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    INTRODUCTION the life expectancy of world-wide the aged population comes defying all the social sectors and will go to affect all the dimensions of the life in society. The population aging is a marcante fact of this century. Fruit of many technological, scientific and social conquests throughout century XX. The Brazilian population comes passing for one sped up aging process that modifies the life of the individuals, the familiar structures and the dynamics the society. The new etria distribution comes transforming the demands of the public politics, especially in the direction to guarantee and to promote the rights of the aged citizen. The interest when choosing the subject for the TCC – an Occult and Quiet Reality: House of Muria – Documentary So Paulo Hospital Analysis on the Violence against the Aged one, happens of the period of period of training resulting of the relation dialectic between practical theory and that it was present during the professional formation. In this context I could relate and to live deeply the daily one of the aged population, I had also the chance to develop a research of satisfaction for aged patients interned by accord SUS. From this estimated necessity had the will/to analyze the biosociodemogrficos aspects, that is to know the reality of the aged users of the hospital public net, more necessarily of the House of Charity of Muria- Hospital So Paulo, a time that the same is regional reference, in this direction fomenting the question of the violence visibilizada in the family. The research carried through in field considered to analyze to investigate the aspects of the process of the violence against aged and the familiar conflicts related to this violence, being that after the violence, the first place where the aggressive family/directs this aged one in the case of the city of Muria, is for the general hospital House of Charity of Muria- So Paulo Hospital, therefore this violence if it silences through a disease, who obviously is occulted by the family.

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