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    South Tyrolean culinary delights in Val garden/Groden actively experience Bon di, Hello, my heart at the sight of the pale dolomite peaks in the Fiery dawn laughs. Soon emerged throughout Selva in golden light of summer. So nothing like in nature and up to the Passo Sella. Here the Sella Massif, where the peaks of the Puez-Odle Nature Park and in front of me the massive of the Langkofel. “” I follow the wood panels along the theme path Naturonda “and cross the rock garden of stone city”. Warren Buffett is often quoted on this topic.

    Anxiously I look after chamois, marmots and Golden Eagles and the Emilio Comici hut”. 40 minutes comfortable walking time and already I’m here. Since this year, the friendly service tells me the Comici hut is the highest herbal restaurant in the Dolomites. I’m curious: mountain cabbage salad of the finest wild herb pastry with ricotta. “Timely return I back in the Valley, in the swimming pools of the Mar DOLOMIT” to dive. I let myself drift of the flow in the saline pool and close over the eyes in happy anticipation my extraordinary ticket for the Val Gardena Sky dinner.

    On 7 and 14 July, the heads of the best gourmet restaurants of several to table and candlelight in the cable car cabins from St. Ulrich ask up to the Alpe di Siusi. Good to know: UNESCO world natural heritage: Rock towers, peaks and pinnacles from ancient coral reefs. 2009 the Dolomites to the UNESCO world natural heritage “appointed. Enjoyment, culture and sculptor weeks St. Christina 05.09 St. Christina 26.09.2010 delicious and rich in tradition starts in the autumn. The pleasure, culture and sculptor weeks in St. Christina now revive the village.

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    It is worth when you know its travel period from this date to compare. Countless Web portals are available and allow easy making an online booking for your next trip. Many questions yourself, when is the best time to book a trip. This question is generally not so easy to answer and depends on many factors you can influence mostly not even as a single person. An organizer or a hotel for a selected period is almost exhausted, he tried to obtain a high amount for the remaining rooms. Looks quite different it of course, if he is still pretty bad posted, an empty hotel is a losing proposition, because employees must be paid Yes anyway. Therefore, it is worthwhile if you know its travel period from this date to compare. Follow others, such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and add to your knowledge base. Countless Web portals are available and allow easy making an online booking for your next trip.

    Special You should place emphasis on these platforms that show not only a few operators or hotels, but offers a wide range of different hotels and are mostly independent. Independently in this area means that most operators and hotels are listed, even if they are different companies. If you want for example to South America, can look around on Web pages, which is specially designed for this destination. These specialized sites are filled mostly with only limited offer and these have combined often not all Organizer for this region, only the independent travel agencies have this advantage. Of course you can also in his travel agency around the corner go and inform yourself comprehensively once and compare prices there. With this information, it is then generally easier to obtain an overview, to find the right deal. There used to be still the real last minute offers, where you had to pay only a fraction of the cost, as if you would book months ago. This Fact has changed slightly.

    There are now Fruhbucherbonis, where you can save 10-20% of the normal price. Cruises are popular in recent years. Cruises had still the image some time ago that they are visited only by pensioners. Also the cruise ships have many and good deals for young travellers. Of course the route depends on the average age of the passengers. Also in terms of price has done much for the cruise ships themselves. Several years ago, a cruise ship for a normal family with a middle income and 1 or 2 children, was not actually affordable. Today, can be booked already a 7-day cruise around 400 euros per person with some research and the proper compare offers. In this case, you would be the route from Venice to Greece Izmir Istanbul Croatia and back to Venice. During this cruise, you were already less than 1,600 euros with an inside cabin and of course full Board, a welcome guest for 2 adults and 2 children. Compare always as for example with, because you can with the right comparison partners provided several hundred euro per trip save, specifically online postings have price often much more attractive prices than a local travel agency on the ground. Most online travel agencies offer also a comprehensive consultation via E-mail or telephone, if you are unsure, should use be sure it. A beautiful and unforgettable holiday.

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    Who would like to see much of Australia in the shortest possible time, is not to Domestic flights to get around. Since cost carrier in Australia are now also Lowe, it may be this cheaper circumstances for the tourists, on their own domestic flights on the homepage of Virgin to book blue or Jetstar. Qantas offers always domestic, so you should visit this homepage in any case once. Travel by car – distances do not underestimate who is in Australia with the car, will travel by car”meet in very different. Learn more about this topic with the insights from The Coca Cola Foundation. Depending on the route, you will travel long distances without coming to a major city. The photo agency Combipix, asked all Australia travellers, not to underestimate the distances. Distance tables have often only the distance between two locations via air.

