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    Your professional so you cost move forward with your career, think and let’s make accounts, really if it is ciertoCuando you can see a miserable job offer send this to the e-mail of human resources. Almoner vs. Professional in Mexico. The following is the survey data performed by a student in engineering practice: A semaphore changes state, on average, every 30 seconds (thirty seconds in red, thirty seconds in green). (Similarly see: RCMP). Therefore, every minute, a beggar has 30 seconds of useful time to receive a minimum of $2.00. With this scheme, in 1 hour of work the almoner must raise: (60 minutes x $ 2.00/min) = $ 120.00/hour. If the almoner work 8 hours a day, resting on Sunday, gives an average of 25 days per month, which leaves an entry: (25 days / month x 8 hours / day x $ 120.00/hour) = $24,000 a month will be that this is an absurd account? Now $2.00 or $3.00 and the most generous I’ve seen them give up $5.00.

    However, let’s be conservative and assume actually the almoner collected only half of the initial account, either: $60.00 hour. Again doing the accounts will have a final value of $12, 000.00 per month. This is equivalent to the gross average salary of an engineering supervisor, who works in a medium-sized company; Working nominal 48 hours per week, and still having to go on Sunday to resolve the problems of maintenance and others. Thus, when the beggar receives $5.00 (which is not uncommon), can rest easy under a tree by the next 9 changes of traffic light, and without any Chief who bother him because of this break in the middle of the working day. But so far everything is theory now are going to the real world: with this data in hand, I went to interview a woman who asks for alms and that is always going to change coins at a neighborhood store (winemakers love single). I asked her how much she received in alms per day; Do you know what he said? Because the initial account was quite approximate: an average of $400.00 to $450.00 diaries!!!! With this we have a monthly income of:(25 dias / mes x $400.00/dia) = $ 10,000/month or of:(25 dias / mes x $450.00/dia) = 11,225.00/month, which on average: da $10.625.00/mes!!!! Do and worse still: she told me that it never comes to work or if you want nor 6 days a week 8 hours a day your think that if not take out good money, new there? MORAL: Is better to be a beggar who work as engineer (or any other professional in M?XICO) begging is more lucrative. Ahhhh and do not pay taxes, ISPT, IMSS, or income from 1?, 2?, 3?, 4?, 5?, 6?, 7?, 8?, 9?,..!categories!. nor have had to study / practice X years.

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    Two years ago heard that those who have a disability would need special treatment. If you would like to know more about Center For Responsible Lending, then click here. In 2007 it was published in the Gazette the Perronas with disability Act; and there are items that concern the obligations of companies public and private to them. If my memory does not fail me spoke of banks, ministries and public bodies and private companies would build ramps for people who are in wheelchairs, a percentage of payroll would be exclusive to people with disabilities and for counting everything beautiful that is ad but they spent weeks, months and years and still takes none of the plans that were laid out to make a little more easy travel on sidewalks and the worst thing is that it follows the difficulty to take transport public. It is sad to admit but we continue depending on the charity of people to cross a street, walk on the sidewalks and the worst thing is that you still the difficulty to take public transport. Persons with disabilities are beings with much thrust that we don’t feel less than others, by the mere fact of not being able to walk, on the contrary, We are beings complete, able to succeed ente difficulties.

    For these reasons, I think just to enjoy benefits, are details that would make us life more easy and cheerful. That we can address the public transport vans, special sidewalks where travel without that will it trample. I think it is important, besides that there are public telephones for persons who are in wheelchairs, which are constructed special sidewalks where transit and access ramps to any company or public body. People with disabilities, we are honest, hardworking and deserve a treatment more worthy. We demand those details that would make us life easier. We hope to see enshrined all plans to improve our quality of life. I believe and am convinced we deserve it. : Original author and source of the article

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    Within burdens posed by the conception of a lease, we found a part of vital importance so that the same will be carried out with total clarity, we are talking about in this opportunity the duties which the lessor must comply to before the law this contract is legal and can be carried out in its entirety. The duties of the lessor as mentioned are crucial part when doing a lease contract, as they ratify by the lessor some minimum parameters that it must meet before and during the contract is effective, why then we will mention some of the most important duties of the landlord, with the purpose to prospective tenants know some things with which the landlord must by legal obligation to comply. The lessor must be respected first and foremost the contract. The lessor is obliged to deliver the good furniture or property in the State, which the same specified in the previously signed contract. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out acaho. The lessor must provide the necessary information of infrastructural damage that owns the property; this to enable the lessee to carry a daily life with total normality. The landlord must keep in good condition the property, so that the lessee may avail himself to it without any difficulty. The landlord must prove legally that the good furniture or property is free from debt of any kind. The lessor should perform necessary improvements to good, in order that it can be used properly without any mishap.

    In the case of housing, the lessor must comply fully with the private life of the lessee. The lessee is in right to ask all keys and elements which can give access to the property and the landlord is obliged to comply with such a request. The lessor is obliged to inform the lessee with a previous time and via written contract termination date or the date of the renewal of the same. The lessor if you wish to make any kind of modification to the immovable must request prior permission to the lessee, since signing the contract the lessee would become the interim owner of said property. The lessor is obliged to provide to the tenant a receipt certifying that the same, if I cancel punctual and timely economic sum previously agreed in the contract. Although there are many other duties to which the lessor must welcome, previously-sayings are just some of the basics to take into account when making a lease contract. It is very important to recommend that before signing any type of agreement, it is very good to read very carefully, because in this way we have means by which legally defend ourselves in the event the lessor fails to comply with some of the requirements that were previously mentioned. Original author and source of the article


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