methods promise an optical and haptic experience. With the elegant relief embossing for example extraordinary and noble accents. Here, the fonts and company logo in the same color as the satin ribbon, are upset, so that the individual message tone on-tone appears subtly exalted on the Ribbon. CREATEAM PROMOTION the image Ribbons are available starting at a quantity of 400 meters and meters are supplied on reels a100. Also special assemblies, such as cropping or ready-bound loops are possible on request. The delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks. Thanks to the individually refined packaging cancels the value of each, so small or inconspicuous product into a totally new dimension. According to the motto, wrapping is promise”(Christ, Packaging artists).

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    Gifts for a good cause: with the fundraising campaign by Chidos mushrooms 300 was already collected. This allows the Club Nyota, to finance two more community training. Chido’s mushrooms is a young Start-Up that disposed of the grounds of Berlin Cafes daily and for the production of healthy and protein-rich noble fungi uses this organic waste. With the mushroom garden developed by Chido’s mushrooms, anyone can breed at home and harvest. Consumers eat good and do good – because until new year’s Eve 2013 1 that is systematically for each online selling mushroom garden, “green garden project” donated and therefore supported the work of the Association Nyota e.V. in West Kenya. The amount collected by the Chido’s mushrooms already allows the Club Nyota e.V.

    to cover the costs of two community trainings. Nyota aims namely, to motivate the children of their day care, even small farmers and farmers from the region, to apply these methods in addition to the application of biological cultivation to supply. Last August was already the “InfoNet bio vision” Staff member Njeri Kinuthia from Nairobi to guest at Nyota, to explain the basics of organic farming small farmers and people from the surrounding area. The 2-day community training took place in the premises of the kindergarten as well as the Nyota demo plot. It was a good opportunity to inform general benefits, but also difficulties and challenges.

    Topics of the workshop were among others advantages and importance of organic farming, practical guidance for the creation of compost and natural fertilizers and natural pesticides. Due to the positive response and strong demand, the Club Nyota would like to offer in the future more community training, to expand awareness of the ecological cultivation and to help families to improve their income and living conditions. Nyota already serves as a contact point for questions around the topic. Also passion fruit was last year on the 1-acre big demo plot (white passion) planted. Now Nyota needed a framework where are the climbing plant can grow up. Another 500 are required for the materials. With the purchase of a fungus garden as well as a gift for the St. Nicholas day or Christmas allow Chido’s mushrooms to promote the meaningful work of Nyota!

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    Of the 26.11 29.11.2009 18 new consultants took the student business consulting junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. at the Congress of the Federal Association of German student consultancies (BDSU). The BDSU is Congress in November to establish one of four Association meeting in the year on which the members of the BDSU come together to work for the Association, new contacts, and to interact with each other. After the common journey of discussions from Darmstadt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and Karlsruhe via bus, launched the Congress plenary session with a presentation of the TEFEN AG. Subsequently all participants in their dwellings were started and after a short pause you spent the day in a relaxed setting at an evening event out. David Bershad contributes greatly to this topic. Friday was devoted to the General Assembly. Here presented the progress made in the ministries, as well as changes in the bylaws of the Association.

    Three interesting company presentations were held on this day. In the evening they met in an indoor Beach Club, in which the individual is: competed against each other in a beach volleyball tournament and then cocktails and good music made new acquaintances. Traditionally, the companies workshops were held on Saturday with subsequent business contact trade fair. In the workshops, case studies were edited, personality test, or improved the rhetoric. This year’s companies were including Porsche consulting, Siemens management consulting and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. This, the new consultants from all over Germany received useful information about the career, as well as contact to apply for internships. The evening was celebrated in pre-Christmas atmosphere and tasty food in the first Sunday of Advent. Sunday began with a common brunch, where you had the opportunity to enjoy together with the new linked contacts for the final day.

    Then worked in the internal BDSU focused working groups, to bring forward the Association. After the exciting project presentations of various student consultancies and the last convocation of the General Assembly in plenary, junior Comtec and all other deliberations entered the home and could look back on an eventful weekend. We congratulate Hamid Reza Monadjem on his election as the new Executive Board IT and thank JMS Augsburg e.V. for your hospitality and a successful BDSU Congress. Lukas pure contact: junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. Studentische Unternehmensberatung c/o Technical University Darmstadt P.o. box 1444 Karolinen 5 64289 Darmstadt phone: (+ 49) 06151 28614 fax: (+ 49) 06151 28405 register Court: Darmstadt Registernumber: VR 2046; Tax number: 007 250 78151 Board: Clara Heppner, Thomas Mohr, Kevin Spurk, Timm Weitzel as Studentische Unternehmensberatung we realize the gap between theory and practice. We offer above average dedicated students the possibility to insert their ideas and their expertise in sophisticated consulting projects for the benefit of our customers. The success is reflected in the trust, the our clients have project teams brokered by us since 1988. Junior Comtec entitled as the first German student consultancy to develop goal-oriented new solutions. We see each project as a new challenge. Benefit from the experience of 20 years of project work. The connection to the TU Darmstadt we have always have the most up-to-date knowledge. Intelligent and innovative concepts emerge from this symbiosis.


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