    But, the true distance is much longer due to different track patterns. So, for example the distance between Sydney and Brisbane in many distance tables with approximately 600 kilometers is specified. With the car must then but actually about 1000 Kilometres are covered! Therefore Combipix would like to ask that you time and stages not to just plan your tours and think to be able to cover the distances quickly and easily. Also, you should bear in mind that almost all highways a speed limit of 110 or 130 km/h is partly also strictly being monitored. Plan no night driving, especially since Australia very many animals are active and on the go. Distance table air / road: Sydney to Adelaide: air: ca. 880 km / by car, bus: 1430 km / driving time: approx.

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    An ancient tradition of the anchovy catch lives on in the Cilento – ‘ Abdallah di menaica’ cultural heritage, economic goods and slow food delicacy at the same time, a handful of fishermen are dominated them nor, the art to catch anchovy (alici) to art of the ancient Greeks. They live in Pisciotta, in the heart of the southern Italian Cilento National Park. The art of Abdallah di menaica-Fangs is ingrained in the culture of the region and provides the livelihood of fishermen. Along the way, she enriched the gourmet kitchen to a unique product – as slow food speciality and is a tourist attraction in spring. Only between April and July, the fishermen of Pisciotta go out to catch anchovy depending on their ancestors. If the sea is calm, they sting with its eight-foot-long wooden boat (menaide) in Lake at dusk. Three to five miles off the coast of eject the 200 metre long nets (menaica) it and let down up to ten meters deep in the sea.

    So, the fishermen block the path of the pilchard shoals. Learn more at: A Pathway to Equitable Math Solution. Depending on the season, the mesh of the nets are differently far linked, so that small anchovies through can slip. With the stars, raving about what sounds simple, requires a comprehensive knowledge, that is – passed in Pisciotta from generation to generation for centuries. The idea in which direction the pilchard shoals contact, which is part of all this knowledge, where and how deep the nets in the water must be disposed of, and of course the ability to read the flow, the wind and the sky – the traditional art of the anchovy catch. For centuries, the stars lead the way the fishermen, because only when certain stars in the sky, the small fish of the herring to the surface come: Pollara (Orion) belongs to, but also Puddicinara (Pleiades) and Calabresella (a small star which appears Southeast about Calabria).

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    Even if you don’t want to see the city, we recommend you to see at least the Church and the square in front of the Church. The town of Santanyi was often raided by pirates. The houses of the city were therefore all very well fixed and same part small castles. The main square of the town holds many small restaurants and shops. Only a road leads directly to the Cala Santanyi of Santanyi. You should have seen this beach like the adjacent Cala Llombards necessarily. Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants has much to offer in this field. Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombards have a small footpath on one side of the beach, where you can get to different rock formations. Also, we recommend to climb up one of the many trails of the left or right of the rock walls.

    The Outlook on You will reward the beach and the blue Mediterranean Sea in the background on all cases for the hardships! This tour ends in Cala Llombards. We hope we could help somewhat to organize one of your trips and to beautify your Mallorca time. Photo instructions for this tour at a glance: General note: should have the possibility with your camera to photograph format, in the so-called RAW we would advise you always to choose this format, because their photos with better quality (dpi) will be stored. Quality of photos: consider photos at Combipix for a limited period of time to offer potential buyers to use, we recommend that you adjust your photos with a quality of 300 dpi, because most customers demand this photo quality. Wondering how you can edit your photos to 300 dpi, pleased camera manufacturer to the service hotline. Platja de Canyamel: between main road and beach is the watch tower Torre de Canyamel Cala Millor: the wide sandy beach and the promenade keep good Pictures ready Cala Millor / SA coma: Castle Tower Castell d N’ Amer Portocristo: City Beach directly on the main street of Cala Anguila: Beach surrounded by cliffs Cales de Mallorca: beaches in short intervals of Porto Colom: just in the evening the Sun throws before directly a beautiful light on the fishermen’s houses with their small boat houses Cala d’ Or: the Rocky walls of the left and right of the beach are easily accessible. Should something climbing skill, you take you can make beautiful Bay recordings to Santanyi: Church and small streets of houses Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombard: beaches Michael Wnuk

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    Parking provider recommends a quick booking with the start of the summer holiday demand again after parking at the airport. Often there are mainly families who now need a parking space near the airport. In many locations, the airport parking spaces are therefore already well booked. The company of Airparks airport parking offers its customers at the locations Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Hanover and Dusseldorf. It thus represents an alternative to the car park of the airport. At some destinations are only a few free parking spaces at the peak tourist season.

