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    Lower risk of heart I got the water to help but with little success, so I gather the Chinese make these exclusive inflatable young professionals Circus acrobats from Beijing and the kids certainly are targeting them with weapons to laugh in the picture . To make matters worse, while they failed in their attempts in the armpit of tens of bubbles emanating crocodile, which showed the classic posterirmente puncture that was to claim at the toy store and learned to kick me out. Back to the umbrella, pull the lifeguards with contempt in the sand, the eldest son electronic dog look, I explain that is not a toy for the beach, it continues as if no one had spoken. Perfect, Achaeans be so great influence over my children and what devotion to feel noticed me!. Wife trying to open remote control toy tummy, phillips screw impossible to move, get key, broken key, put another key (the key was broken in my closet so nobody was bad blood) between the dog to specify in more remote total 8 AAA batteries and battery 9volts. That day I remembered years ago my father took me Tristan Narvaja Fair to buy a pet and decided on a canary. The bird was a beautiful yellow color and cost only a hundred pesos, the problem was that the cage was worth in 1500. It was clear that the landlord actually spent to build and sell cages based on the elementary principle of logic: What self-respecting human being "normal" would ever buy a canary and take it in hand? Then it became clear that the inventor of robot dogs making fortunes, but manufactured batteries.


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