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    It is possible to spend much time looking for ways to be happy. There are many books that explain how to get it somehow. Or at least tell you about some things you can do to live better. However, it is possible to read all the books and pamphlets of the subject and still not achieve satisfaction. In fact many people end up disappointed.

    They spend hours and hours, maybe days, months or years trying to find a formula. But I do not find it. And is not that all these texts do not explain anything valuable. On the contrary, they have some good ideas. Note that were written by people who knew what they were doing, at least part of them. It is true that the advice they offer should help to better utilize this accident called life. So why not work? Reading books is not the only one who can fail to be happy. Any one of us knows at least someone very wise.

    Someone very wise but can not be happy. Never mind then ideas, advice and knowledge. It seems something is missing without which nothing More can deliver. And that something is called "consequence." Without this component no matter how much you know or how many good ideas you have. It is possible that with all that you know you'd be even happier than I've ever proposed. But without being consistent with everything you know, do not expect anything. The inconsistency is an evil which must be fought because it keeps you happy. And do you see as though you have everything you need. Because if you do what you have in mind nothing will suffice. To be consistent is not enough that you have great ideas. You have to implement them. That's the only way a good idea or a good advice take effect. There is no other way. Enough to find magic recipes. You can still text text wandering life. But you will not find anything like that. What you do is you know exactly what to do. Already have enough theory, now apply it. Mentally not fail but neither succeeds. So from now on is to perform each of the things you've learned. No matter what area of your life. It serves both for the business for relationship and everything else. It's simple: it works. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.


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