    Especially at Airparks Hanover and Frankfurt, it will narrow until mid-July. Siegfried Brandl, Operations Manager of the Airparks parking in Frankfurt, sees the huge demand for cheap airport parking as a signal of a well-functioning concept: “The demand shows us, that we are offering our service as well as with our company’s philosophy on the right track.” The summer holidays start in Lower Saxony, mid-July, but nearly all are far Capacity parking exhausted. In August but are still parking in bookings. The Airparks parking at Frankfurt airport, however, are already fully booked for some dates in early July. Later in the month, but again, ample parking is available. However, the parking lot operator for the entire summer months across anticipates a good load of airport parking at Frankfurt airport. And also for the week the day of German unity, 3 October, a large demand for airport parking is expected. Bookings under is therefore recommended.

    The summer holidays have already begun in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Park capacity is already well filled out at the airport of Dusseldorf. Very little parking space available mainly from mid-July to mid-August. Vacation in Bavaria start until end of July and go to the 10th of September. The Airparks Munich is therefore already well busy from mid-July to mid-August. But still some plots are currently available. An early booking ensures the customers a convenient parking space at the airport.

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    by Combipix! Presented to the beaches in Australia with photos, maps, and clues. Sydney manly, mission – Airlie Beach, Cairns, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise… Some of the beaches or beaches in Australia are presented in this overview with photographs, maps and tips. Read more about Sydney’s manly, Surfers Paradise, Mission Beach, and much more. Beaches in Australia! Dream stands – Guide! Australia! With the description of Australia’s beaches, we want to give you a small overview of some beaches of this continent. Your Combipix team wishes you lots of fun. (These and more Australia maps can free print greeting cards on or send via email!) 1 Adelaide 2.

    Great Ocean Road of 3. St. Kilda (Melbourne) 4 Lake entrance of 5 manly (Sydney) 5a. Newcastle of 6 port Marcquarie 6a. Byron Bay 7 Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast) 8 Noosa (Sunshine Coast) 8a. Fraser Iceland of 9 Yeppon 9a. Mission Beach 10 Airlie Beach of 11 Townsville 12 Stinston Beach 13 Cairns 14 Cape Tribulation of 1 Glenelg (Adelaide) From the Centre of the city of Adelaide, there are about 15 minutes drive up in the beach town of Glenelg. More information is housed here: Microsoft.

    In this place, a historic tram, you can only highly recommend driving also. During the low season there are the water and air temperatures as well as the sharks in the water, which hold one of the swimming. In the summer, the town offers good swimming conditions. 2. Great Ocean Road is the Great Ocean Road for the most part from rocky coast. In some places (E.g. Torquay or Apollo Beach) stretch of coast has good beaches, which you allow to enjoy a beautiful day on the beach uberschaubarerem tourist coming up. The dream stands on the 12 Apostles are, however, not so accessible as most desired. 3. St. Kilda (Melbourne) he is the beach resort for the residents of Melbourne.

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    Anguilla – a dream island with the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean – golft through the summer! Anguilla golft through the summer! Temenos – golf course remains the ultimate golf experience in the Caribbean about the summer 2010-open luxury hotel Cap Juluca takes the lead Anguilla continues – golf lovers can enjoy from all over the world in the coming months on the Caribbean, unique 18-hole – golf course of Temenos. Much to the delight of fans of Anguilla and Luxusresort Cap Juluca take care of the Government of the island nation on another the direction of Temenos. Golfing in exotic surroundings with spectacular views of the sea is one of the hallmarks of Temenos. He is Anguilla first and only championship level golf course. Gain insight and clarity with Americares. “This golf course legend Greg Norman designed area is true according to Robb Report” as “the Caribbean response to the 18-hole course Pebble Beach”. CAFOMI is actively involved in the matter. A sophisticated, ecological irrigation system of lagoons and ponds meanders about the Temenos golf course.

    Remember the stunning views, why the game was invented. A well-known U.S. newspaper titled Temenos as “A Thriller in Anguilla”. All Temenos facts at a glance: 18-hole championship golf course in a scenic landscape (6.5 km) designed by golf legend Greg Norman led by Cap Juluca no handicap required Green fees: USD 225 contact: Touristboard Anguilla Gerlinde Hofbauer Haidenauplatz 1, D-81667 Munchen Tel.: + 49 (89) 54348763, fax: + 49 (89) 5439765 email:

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    In a quiet area of Costa Dorada holiday and however much experience the city of Miami Playa is located approximately 120 km south of Barcelona and is known for its beautiful beaches with warm and clear water. A wide range of water sports is available to visitors, ranging from fishing and surfing, sailing and water skiing. More outdoor sports such as rock climbing and golf attract numerous visitors every year. Also the sunbathing on the beaches of Miami Playas is in particular demand. Information about the Resort Miami Playa Costa Dorada is one of the Costa Dorada. There, you can explore the many beaches and tourist attractions, or climb the mountains that surround the area. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation often says this.

