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    Over the last few centuries we believed to be the oceans the lixeirasinesgotveis and natural the world, belief this, until certain point, reasonable, poisatravs of rains you leave, them, natural nutrients of the ground, the composites decarbono and many other residues more go if accumulating in the seas and oceans, becoming them each time saturated and its more saline waters each time. But the reality is another one well, the seas and oceans are so oumais vulnerable the pollution that the terrestrial crust. Its waters precision of light, transparency and to be unpoisened to generate the necessary flora and fauna marinhasto to the life in the land, the seas and the oceans. The waters, exactly the salty ones, have the capacity to dissolve to eincorporar in its masses gases as oxygen, carbonic and the others.

    Essacapacidade increases with the pressure and the low temperatures. How much bigger it will be apresso and lesser the temperature, greaters will be the concentrations dedissoluo of those gases. In the deep regions of the seas and oceans, possivelmentedevido to these phenomena, the amounts of carbon ‘ ‘ estocadas’ ‘ the imensurveis amounts, the point of awaking the interest dasempresas petroliferous in the exploration of these had arrived ‘ ‘ jazidas’ ‘ of carbon. interessante if to notice the fact of that the deposits, in the case of the carbonic gas, noso more than this type of gas, but yes of the crystallized methane the one that osespecialistas had given a sufficiently suggestive name, calling it hydrates decarbono..

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