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    They say that the new Magna Carta announced by Mohamed VI aims to give a constitutional aspect to an absolute monarchy. Summon a national demonstration for this Sunday. Political parties give you the warm welcome to the new Constitution. The movement February 20, claiming democratic changes in Morocco, said Saturday that the new Magna Carta announced Friday by King Mohamed VI aims to provide a constitutional aspect ste to an absolute monarchy and convened a national demonstration for this Sunday. This youth movement Najib Chauki activist said that the new Constitution gives wide powers to the legislative, Executive, security and religious King in the fields. Chauki explained that the monarch retains its powers in the draft of the new Constitution that allow you for example to preside over certain institutions or appoint and dismiss senior officials belonging to the different powers. In addition, Chauki criticized that the King can dissolve Parliament, something that It was considered as an intervention in the legislative field.

    The activist concluded that his movement rejects a granted Constitution and claimed a Magna Carta democratic, in form and in content, that establishes a clear parliamentary monarchy. On the other hand, the same movement Munaim Musaui activist explained that most of the new powers of the President are not true but formal because, according to the new Constitution, he is obliged to consult the King before executing them. The draft Constitution, which must be approved in rrendum next July 1, transferred part of the powers of the King to the Government and the Parliament and recognises the official status of the Berber language. However, Mohamed VI will remain the j of the Army Commander-in-Chief and the highest religious authority in the country. Protests of the movement movement 20 of February brings together young people who convened the first mass protests in Morocco that day, in part through Internet the wave of Arab revolts, to request the establishment of a democratic Constitution and the dissolution of the Government and the Parliament.

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    Midfielder speaks of the resentments between whites and Catalans. The good cheer is basic to win things, says. Spain is already in Switzerland to measure Friday to Chile. Midfielder Sergio Busquets has made clear Thursday that there are good in the Spanish team roll despite everything that happened in the carousel of classics from last season and the Supercopa of Spain, and has emphasized that everything is magnified by playing FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. We are all biggie, each defends his club and defends its interests and is normal to sure things. Here we all want the best for the team and ourselves, is basic good environment to win things, said Busquets in press conference prior to the friendly against Chile. In addition, he reiterated that piques is normal after playing so many matches.

    From there we all want the best and coexistence and every day give the good atmosphere and the good vibes that will continue there, he noted. It is better to stay with the good thing to seize the moment. There are good vibes, there have been things, but as in all parties. Also it would have happened with other international teams, but in a Madrid Barcelona-Real magnifies everything, sentenced the azulgrana. And it is that the good atmosphere between the international Catalans and Real Madrid centred the appearance of the Spaniards. Thus, Sergio Ramos does not believe that coach Vicente de el Bosque is more concerned with these rods and that he hasn’t done anything that has come out of the routine. You know that we are young and very nice lads and that would be a big mistake to let escape this huge selection and be able to make history for Spanish football as anyone has not been able to put it.

    It is worrying when they say things when the spirit is going to be just as good, said the Seville player. For his part, Juan Mata was equally clear. When all come and live, the clubs are not a main role. All represent our country, we have the same purpose, regardless of that with our clubs want to win, he said. Good environment is which has led to this selection to win the European Championship and the World Cup, and all must rowing in the same direction. Single coexistence takes you to maintain the treatment you had, had settled the new player of Chelsea. Source of the news: Busquets: “There are good vibes”


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