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    Summer – it's not only time of holidays and villas, but also the time of pleasant surprises! Vsevobmen.ru service becomes even more functional in its new summer release! Two major acquisitions of our users can not please: Service begins its collaboration with the charitable foundation "Sophia." Now you can donate items directly to the fund – so they will soon have those they really need. We will offer a brand new service exchange items – Rent it! This is a fresh idea that will appreciate in towns, and villages. Give her things to rent for the summer or vice versa rent a car, lawn mower or harvester! Thus, all the more ideas and participants in the system vsevobmen.ru! Do not just give and change, but also send things to a charity foundation Sofia to participate in the news, rapid surveys! For nearly two years of development, the system becomes very busy the service! This is good – this is for you, our visitors and customers! Talk more about the possibilities of things to give the benefit of the fund Sofia. Regional Charitable Foundation for Assistance to a person, society, culture, 'Sofia' was founded in 1999, registered 03.04.2000 (registration number 13 278). City Charitable Council of the Government of Moscow on 23 December 2004. The Foundation's mission – is to help our neighbor, spiritual search for the origins of society, their rebirth and communion with him. The system of "All in exchange" in the first place, places demands on the material needs of the Fund in the system – it's targeted assistance on various programs – veterans, the disabled, large families. Secondly, placing the item as a gift in the system "All in exchange", any user can check the box that it was addressed to a charity foundation. Why drag something to the collection point, if the employee stock directly through the internet will say – there is a need to fund this gift, or thing is not needed. Service vsevobmen.ru happy to help and the Fund of Sofia, and users (from the Moscow region) making this world a little better and find new things caring owners. So we are waiting for you in our system and look forward to your good deeds!


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