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    Countess Cosel, once the most beautiful and adored mistress of Augustus the strong, will lose their status and their freedom. BSA will not settle for partial explanations. We write the year 1716. It is a cold and Misty Mr. The Sun has no chance to break through the cloudy sky over Saxony and to look clear on the small stage, which takes their way by the Saxon Nossen towards the Burg Stolpen, located by Dresden. If the Sun would get their chance, she would discover a beautiful and proud woman inside the carriage.

    It reads a little book and pays tribute to the escort of her carriage no look. Her companions are also quiet and introspective. The men are armed. And they have an order from which the lovely lady seems unaware. You knows the world of men and the power and has can use in their previous lives their intelligence and beauty to their own advantage. And she was sure of many years of love of the most influential man in Saxony, Germany. She had the strong, the Saxon August Elector, on a ball hit and he had fell from the first moment in it. And she was so sure that their influence on the art-loving, but also prunksuchtigen ruler, would hold long.

    After all, she had secured itself never call mistress let and their claim to power by a written promise of marriage from August felt. Born as Anna Constantia of Brockdorff she is raised in February 1706 by the emperor as Anna Constantia of Cosel reichsgraf. The path to power at the side of the strong August seemed prepared. Not everyone at the Court of Saxony liked her, even if her beauty twisted his head almost every man. She had felt always as Queen and so traded. She wanted to never admit it, that their environment saw her just as the King’s mistress. Maybe she should have not so actively involved in the politics of their King, is that with certain ministers to give a better, even if she thought was their execution of duties very miserable. Maybe the love of August would then not so quickly dispelled. And probably would not sit on it then also in this carriage. The horses have a hard go up to the gate of the castle which now lies before them. She has heard of the Burg Stolpen, although she was still not here before. At its time, there were very many castles and fortresses in Saxony, which was August the strong and his court for a variety of occasions and purposes. Crafin Cosel appear the courtyard in the fog sees and hears the gate is closing. She wants to stay white, that she don’t like this place, and not long. But she still not suspects that she will spend the remaining 49 years of her life as a prisoner on this castle.


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