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    The metrics that say something about the quality of traffic laws is not solid to apply universally to each website. Sometimes a long-term stay in a website is a good sign, for example, a blog that has very long articles. But when the time is very high in an e-commerce website could be a clear signal that visitors can not find what you are looking for. The same would happen with other metrics such as rebound and return visitors. It would surprise no means to say that this is critical for applications using Web analytics so you can measure and monitor the metrics we have mentioned. The choice of the software in question will depend on our objectives, demands and experience in web analytics. But the metrics mentioned above can be fully discussed with free applications like Google Analytics web analytics, Yahoo Index Tools and Microsoft AdCenter Analytics. (Pay: Urchin, Omniture, Coremetrics, Xiti, etc.

    ..) Educating the Client Client Was clear enough to indicate their goals for the SEO strategy? It's our job to communicate to you what keywords will produce the best results, not the best rankings. We should not forget the customer the main challenge of SEO, which is not far to reach the top of the ranking for certain keywords. There are more important metrics when analyzing the success of an SEO campaign. Educate the client in the right direction as far as we can. Can be quite a difficult concept for some of them since the rankings are often the best resource to brag. But once we have convinced the low vacuum contribution and leads the rankings work, we are free to pull the list of rankings overboard once and for all and do it our way to achieve real success in SEO. We then analyze the things that really matter like the traffic quality and above all, the conversion rate or ratio. What good old days when we could say we did our job pitching rankings reports each month and informing the customer of all the variations obtained.

    But that, unfortunately it does not help the day run … Today we must also be able to show the customer a positive return on your investment in SEO, or will not do our job properly. What matters is the ROI What is the value rankings of search results if you do not convert? The ROI on SEO can be defined as the benefit we get for every dollar invested in generating traffic for a period of time. We use ROI to conduct a feasibility analysis of various campaigns and optimization efforts are being made and also allows us to measure their success or adapt actions based on the results. We must focus all efforts on measuring the return on investment (ROI) through metrics that we provide the fastest, clear and simple information. Achieving a good feedback on the quality of traffic and conversion rate but interpreted with caution and not lose the north of our strategy. We must be concerned in creating friendly and simple websites designed to achieve higher conversions through web optimization techniques. As search engines are trying to return relevant results to the user, we are obliged to make our content and designs are sufficiently relevant to make the conversion. The ranking may be too soon to stop the meter to provide us with increased reliability and confidence because … What is the value appearing at the top of Google for a high traffic keyword, if we do not bring results in terms of profitability?


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