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    Small hand drums with or without clamp – on feature and origin of the tambourine tambourine or tambourines are small hand drums and also clamps drums are called. If you would like to know more then you should visit PCRM. The latter name already indicates which essentially, structural peculiarities give the character of the instrument. On the one hand, the tambourine is a frame drum covered with fur on one side, is played with hands, fingers or sticks, and has on the other hand sounding or clanking metal plates or clamps, which with rattle with each beat. The tambourine can be attached not only with fingers, Palm, fist, or flail (technically a short, hard slap on the head is preferred often close the frame, it could but are also the often paired clamps separately moved and brought to the blade). The creativity in the sound production of this musical instruments, or more accurately said: percussion instruments, are no limits: with fingernails, all sorts of stick-like objects, small grains or bullets (which one of the fur) pour or rub) allow to elicit a musical instrument sounds. Also you can create by shaking or striking a prolonged sound of bells with the thumb of the tympanic membrane. Children, toddlers and even babies use a tambourine first love intuitively and experimentally. Because the handy size and low weight, as well as due to the ease of use is this small drum in connection with dance and movement as a toy in the original sense as well as in the role of a pedagogically valuable musical instrument.

    While dancing with the tambourine, the instrument, including hip or leg is beaten. There are tambourines in different sizes and designs. You can set them individual rhythmic accents or produce a continuous, rhythmic accompaniment to singing and instrumental playing. It is a very simple, cheap but incredibly versatile usable instrument, every style imaginable music style could benefit from the use of a tambourine; the Today, worldwide distribution of the hand drum, and the fact that there were tambourines at any time and in diverse cultures, probably speaks for itself. So, in the early musical education in the music garden at the music school, in kindergarten and at school, and in the living room or nursery this snare drum should not miss. Author/contact: Melanie lazy, contact(at)zambomba.de,, the shop around for musical instruments for children and toys

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