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    This research work was conducted on a total of 97 infertile couples attending the outpatient clinic of the Hospital of the North Central city of Chiclayo, Essalud dependent during the months of January to December of 1988. The objective was to determine which is the incidence of male factor as a cause of infertility, through the assessment of the semen. According to Kidney Foundation, who has experience with these questions. For its implementation, was used to file the aforementioned statistical Hospital where medical records were obtained relevant to couples whose husbands semen analysis was performed on, for which purpose we applied a research sheet for in this way data that was in our interest, which in the end after being examined, recorded, tabulated, discussed and distributed in two-dimensional tables, allowed us to obtain the following conclusions.

    1.-It is clear a high frequency of use of the semen within the research causes of sterility, which is reflected in the 80.41% of the stories studied 2.-The age group most consulting for this problem was between 20 and 35, which ultimately formed the 3.-80 955 29.4% Clinical records lacked information on the trade, occupation or profession of male patients, while among those who recorded this information if, drivers and mechanics were the most affected with 41% 4.-The recommended period of sexual abstinence and was used by patients is that covering a period of 4 to 5 days 5.-In 98% of the patients studied, the method of obtaining the sample for the performance of the semen was the Auto Masturbation. 6.-Of the total of our learned, it was found that 78.2% of the samples were normo sperm, while on the other 18% showed some degree of oligospermia 7.-In 73% of the patients studied it was determined that Motility had an acceptable, allowing to consider them as fertile 8.-In 91% of the samples could conclude that they had a normal morphology 9.-in 3.9% of the samples had reached the conclusion that positive immune response

    10-The 14.1% of the samples studied presented Piospermia 11-Al 97.5% of the samples underwent a plutonium seminal biochemistry, for various reasons, in most cases that the physician did not request and in others by that by that time the laboratory did not have the reagents for conducting the trials 12-The impact of male factor as a cause of sterility in married couples in the North Central Hospital a Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjoa Essalud of Chiclayo, by titration with the semen analysis was 21.8% 13-The 39.8% of patients received treatment in gynecology so that considered pertinent to the specialist, while the rest were referred to the andrology service 14-In the conduct of the semen, seminal biochemical Dosage should be, since in 97.5% of cases did not undergo the above dosage is of extreme importance it was associated with sperm motility and survival.


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