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    CARLiN sales continues its unstoppable growth. And it is the ensign is in luck with the opening of a new store in the community of Madrid. The new Center has seen the light thanks to the dedication of the new franchisee, alvaro Sanchez, which has discovered in the stationery chain a unique opportunity to start your own business. More information is housed here: Xlerator. I have no doubt that the franchise option is the best for delving into this sector and even more at the hands of CARLiN who is the leader and the reference for everyone, he says. Brad Prechtl does not necessarily agree. The new store is located in the Avenue of Athens No. 1 local 26, within the La Tortuga commercial center of the Madrilena locality of Las Matas and has an area of 35 m2 to the street to which there are two people.

    In the area in which we are not had a similar offer to which we now offer, there are kiosks that offer stationery products, but not a local with a stock so spacious, modern, and at such competitive prices as that just opened, said Sanchez. Continued support if there is something looking for new entrepreneurs to embark on the world of franchising in addition of refuge in a known brand, thats the unconditional support from the central franchise. CARLiN sees his great asset in its franchisees and therefore wants to feel backed up at all times. My experience has been more than positive. Would you recommend this franchise to anyone who wants to start their own business, for the support that I have received and the sense of security that offers me to have someone back who will respond by my in any circumstance that may arise, the franchisee ends.

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    Ways to make a quick divorce below list the main procedures to perform a quick divorce. In 2008 entered into force reforms to articles 266 and 267 of the Civil Code for the Federal District, which allow the divorce express or volunteered. The most important points of these reforms are: marriage can be dissolved within a period of 30 days. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Neal Barnard for a more varied view. Either of the spouses may submit your petition for divorce without need to pinpoint the cause for which you want to divorce. This can be done provided that at least one year has elapsed since the celebration of the marriage. Is that married couples who want to start the process of quick divorce in Mexico City must live in that entity, as well as perform the procedure as provided under the Civil Code. Those who want to promote the judgment of divorce must accompany your request for proposal for divorce. Such a proposal must contain: the designation of the person who will have custody and custody of children minor or disabled.

    The modalities under which the parent who does not have the maintenance and custody, shall exercise the right to visits. With respect for schedules for meals, rest and study of children. The way in which the needs of the children and, where applicable, the spouse, on issues of food, with specification of the form, place and date of payment of obligation to food will be handled. The designation of the spouse who will stay in the marital home. If spouses celebrated the marriage under the regime of separation of property, compensation to the spouse who, during the marriage, is entitled must be noted devoted to household work and the care of children or who have not purchased own property. Where divorce not arrive at conclusion of agreement, the measures will survive until handed down judgment in interlocutory regarding the legal situation of children or property, as appropriate. If the spouses reach an agreement with respect to the Convention and this it does not contravene any provision legal, the judge will approve of plane and will Decree divorce by judgment. If it is not, the judge will Decree divorce by judgment and will leave free the right to spouses so that they enforce it on the incidental way. However, and before that nothing is important to look for a lawyer of your trust so that performing the formalities and obtain information more complete and qualified on conditions and procedures for the proper realization of the quick divorce.


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