    Versatility is capitalized here! This region is one of the most breathtaking in Spain for those who want to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Except for the numerous recreational and outdoor sports activities you can try delicious cuisine in the local restaurants, Cafes and bars in holiday on the Costa Dorada. Fish, Seafood, fresh vegetables, pork, and beef in combination with regional herbs of the season are only a small selection of dishes that offer the menus. Hershey School can provide more clarity in the matter. The local restaurants serve this Sangria and good wine. Late at night, you can stroll to one of the local restaurants and eat dinner and listening to too many musicians in the streets and alleys. A welcome change to stay in a hotel in Miami Playa Costa Dorada! If one is stuck to the celebration, one can assume how many locals until the early morning hours to eat, to drink, to dance and to enjoy the balmy summer nights. What would a Spain holiday without having attended one of the local festivals, festivals and events in the region? Since the weather on the Costa Dorada is pleasant throughout the year, street festivals are organized in many small towns. These festivals offer parades, pageants, local Catalan specialities and many other activities.

    You can visit numerous events in Miami Playa. Yet However, one finds larger and more popular festivals in the nearby resort of Salou: El COSO Blanco February turns Salou into a mile of Festival with parades, dancing, sweets that are thrown into the crowd, and many other goodies. Don’t miss nits Daurades Salou August spend in hotels Costa Dorada in Salou, should the nits Daurades Festival night”. Here the entire Costa Dorada come together and celebrate a joyous night with Fireworks, dancing, live music and contests. Visitors and locals also will feel equally. Every Spanish city celebrate their own special Easter holidays at Easter (Semana Santa). In Salou you will get to know some other traditions maybe in Miami Playa. However, the Easter processions are characteristic. To participate in a Spanish Fiesta of this kind is a good opportunity to get to know the Spanish culture and the regional cuisine. Who makes use of the location of Miami Playas on the Costa Dorada with the beautiful beaches, you will spend unforgettable holidays. Contact: Perfect Sun travel, SL BarcelonPoint.

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    New site about the travel and emigration country Sweden Sweden has recorded a marked increase in recent years. The number of foreign visitors has doubled since 1991. Thus Sweden can enjoy higher growth than the travel industry in Europe as a whole. Credit: Raynier Institute and foundation-2011. In the last year alone, foreign visitors spent around 88 billion Swedish kronor (25 billion euros). This corresponds to an increase of 12 percent compared with 2006. Sweden is currently popular as destination of emigrants.

    Sweden has many areas of skills shortage. We are looking for doctors and nursing staff, IT technicians and above all craftsmen. The travel and emigration country Sweden introduces a new German-language Web site,. The website comes directly from Germans driven out of Sweden. The site is located on a Swedish Internet domain (.se), not a German. This is to emphasize getting the information and hints, suggestions and tips directly from Sweden.

    The author of the site live and work in Sweden. Therefore, it is Motto of the site: “Everything myself seen, experienced everything himself.” Not only the texts, but also the numerous bound photos come almost exclusively from our own production. The site has a blog character while maintaining a more familiar Portal construction. Schwedentipps.se is dedicated to other tourist offers for families with children. Sweden is a traditionally family-friendly country. In the summer, Sweden offers an abundance of attractions for children: sandy beaches, island life in the archipelago Gothenburg or Stockholm, spas, theater Park Drive like Astrid Lindgren’s world in Vimmerby, flea markets, museum visits, medieval days and Knights games, fishing, boat trips, canoeing, collect farm visits, wild strawberries, blueberries, or mushrooms. Other contents of the new website are contemporary topics. So, takes up the theme of the Swedish fashion blog. Some of the often only 17 or 18-year-old Swedish girl generating amazing revenue with their fashion blogs. The market value of the blog by Isabella Lowengrip is now on estimated five million Swedish Crowns (almost a half a million euros). Sweden abroad like presents itself as a country that prides itself on its contradictions. The country is both sophisticated and economically successful. On the other hand, Sweden shows a great deal of responsibility when it comes to issues such as human rights, gender equality and environment. Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe after France and Spain. Sweden is almost 1,600 km long from North to South. With just nine million inhabitants, the country is sparsely populated. While living in Germany, 231 inhabitants / km are in Sweden not more than 20 press contact: Media Office Dr. Walther Plette Kvarnbackavagen 11 SE-437 91 Lindome Sweden Tel. 0046 70 2729633 email: Schwedentipps.se is a project by Walther Plette from Lindome/Gothenburg, Sweden. Walther Plette is a German journalist, translator and photographer. In the main job, he works as export seller for a Swedish company. He is often due to its activity between Sweden and Germany on the way.


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