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    Garrone, explained that the Attorney General, as a situation that arises when, through joint ownership with respect to the exercise of a claim or a bond of connection between various claims, the process takes place with the participation of more than one person in the position of a party. According to the plurality of parties consists of several actors acting against a defendant, an actor against several defendants named co-parties are active, passive or mixed. GUASP JAIME says: “That is the kind of joint litigation several parties that occurs when the various litigants are not only located in one plane, but also united in a procedural act, according to the plural marriage affect the plaintiffs, defendants or both. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Center For Responsible Lending. PRIETO CASTRO liticonsorcio refers to the presence in the same procedure several people in the position of actors (active joint litigation) or defendants (joint litigation liabilities), or agents of one side and the other defendants (joint litigation mixed) . Carnelutti defines that the Attorney General as the institute that allows for more than one person acting together, acting as an active or passive participation in a procedural relationship, because there is a link between them that connects, it can be quite varied in nature as being a member of the relationship material, have the same interest in the decision lies with the process, have an indirect interest, or even one that basically is the opposite, but for practical purposes authorizing joint action with any of the parties. ROCCO HUGO, referring to remarks litisconsorcial and especially to their budgets, states “That the budgets Litisconsorcial intervention are: a) There is a legal relationship with a plurality of subjects, all of which naturally would be entitled to operate or contradict; b) There is a pending process only between some of the various subjects of legal relationship substantial.

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