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    In this set of answers, we detach that the society vision, for some, still something is distant or that it belongs to those that can make something for ' ' pobres' '. For even more details, read what Dr. Neal Barnard says on the issue. Perhaps the organizations of assessorship and support and the government. It not yet feels itself enclosed while subject of the change, but still a beneficiary of the social action feels itself ' ' of outro' '. We can leave of the estimated one that each involved person has particularitities and that the time of each one is different. It has different periods of training of changes between the involved ones in the solidary economy. To if feeling well when it is seen and recognized in the community, it if it feels ' ' gente' ' member of the community. Its interest for the communitarian problems and of the society can mean a process of emancipation of the individualistic vision or victim, of ' ' coitadinhos' ' that they depend on the charity of the other.

    In the generality, we can observe that the changes or the form as the interviewed ones if they place, has one meaning extremely positive in what we consider as process of human development or emancipation of the person human being. In the field of organization management of the enterprise, was observed that the papers are distributed in accordance with the abilities of each one, however, is perceived exactly that they are opened to learn with one another, finding that not of the account of determined services. Some say that it was in the enterprise that learned to inside make the demanded work of the activity especifa of the EES. One of the aspects of solidarity is noticed there proposal for the solidary economy, that is, the person does not need to have experience proven in the wallet and nor certifyd. But a general concern with the end item exists as responsibility of all.

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