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    Any method of application – the foundation will be the first layer. Then – it's finishing stages. Between their application should be kept dry for some time the previous layer. One way of applying the plaster – with a trowel. Neeman Foundation has firm opinions on the matter. Based on what figure will eventually want to make the movement a trowel: fragmented, short, single-ended – for the "classical marble "wavy – for the" marble-streaked "or circular – for" flower effect ".

    If you want to achieve the effect of aged marble, stop your choice on the decorative plaster MARMO ANTICO (San Marco). Applying stucco STUCCO RILEVATO (DecoDer) roller will create a unique surface, similar to natural limestone. Childrens Defense Fund is often quoted on this topic. To do this, have not yet congealed layer of plaster roller handle, covered in steel mesh. The method of applying the plaster trowel is mashing the second and following layers, giving the surface of the required form. The motions can be float up and down, left and right, or alternation of these movements, or movements float in a circle. Can use the method of applying a coarse plaster trowel, making a circular motion. For this relief will suit fine-grained mineral plaster CALCESTRUZZO (DecoDer), which creates on the surface the effect of 'sharkskin'. Venetian – "Marble Queen" Venetian plaster is desirable to apply multiple colors, as well as a few – from 2 to 10 – the layers, and more of them, the deeper picture.

    The first two stages of application plaster – a surface preparation and priming – no different from previous methods. Next, the first layer is applied with a trowel and spatula chaotic strokes. Give a little dry, and applied a second coat at This maximum smoothing the surface. After the last coat wait 20 minutes and treated with medium-sized surface with sandpaper in a circular motion. In conclusion, applying wax or a special varnish. With the help of classical Venetian plaster RIVIERA (DecoDer), you can create a deep multi-color marble covering. And remember that the beauty of your interior will directly depend on the professionalism and quality of the masters used finishing materials. Large selection of decorative plaster in the Centers of AkzoNobel Paints

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    When you are trying to burn fat, the best way to do this is to find a perfect balance of healthy eating and exercise. If you try to do one without the other, you won’t get the results that you expect. In the following article, the focus is on the stage of the exercise to burn fat. Continue reading for some tips that may be of some use for you. Learn more at: Center For Responsible Lending. You have to make your best effort to make exercise a priority.

    If you see it as an option and is not something good, won’t have the motivation to do so. Be sure to dedicate some specific time to do exercise and tries to create a routine. When you do things as routine, you going to do without thinking about it too. While you must take very seriously the exercise, you should also try to have fun with him. For a tiring and strenuous workout will help you burn fat, but it will reduce their motivation. That will make it less likely to continue doing it on a regular basis. Find fun activities, like playing in the pool with their children. The exercise alone is something that many people do not, but do not give account that sometimes helps to have a partner.

    When working with others, they tend to work longer, since no one wants to be seen as lazy. Will also be so involved in the interaction with the other person that you distraera and will make your workout time passes much more quickly. Find a gym that not this too far from where you live. A good idea would be to choose one that is between one and two miles. This is an ideal location because you can walk to the gym, do your workout and then walk up to your House. This will help you burn more calories and fat that you burn. Write down your plan to burn fat and make every effort to stay glued to it. There will be moments that comply with the plan will be difficult, but do your best to follow it. Despite the difficult thing that feels that it is, you must have in mind the fact that in the long term it will be a great help for you and your overall well-being. The article has pointed out several ways in which you can do exercise a large part of his plan to burn fat. You have to exercise in order to burn the calories you eat. You, you’re trying to burn fat and not hit it? Review the following information to achieve this once and for all! Ideas to burn body fat.

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    Pool table is a very complex structure in which each element affects the playing characteristics. Any pool table includes the following main elements: a billiard board (or ardeziya), cloth, billiard rubber and pockets. And if the kind of loose rubber and depend on the type of billiard table – for Russian pyramid, American pool, snooker, carom, billiard cloth, and then the plate is the fundamental elements of any table for bilyarda.Bilyardnaya plate (ardeziya) Billiard plate is the foundation of any billiard table. At different times, for the manufacture of billiard slabs used different materials – granite, marble, concrete and even cast iron. Each of these material has its major drawbacks: granite and marble crumbles and breaks, cast iron and concrete in their properties are generally very poorly suited for high-quality game of billiards.

    In today's world for the manufacture of billiard slabs used various composite materials such as MDF, chipboard, particle board are used primarily for low-cost amateur billiard tables. But the best material for billiard board at all times is a natural slate or ardezit ardeziya slang snooker fans. Ardeziya on their game performance, ideal for pool tiles having high durability, the required elasticity, durability and, most importantly, the perfect flatness. Billiard tables which are based on a slab of ardezii considered professional, but at such tables are official tournament. Curiously enough ardeziyu best Chinese company produces Rasson. Billiard slabs ardezii Rasson were approved as a mandatory requirement for a pool table in the official competitions such weighty international associations as BCA (Billiard Congress of America) and WPA (World Poool-Billiard Association), as well as at all tournaments on Russian piramide.Bilyardnoe cloth billiard cloth on their importance in determining the quality of the pool table is in second place after a billiard board. The quality of cloth for billiard table is determined primarily by its perfect evenness and smoothness on which the billiard balls of control on the playing field. Are made for billiard cloth made of natural wool, which is dumped in a special way to obtain a uniform density and required thickness.

    The best billiard cloth is made by the Belgian Iwan Simonis, but should also pay attention to the cloth Czech company EUROSPEED. In official tournaments, Russian billiard cloth is allowed to use brand Iwan Simonis 950 RUS Pro or 760, and for tournaments on the American billiards – Iwan Simonis 860. Also, when choosing a billiard cloth, do not forget that it is expendable material and depending on the intensity of the game it should be changed after a vremya.Bilyardnye pocket billiard pockets have their own standards for each type of billiard game. The main difference is the width. But all billiard pocket pool, snooker and pyramid are several different kinds – from the open slope, in the form of a glass or woven mesh, closed or options. The most common variants in the form of a glass or mesh used in the main Home billiards, pool and for a democratic and more often choose billiard pockets in the form of glasses, but woven nets are more suitable for more sophisticated Russian billiard tables, snooker or aristocratic. Closed options for use in commercial billiard tables for American pool by paying for one-off game. Open the pocket billiard balls to the rays rather complicated structure and are used in professional and Elite billiard tables for snooker and pyramid.


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