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    For already long time, that the use of the systems of fuel injection, has widely displaced to the carburetors, at least, in the world of the automobiles. To read more click here: Boy Scouts of America. But it does not happen the same when we spoke of the vehicles of two wheels. We see a little in what each system of feeding consists, and discover realities and myths on the motorcycles to injection. In order to begin to describe the injection systems we can say, that it is a system of fuel supply for motors of internal combustion. The injection allows one better dosage of the fuel, thanks to the electronics and to diverse sensors a more homogenous mixture based on the needs of the conductor, and the environmental norms against the contamination can be obtained one more. The injection systems can be multi-point or monopoint.

    This is related to the amount of injectors that has the system, the monopoints has a unique injector for all the cylinders, whereas the multi-point one owns an injector for each cylinder of the motor. electronic calculators of injection (calls ECU or electronic counter measures) also handle part of the ignition in the process of the combustion; in addition they have a map of injection for all the conditions of use and power setting, allowing for improving the yield and consumption in all any circumstance. The first passages of the injection occurred in 1980, the first system in being used went the indirect injection, which consists in realising the injection of the fuel in the induction manifold; in the later years it arose, the direct injection, which consists to inject the fuel within the combustion chamber. This last system more is adapted for the reduction of the fuel consumption. Before happening to the carburetors, we speak of the sounding lambda, which is part of the injection system. .


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