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    Respect for these items might seem to conflict with Article 25U, which urges the practitioner to inform parents the information due to the fact that this is a minor, however, yes that would be implementing the articles, as they refer to the treatment of the information we recibida.a Step 2. Alternative hypotheses about the problem with the information we have, we have identified a problem of bullying and, in this moment, you could start the second stage of the model, referring to the need to consider alternatives to the problem. It is necessary to explore other possibilities, other ways of perceiving the problem, for example, asking for help to colleagues specializing in this case, professionals in child care and child abuse. However, and although it is always advisable, as expressed in the Guidelines (point 2.2.) Of COPC, listening, attending and giving credibility to such statements made by children and adolescents, in principle, we only have information from the student. There have been no interviews with his family and social circle (friends /-as, co / as). The only interview he has done the psychologist than its own demand has been a consultation with the tutor of the student, and there has been no other evidence to confirm the case. Therefore, and considering this, an alternative hypothesis we could make would be that no case of bullying, and these may be a warning to the student, which identified the problem would not be a case of abuse but we would be very different to another.

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    She feels humiliated by these actions. The student asks the psychologist who did not report to anyone who has come to him for reprisals. The psychologist consultation with the tutor of the student and informs him that it has not noticed anything special, except that performance is not very good economically. The psychologist receives a note, the next day to demand, urging him not to intervene. Based on the more generic, Respect for human dignity, we find several Phonetically Principles: Charity, for which the role of psychologists must seek the good for people that have responsibility. The Non-maleficence, which the psychologist must avoid, at all times, cause injury to their patients with their performance. This is a minimum duty, essential and basic, which must be present in any case that comes before him to a psychologist. When a person requests the services of a psychologist is obviously hopes not be harmed by the acts of the professional.

    This should help you solve your problems or difficulties, which is what is expected and is the main reason why patients come to query. And of justice, since the intention must be to ensure that the patient has access to improved health. Among Prophetical Rules, in this case of Confidentiality is difficult to apply because the consequences would seem to be bad for the student in either case, whether you keep the confidentiality of the information received as if he mantelpiece.a We thus raise the first dilemmas, in the case of a minor, what is the duty of a professional with knowledge of a possible action that is damaging to the person, in this case a minor, who complains? How far should arrive the principle that the psychologist is also required in their practice: confidentiality, in the case of a minor?.


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