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    The search for the survival brings Julio and its family for this way that all trod many hours before the dawn. Although not to play more ball, although more not to sing and of its eyes more not shining, in the heart of this child still has hope, Julio still dreams After three hours of walked the sun start to be born, the children despertam of its souvenirs and observe the sun to awake and inside feel of itself the heart to beat a bit faster during prece quiet that they make each one of itself inside, for a better life and force to support what it comes to follow, plus one day, but a time the way arrives at the end, is welcome to ' ' Cinza&#039 hell; ' as more it is known. I capitulate 2 Reality The landscape it moves drastically in the end of the way, the red land and the breeze morna that it raised lightly the dust of the road had been substituted by the black dust that formed a folder hardened in the soil and for the smoke that intoxicava the pulmes if the least was not used a t-shirt moored to the neck as protection, in this space had small done adobe large cabins with format of iglus, these large cabins left much smoke, had black dust and black rocks in all place, as well as children also and they did not play. In the end of the way she had a coal bunker, and the children were coal dealers, all used the same black uniforms, dust composites, sweat, tears and dreams. All walked with the low eyes, and were victims of two observers. The first one was Landmarks the owner of the coal bunker, it observed those children intently, its employees if thus it could call them, therefore they earned so little, it if she considered a genius for having arranged a hand of so cheap workmanship, felt penalty of those children it found that until job arrived to practise the charity giving they.


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