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    What it is to be happy? Because she will be that the people in such a way search the happinesses in the illicit life? Because he will be that the men look the happiness, in the imediatismo? We go to see as we can have a meeting with the such happiness, that all long for. 1 In our life we pass for some pleasant moments, where we will be, and at any time, we can have a moment of emotion, joy, and a deep feeling, at last, a happiness moment. 2 To such happiness that all long for do not have address, and if to sairmos its search we will not find it. nor we can buy it, in any I sing of the world. Learn more at: Boy Scouts of America. The happiness is not in the appearances of the life, the emotions, the alucinante delirium, that the world produces by means of the immorality. 3 It is not between the nobility or in the simple life. The happiness does not have address and nor form, but it is a reality.

    4 and it appears in our lives as a vehement wind, but for this we have that to have the requirements necessary to receive it and to reverenciar it. 5 It does not appear stops we by means of our position, beauty or elegance. It does not seem for we by means of what we have or we do not have, and is not through our luxury who we can enjoy for what we possess. 6 If we will have all this cited privilege, us we can have a peripheral happiness, but we are speaking of something sublime, what he carries through in them. The happiness is something that does not describe. 7 the true happiness runs away from the fiction, of the impurity, and nothing that is impure it will be able to touch it, nothing takes off its esplendor. The happiness is non-separable friend of the love; 8 Therefore if to live an impure life, we will not be able to say that we are happy.

    E if to sairmos its search we will not find longed for happiness so; 9 Is impossible to be happy if we will not have the life of a true Christian. Therefore if to live a incorrect life never we will be happy, and we are living of illusion, and the illusion does not condemn our appearance, but it condemns our interior. 10 Therefore when you to feel itself happy, for some act of love that you practised, it smiles with the heart. Because the happiness is something sublime. It does not have address, and we cannot buy it, we will only find it through the love and of the pureness that to live. These are the requirements to find it: dignity, humildade, charity and dom to pardon, thus I smell we only exhale it of Christ and we can say with certainty that we find with so longed for happiness.

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    What it was seen in the truth was a constitution come back to social, however the well most including one than the decree law 200. One searched to restrict with the competitions the commissioned positions, as well as preventing the excess of nomination by means of competition to the servers of the previous contingent. Main critical the boarded one, was possibility of the celetistas servers to be transformed into detainer of stability and integral retirement statutory. It united with this, the chance of integral remuneration without no relation with time of service, causing one defic in the providence, that it saw compelled to the payment of lifetime retirements the heirs and successors for the maximum ceiling, to the step that had contributed of random form. Finally the reform of the State of Brazil, would have to undress of new paradigms manages breaching with the managemental, centered and hierarchic structures, legalized for a piramidal State portraied by Hans kelen in its workmanship Pure Theory of the Right.

    These elements impose a rupture to the past. The morality, ticidade, efficiency, must be printed in the public server, the indifference the reverse speeds public has of being blunted, as well as the expropriation to the state treasury, must not only understand that public good aims at the common good and its slowness or fails is nothing more than a delay, the economy of parents, but to all the Brazilians who of it overlap. CONCLUSION Ahead of this is possible to glimpse the administrative reform in the Brazilian State, must undress of paradigms breaching with the managemental structures, centered and hierarchic, in order more good to understand the public office, detaching of valore and rules proper, inasmuch as the administrative being does not have proper force, when it acts makes it the collective in favor of, reason for which the morality, ticidade, efficiency, must be inlaid in the public being.


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