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    When cooking any dish of sweet, pastry necessarily have to deal with the sugar. Its cooked in various ways: to get more liquid or thicker syrup, add into the cream sauce, or jewelry with desertov.Rabota Chocolate is also an integral part of cooking sweet masterpiece. Chocolate melted in a dry container in a water bath, you can also use the microwave for this purpose. Then poured it on a flat surface and leave to cool, then rolled up into tubes. With the right course, chocolate does not get too dry, it becomes elastic, and from it we can perform various special dough baked .Iz flowers, tubes, ribbons that decorate desserts. This kind of test – sparsely, easily poured on baking sheet with a thin layer. The oven keeps the dough is just a few minutes and then rolled up from his various figures. Dough obtained .

    marzipan mass is used for jewelry the most. But can it and prepare ourselves from ground blanched almonds, cooked in sugar sirope.Chtoby please even the gourmet, on a plate with dessert both must be something juicy, something soft and something crunchy. Perfect example is the apple pie, served still warm with a scoop of ice cream and small roasted nuts. In this juicy pie, soft, gentle ice cream and crunchy roasted nuts – the right track, in which each component emphasizes the features of other sostavlyayuschih.Osoby charm attached to a combination of contrasting ingredients such as whipped cream with a light juicy fruit, the warm cake and cold sorbet, custard and sauce kislinkoy.I easiest dessert looks impressive, if before you put the cream on a plate, sprinkle it with vanilla, cream, chocolate sauce or puree. A cake decorated with fresh strawberries, pineapple, on the parfait put some candied rose petals, mint. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon and nuts. And doubtless duo ice cream is – crispy tubule or cookies.


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