• General 21.06.2011 Comments Off on Road Safety Part Four

    In January 1959 Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council with the objectives of promoting the development of the Catholic faith, achieve moral renewal of Christian life church discipline adapted to the needs and methods of the present times and improve relations with other religions. From 1962 to 1965 he held four sections in 2650 involving bishops, and even then there is no other significant ecumenical council. What relationship did this event in three years with the phenomenon of traffic on public roads? I would transcribe the statement issued by the Holy See: "The profound and rapid transformation of life that needs urgently to ensure no one that, ignoring the trend of events or drugged by laziness, content himself with a merely individualistic morality. The duty of justice and charity meet increasing each contributing to the common good as one's own ability and the needs of others, promoting and helping the institutions and public and private, that serve to improve the living conditions of man … Not a few, with various frauds and deceptions, have no qualms about avoiding just taxes or other debts to society.

    Some underestimate certain rules of social life, for example, those relating to hygiene or the rules of traffic, without worrying that their carelessness endangers one's life and the lives of others. " As you clear the document Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road 2007, was called by truckers reasoned that carry goods long distances, and drivers of cars and buses, for tourists traveling by road in trains, by those responsible for traffic safety, responsible for fuel distributors and restaurants of the road, etc. One of the key missions of the Catholic Church today is to report dangerous situations as they occur on public roads. But it is also the Church's mission to promote road safety education with joint responsibility with the state and society, stating that the school is the ideal, however, within the family, churches, clubs, associations, etc., are special elements to share this commitment.


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